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Nautilus 1999 

Eastern Nazarene College 
23 East Elm Avenue Quincy, MA 02170 

Volume 77 

eeer ^uJhuBH 

BOBJJOD BklB^AXAM yi 9\ 3 T a A 3 
OVrSO AM ,Y3kllU0 3UI13VA MJ3 T2A3 


ristopher, Brian VanGilder, Man 
Flowers & Naomi Carrier arc enjoving their first Har 

jjfw ''Vidyouredize 
F that insideyou 
there is a name? 

Did you ever try 
to let it bumf 
-Consuming Hre , 
Third Day 

e of Qjontents 

Opening 1 


Semors 15 

Faculty «& Staff 49 

Underclass 65 ^ 

StudeMt Life 93 

Clubs &: Orgmizations 123 

Sports 141 

Advertisements 1 65 w 

Student Directory 191 

Editors Pa^e ZOO 

eepers of the plame 

--By Ronald (raillot 


have issued forth a summons, 
A call across the ia.nds, 
For all who would abide with Me 
Mu5t begin to wash their hancb. 
Bring forth the idols you admire 
And heap them on a pile. 
Search your heart from end to end 

for this may take a while. 
Bring forth the pleasures of your life, 

The sins and folly too. 
Toss them on that worthless heap 
of things you say and do. 

The works you do in vanity 
Must on that rubble be; 
Conceived in pride of ownership, 
They're performed in mockery. 
All these things have stolen time 
From what I hold most dear. 
The fellowship I long to have 
when you are very near. 

I will send a holy flame 
To consume them with its fire. 
Kindled with its glowing touch 
And warming love's desire. 

My Spirit is the Holy fire 
Kindled deep within your soul. 
Burning up the sinful dross 
That tAy grace may make you whole. 
No demon horde will ever quench 
The flame that I have stirred 
if you will guard it in your heart 

And hunger for SAy word. 

Valarie Day, Dennis Carreiro & Reba Tierney are just 
having a good time. 

Be vigilant in watching 
That no other love may steal; 
Quard tAy favor jealously 
To never lose your zeal. 

Patrol 3/our borders faithfully 
And call upon My Name. 
For I have placed you where you are 
As Keepers of the Flame. 
And when an idol strays imide 

You must truly strive 
To throw it on the burning coab 
And keep the fUme alive. 

Beth Starr & Holly Zerillol 
karaoke after Homecoming. 

Is that Ty Gifford 
sktnikiii ? 

4 Keepers nf tlic Flatite 


H 1 * 

It 0\ 

Cecily Rasys' sister, Danielle, paints faces at Homecoming. 

Fun times at the Microlab. 


Michael Payne appears 
to be accomplishing 
the teat of studying in 
the Dutiout. 

5 I was consider'mg themes for the 1999 
Nautilus, I thought about what college is, for 
what it is supposed to be preparing us, and 
the chznges that talce pbce within so imtxy of us as we 
make these preparations. What struck me is how self- 
centered a college experience cm be. 
For four (or more) 3/ears, our focus is large|y on what 
we can do to prepare ourselves for our future, follow- 
ing our owngOiils and ambitions. This is where 
Eastern Nazarene College becomes the unique commu- 
nity it is. In centering our eduoition around Christian 
principles, ENC forces students to look beyond them- 
selves and to consider to whom our future truly 
belongs. As difficult as it is to throw our own desires 
3.nd goals into the flames, we must remember that a 
life of servanthood to Christ is for what 
we are truly preparing. 
We have each been given gifts from Crod 
with which we can serve Kim; gifts not 
to be used for our own purposes. Our 
"works conceived in pride of ownership" 
will only deter us from achieving Cjod's 
will in our lives. 

In allowing this Holy Fire to consume 
our selfish desires, we may feel as if we 
are left without a purpose, an identity, a 
goal. The gift of Crod's grace is what makes us whole, 
what gives us a purpose. The flame, once burning 
within us, will fill us with the desire to serve Him. This 
flame will allow no other love or idol of the world to 
steal that desire, that "zeal." 

As christians, we are called to a higher call than the 
temporal ambitions of this world. We have been called 
to be keepers of the Lord's flame. Only when we allow 
this flame to burn brightly and only when we kindle 
this flame in others will we truly attain a purposeful 
and "successful" life in the eyes of the Lord. It matters 
not how we appear in the eyes of the world. We have 
been created by Qod to love Kim, to serve Kim, to keep 
His flame. - Melissa L. Ladd 




I have often wondered why prospective 
students spend so much time studying 
catalogs and viewbooks as they anxiously 
decide which college will be their home for the 
next four or five years. These publications offer 
little evidence of the essential character of 
college life. It would serve these folks better to 
scour the pages of the college yearbook. It is 
there that the unique character of a college is 
best documented. 

Now, not all yearbooks serve this pur- 
pose. Some choose to focus on campus events 
and activities, and thus document those aspects 
of the collegiate experience which are impor- 
tant for the few who choose to participate in 
these events. But if a yearbook focuses on the 
people, and the relationships, then it will begin 
to reveal the uniqueness of one college over 

That is certainly the case if someone 
would attempt to understand EN C. Whether 
I sit with new freshmen, seasoned seniors or 
alumni of various generations past, they all 
talk about the people. They speak of friend- 
ships with peers: late night conversations, 
praying, crying and laughing together. They 
speak of the struggle of the challenge, when the 
theoretical integration of faith and learning 
becomes real and support is given through 
small group, private talk and academic and 
spiritual adventure. 

S Kl'CpflS I'f till" \ I.IMU- 

Brian Kctchuni is making some music. 

Above: Dung Nguyen & Jenny Francois are all smiles at 

the Street F'air. 
Iklow: Prof, (lonstantine & Sam Young are praying for 

had aim at the Homecoming Street f air. 


I)()i. I'liil Mcl.;ircn, "Never miiul my 
forehead. Would you like to buy a rose?" 

And they all speak of the faculty, of the 
professor who recognized them as a real person 
and who made the effort and took the time. 
Alumni, seniors and feshmen tell the same 
story, with different names but of the same 
caring. For one generation it was Munro, 
Shrader and Williamson, for another Paul, 
Mullen, Young and Helfrich, for another 
Cameron, Yerxa, Hall and Fiacco. Each in 
their own way, in their own style, they showed 
holiness with a face, a mind and a heart. And 
they modeled it for us, not as an abstract 
theological concept, but as the mark of the 
Saviour in their life. They gave us a glimpse 
that what they have, the way they humbly live 
out a life of faith, that maybe we can have that 

As we consider the theme of the 1 999 
Nautilus - Keepers of the Flame, let us think of 
the people who have shown us integrity, grace 
and holiness as we have "done life" together this 
year And perhaps, because of their example as 
friends, teachers and believers, we will choose 
to pick up the flame ourselves, cany it a bit 
higher than we thought we could, and pass it 

Grace and peace, 

Mike Schutz, Chaplain 

ping the pame AUve 

Since its foundation in ISIS, BsLStern 
Nazarene College ka5 walked a wind- 
ing void in its journey. Professors, 
students, even buildings have all come and 
gone, leaving their mark in some way. 
Yet one constant has remained. ENC ha5 
always striven to maintain as the focus of our 
education, not simply the acquisition of 
knowledge, but allowing the flame in each 
one of us to grow into a brilliant desire to 
serve Christ. Throughout the years, ENC has 
pUyed the role of "fuel for the fire." This 
school has provided a home where students 
have the chznce to redize the Holy fire 
burning inside of themselves. 

Embarking upon a new millennium 
c3LUses us to reflect upon the past and look 
toward the future. Having carried the flame 
thus far, we must be reminded to bear and. 
sustain it into the future, passing the desire 
for serving Christ to classes yet to come. We | 
can accomplbh this by leaving our mark, 
preserving Eastern Nazarene College as a 
place to "keep the fhme alive." 

A different look (1950's & 1998), but 
the same purpose - food and fellowship 
(and Otis Spunkenmeyer cookies). 

Canterbur)' Mansion (1923 & 1970) 
Angell Hall. 


)ediccLt'ion to a.nd in l-Xonor o 

Dr. Lowell K. Kail 

The 1999 Nautilus t5 dediated to a man who has certainly embodied the 
theme, "Keepers of the Flame." Or. Loweii K. Hall has dedicated much of his 
life to serving the ENC community - from Wisyezrs Were as a student to those 
as a professor. It is evident to all who come in contact with Or. Hall that he harbors a 
bri^htl_y burning flame for serVmg Christ and others. One cannot help but be touched 
by his gentle manner, dniiy chss devotionals, attentiveness to students, chapel 
messages, and even his sense ofhiunor. ENC is blessed to have a man of such intelli- 
gence and stature as part of its community. It is with great honor that we dedicate 
this^yearbook to an ir^dividuA who has dediczted so much of himself to the Lord and 
to Eastern Nazarene College. 

"Coming from halfway across the country, as I do, Dr. Hall's friendly and caring 
attitude toward his students helped me to feel more at home as a freshman in his 
General Chemistry course. His jokes helped keep me awake in class." - Walt Jones, 

"Dr. Hall has a great heart. Not only does he always share Christ widi his students 
through his devotions, but he always makes time to talk to his students and offer his 
help where I needed. I have also appreciated his sense of humor and the family 
atmosphere that he creates in his classes and labs." - Altaira Nicklas, Senior 
"Dr. Hall, I have always been impressed with your concern for not only your students' 
academic work but their personal walk through life. You have always assured your 
students of their potential and retained confidence in them. Thank you for all that 
you have taught me academically and spiritually." - Cecily Rasys, Junior 

Foundation: Man of Good Will. 

Trial Skeiclu s: "Outstanding freshman." Scholarly reputation and aptitude. 
Easy achievement Science specialist Longfellow lover. Vocal columnist. 
Blueprint: Community-minded. ".^ square deal." All activities. "Speak the 
speech." "The play's the thing." "Excelsior! ' "Many inventions" - 

House Beautiful: Humanity-drenched chemistry. 
Delta 1.2,3,4; Student Council 3,4 Treasurer 3; Honor Society 1,2,3,4; 
Evangelistic Association 2.3,4, Mission Group Leader; Meistersingers 1 : 
Basketball 1,2,3,4: Football 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Greenbook 1. Editor 1: 
Nautilus 2,4, Associate Editor 2, Campus Camera 1,2,3,4, Editor 3: Debate 
1,2; Lit-Speech Club 1; Chemistry Club 1,2.3.4. President 3; Freshman 
scholarship; Akron District Scholarship 2.4; Outstanding Freshman Award; 
Who's Who 4. 

{Nautilus 1959) 

It is my privilege to write for this year's Nautilus, which is dedicated to Or. Lowell H. Kail and his years of devoted 
service to the students of Eastern Nazarene College. I consider it a great honor to write about someone I hold in such 
a high regard. Or. Kail is a wonderful professor. He saw my potential tron\ the very beginning and was determineci to 
help me reach it. After doing research with Dr. Hall this year, I can attest to his vast knowledge of chemistry and to his 
dedication to advancing the field. Kaving the privilege of working by his side has inspired me and given me agreater zeal 
for my academic pursuits. 

In addition to his many scholarly attributes, I believe it is important to mention what a shining example of Christ's 
love and mercy he has been both in and out of the classroom. Or. Kail has always shown equal concern for his students' 
persorul lives, as well as their academic performances. He has been a mentor to me, patiently guiding me as I struggled 
through his classes and through life. He has offered wisdom, words of encouragement, and prayer. He has definitely been 
a genuine instrument of Qod's blessing in my life. 

Above all, I consider Or. Kail a lifelong friend. I have enjoyed getting to know him over the years, and my hope is that 
every student who walks on this campus will have the pleasure of getting to know him, too. 

With (gratitude, 

Matthew Everett Suri 
(Chembtry Major, Class of ^^^9) 

Dear Seniors, 

I am very impressed with the theme ofthisyeir's NAUTILL15 - "Keep- 
ers of the Flame." The challenge to us as believers is to be more than 
christians in name, but to be Christians in fact. The world is tired of Christian veneer, and longs to encounter 
christian depth. The New Testament, in fact, only uses the word "Chri5tian" three times, but the word 
"Disciple" appears over two hunclred. And that is what we need to be -- "disciples" of Jesus Christ. 

You have received a top-rtight liberal arts education at Eastern Nazarene College. The question now is 
what will you do with it. The knowledge you have acquired, the skills and abilities jou have honed and begun 
to develop, can be used either to simply advance your own personal agendas or they can be used in service to 
the King. The choice is yours. You will make dozens of daily decisions in the years ahead, just as you have 
thus far, which will determine how well you steward the gifts of talent, ability, and oportunities vvKtch are 
granted to your as a gift from Qod. 

I want to challenge each of you to take seriously the theme of this Nautilus. I want to cliallenge you to 
"Keep the Flame" of Faith vibrant inyour lives. I want to challenge you to allow that flame to erlightenyour 
path, to warmyour spirit, and to burn up all the dross inyour lives which would interfere with you accom- 
plishingyour unique divine missions. 

We are proud of you and what you have accomplished here. We trust that you will always have a 
warm spot inyour hearts for your Alma Mater, and that you will stay in contact with ENC In the years ahead. 
V\/e need your prayers, your counsel, and your support. f ^/Ml^ 

Let me leave you with a beautiful promise for your future as recorded ir^^^nizh 29. These are the 
words of the Lord. 

For I know the plans I have for you . . . plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you 
hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You 
will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 
The key is to seek Gfod with "all your heart." 

Be a "Keeper of the flame." Be steadfast. Be courageous. In short, be a "disciple" of Jesus Christ. 
May Crod richly bless each of you. 


Kent R. Kill 


Keepers of t'h e f l a m E 


Pictured from lefi to right: Nathan Patnode, Chaplain; Londie Roque, 
President; Lisa Hughes, Rec. Life; Jennifer Bohacs, SGA Representative; 
Kym Roth, Social Life; Hildur Kidney, Administrative Assistant 

Kathleen Marie Adams 

Theatre Minor 

Oliver; Mysteries; The Fantastiks; 

Pirates of Penzance 

'There is a special place in life 
That I was meant to fill, 
A sunny spot where flowers grov\ 
Upon a windy hill 
There's always a tomorrow. 
And the best is yet to be. 
And somehow in this world I know 
There is a place for me! 
Grace E. Easley 

Lorien Emily Alder 

Music Minor 

A Cappella 95-99; Pub. Review 
Board 96-97; Chaplain A Cappella 
98-99; A&P Lab Instructor 98-99; 

Ambassador PR Team 98-99 
"When He said, 'Be perfect/ He 
meant it. He meant that we must go 
in for the full treatment. It is hard; 
but the sort of compromise we are 
all hankering after is harder-in fact, 
it is impossible. It may be hard for 
an egg to turn into a bird: it would 
be a jolly sight harder for it to learn 
to fly while remaining an egg. We 
are like eggs at present. And you 
cannot go on indefinitely being just 
an ordmary, decent egg. We must 
be hatched or go bad." C.S. Lewis 

Amy R. Allison 

Communication Arts 

Immanuel Singers 97-99; Oliver; The 
Mysteries; The Pirates of Penzance 
(Student Director) 

My gracious Redeemer, my Savior 
art Thou. If ever 1 loved Thee, my 
Jesus, tis now. 

Mom and Dad, Thank you for all of 
your love and support. I couldn't 
have done it without you! 

Susm Esther Amudala 


ACTS 96; International Student 
Organization, Chaplain 97-98; 
Nursing Home Ministry 96; Flocks 

From a crawly caterpillar comes a 
lovely butterfly. It leaves its dark 
cocoon behind and sails off in the 
sky. This metamorphic mystery is 
hard to understand; but God reveals 
through nature's ways the wonders 
He has planned. Since He can 
change a lowly worm into a 
butterfly, is there no hope for 
greater things for such as you and I? 

Martha Mastin 

hAichiel j. Berry Jr. 

Business Management 

^crosse 96-99; Cross Country 99; 
1 Freshman Class VP 96; Business 
dib VP 99, Kid's Club 96-99; Roller 

I Hockey Champs 

Change yourself and you have 
Jjie yoxir part to change the world." 
I Anonymous Zen Mork 

'I's the crazy people who get things 
l one - sane people would ne%'er let 
themselves out on that limb." 

Bumper Sticker 
'')u don't know how it is to be me." 

Tom Petty 

Scott C. Bieber 

Sociology Minor 

Soccer 97-98 

1"Woo hoo! I'm a college man! I 
m't need my high school diploma 
Homer Simpson 

Amanda J. Boel 

Music Education 

horal Union 94-99; A Cappella 
\\oir 94-98; Madrigal Singers 95-98; 
Administrative Assistant for A 
Cappella 96-98; Flocks 94-98; 
Shepherds 97-98; Judiciary 
Committee 96-97; Publications 
oa.-d 96; Nautilus 95-97; Handbell 
Choir 94-95 

I |t is for freedom that Christ has set 
' us free. Stand firm, then, and do 

not let yourselves be burdened 
again by a yoke of slavery." 

Galatians 5:1 

I I Jennifer Anne Bohacs 

Elementary Education 

Powder Puff Football 96-99; 
Kinderhaus Teacher's Aid 96-99; 
Resident Assistant 98; Senior Class 
Council 99; Floor Chaplain 98; 
locks Member 96-99; Flock Leader 
97; Summer Ministries 98; 
Romanian Studies January 99 

The Lord Himself goes before you 
!nd will be with you; He will never 

leave you nor forsake you. Do not 
I be afraid; do not be discouraged." 

Deuteronomy 31 :8 




Ja.cobe J. BotelKo 


Phi Alpha Theta 98-99 

"Be watchful and strengthen the 
things which remain. . . " 
Revelation 3:2 



Juiene Boy den 

English I Secondary Education 

For Jenny and Me 

(A Prayer for the Living) 

As I lay 
about to 

I pray the 
Lord to wake 
my eyes 

JB 5/98 

And if I 
Die come 
Night of day 
I pray the 
Lord I 

Lived today. 

Erin Marie Bretsch 

Music Education / Performance 

A Cappella Choir 95-99; Madrigal 
Singers 96-99; Choral Union 95-99; 
Wind Ensemble 95; Vocal Accompa- 
nist 98; Nursing Home Ministry 95; 
Accountability Review Board 
Chairperson 97; Judiciary Commit- 
tee 97; Powderpuff Football 96; 
Women's Soccer Club 96-98; Pit 
Orchestra for Oliver 

"1 can do all things through Christ 
who strengthens me." 
Philipians 4:13 

Katie Brenton 


Women's Soccer Club 95-97; 
Women's Varsity Soccer 98; 
Women's Varsity Softball 96-97 

I wish I never saw the sunshine. 
And if I never saw the sunshine. 
Then mavbe I wouldn't mind the 

Beth Orton 

Jonzthon M. Sromley 

Environmental Science / 

Varsity Soccer; Lacrosse Club; 
Flocks; Romania's Environmental 
Science Program 

"Every man dies, not every man 
really lives." 

Where we go one, we go all " 

Karen Elizabeth Brooks 

Elementary Education / 
Psychology Emphasis 

Women's Teni\is 95-98; Flocks 95-96; 
Flocks Leader 96-99; AWS Secretary 


"God is the source of all creativity. 
He made only one "you." He didn't 
use a mola to form you - He used 
His hands, and He will never use 
His hands in exactly the same way 
again." Roy Lessin 

"Whether you turn to the right or to 
the left, your ears will hear a voice 
behind you, saying "This is the way, 
walk in it.' Isaiah 30:21 

Angela Laureen Bruclc 

Liberal Arts/ Music Emphasis 

A Cappella 95-96, 98-99; Summer 
Ministries, Emmaus 96; Chapel 
Band 96; Church pianist 98-99; 
Choral Union 95-96, 98; Pianist for 
Annie Warbucks 95 

"God will never lead you where the 
grace of God can't keep you." 
Gary Hutcheson, my Pastor in VA 

Me^an Busia 

Religion / Youth Ministry 

Hocks 95-96, 98-99; Floor Chaplain 97-98; 
Social Life 95-98; Student Council, Social 
Life Rep. 96-97; A CappeUa Choir 95-97; 
Summer Ministries, Thirst for Truth 96-97; 

A.C.T.S. 95-98 
"[God], I see you standing on the other 
side. There's still too much of me between 
you and I, so 1 wait for wisdom and I cry 
for a cure. 1 need less of me and I need 
you more and more." Margaret Becker 
"This it is to be a perfect man [woman], to 
be 'sanctified throughout/ even to have a 
heart so all-flaming with the love of God 
as continually to offer up every thought, 
word, and work, as a spiritual sacrifice, 
acceptable to God through Christ." 

John Wesley 
20 Keepers of the Flame 

Kristen Lyn CanfieM 

Music Education / Piano 

A Cappella Choir & Accompianj 
94-98; Madrigal Singers 96-97; V; 
Accompianist 94-99; AWS Secret 
96-97; Education Club 95-97; Flo 
94-97; Dean's List 

The aim and final reason of all 
music should be nothing else bu 
the glory of God and the refresh- 
ment of the spirit. 
Johann Sebastian Bach 

Jesse D. OLsler 

Psychology / Sociology 
Business Minor 

SGA President 98-99; SMO Directcl 
97-98; Soph. Class V.P. 96-97; Fresl, 
Class Pres. 95-%; A Cappella Choil 
95-97; Youth in Mission - East Afril 
97; C.A.U.S.E. - Peru 98; Oliver! 97 
Romania Program 98; Pew Youngi 
Scholarship 98; Summer Ministriet 
Psi Chi V.P. 97-98; Varsity Basebal 

" ' Which of these three do you thi 
was a neighbor to the man who fel 
into the hands of robbers?' The ex 
in the law replied, ' The one who b 
mercy on him,' Jesus told him, 'Gt, 
and do likewise.' " 
Luke 10:36-37 

jane[ CKandler 

Youth Ministry 

A Cappella 95-99; Immanuel Singe! 
95-97; Flocks 95-97; Summer 
Ministries, Legacy 96, Soul Purpose 
97; Jr. Class Council SGA Rep. 97-91 
R.A. 97-98; Choir Board 97-98; ■ 
Chamber Singers 97-99; "Ambassa ' 
dor" 98-99 j 

Praise and thanks be to God for 
carrying me through each day. Mc 
& Dad - your sacrifices have been 
numerous, your love immeasurabl 
Thank you! Family and Friends, I . 
indebted to you for your support. 
Jeramie, my love - I could not have 
walked this road alone. Your love 
has added meaning to life and to A 
future. I love you! 

Douglas chapman 

Church Music 

Choral Union 97-99; A CappeUa 
Choir 98-99; International Student 
Organization 98-99 

"I am going to hug you now." 

Dae- 'SuM^ Cho 

Church Music 

I Choral Union 97-99; A Cappella 
"hoir 98-99; International Student 
Organization 98-99 

Kimberiy A. Civielio 

Social Work 
Psychology Minor 

'X'^W Pres. 98-99; SASW Sec. 97-98; 
I'siChi Treas. 98-99; Publications 

,rd Sec. 97-98; Hocks Leader 97-98; 

>t Buddies 98-99; Women's Tennis 
I 97 

"... Forgetting what is behind and 
1 iiing toward what is aliead, I press 
ird the goal to win the prize for 
A ^ li God has called me heavenward 
in Christ Jesus. All of us who are 
mature should take such a view of 
things." Philippians 3:13-15 

ennifer Renee Currm 

Engineering / Physics 
Mathematics Minor 

.^pa Society; Flocks Leader; Lab 
Instructor; Romania; Summer 
' iiistries- The Upper Room; Youth 
I Mission; Camp Taconic; Semester 
at Point Loma Nazarene 

The world is a book and those 
who do not travel only read a 
St. Augustine 

Adam Davis 

Computer Science 

A Cappella Choir 95-99; AMS 
President 97-98; AMS Secretary 96- 
97; Learning Assistant 97-99; User 
Consultant 97-99; Tutoring 96-97; 

Chamber Singers 95-97 

" Cod doesn't play dice." 

Albert Einstien 

Steven M.. VeiTredici 

Elementary Education / 
Liberal Arts 
Music Emphasis 

V. Baseball 95-97; Children's 
Ministry 96-97; Flocks 96-97; Chapel 
Band 96-97; Camp Taconic 97; 
Oliver! 97; Romania 98; A Cappella 
98; Kappa Society Pres. 98-99; Phi 
Delta % 

"To those who say they admire my 
courage, I have to tell them that I 
would not have any if I were not 
convinced that eacn time 1 touch the 
body of a leper, a body that reeks 
with a foul stench, I touch Christ's 
body, the same Christ I receive in 
the Eucharist." 
Mother Teresa 

Daniela Oliveira 

Music Performance / Piano 

A Cappella Choir 95-99; Chamber 
Singers; Student Conductor 

" Blessed be the Lord my strength 
which teacheth my hands to war, 
and my fingers to flight!" 
Psalm 144:1 

Amy S. Vetw'der 

French Minor 

Flocks 96-98; Volleyball 95-99, Capt. 
97-99 ; Judiciary Committee 96-97; 
Publications Board 97-98; Varsity 
Club 95-99, President 98-99; 
Business Club 95-99; Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes 96-98 

" There is no end point to your 
dreams. It's not enough to become 
successful: the trick is to become 
more successful every year." 
Rick Pitino 

Julie M.arie Donahue 

Elementary Education / 
Psychology Emphasis 

Commuter Council 97-98 

"People are always blaming their 
circumstances for what they are. I 
don't belive in circumstances. The 
people who get on in this world are 
the people who get up and look for 
the circumstances they want, and, if 
they can't find them, make them." 
George Bernard Shaw 

1, ■■,-'\-r< ,->ftli<- rliin.- 

j2LSon V. Dover 

Child and Adolescent Emphasis 

Varsity Soccer 95-99; Flocks 97-99; 
Kids Club 97-98; C.A.U.S.E. Trip to 
Mexico 99 

" Trust in the Lord with all your 
heart and lean not on your own 
understanding; in all your way- 
acknowledge Him, and He will 
make your paths straight 
Proverbs 3:5-6 

Branciy S. Elder 


" The Lord is the everlasting God, 
Creator of the ends of the earth. He 
will not grow tired or weary... Even 
youths grow tired and weary, 
young men stumble and fall; but 
those who hope in the Lord will 
renew^ their strength. They will soar 
on wings like eagles; they will run 
and not grow weary, they will walk 
and not be faint." 
Isaiah 40: 28-31 

Bethmy E. Hetje 

Communication Arts 

Publicist for Communication Arts 
Dept. 96-99; Theatre 96-98; China 
Teaching Fellowship 97-98; 
Romanian Studies Program J-term, 
Spring 99 

"To love another person is to see the 
face of God." 
Les Miserables 

Mary E. (koodwin 

General Science / 
Pre- Physical Therapy 
Psychology Minor 

Flocks; Beta Phi Mu; Biology Lab 

I am convinced that life is ten 
percent what happens to me and 
ninety percent how 1 react to it. 
Thanks Mom and Dad! 

SKauna K (koss 


A Cappella"96-99; A Cappella ( 
Board V P. 97-98; Chamber Sin 
97-99; Summer Min. 97-98; PR 
Group "Ambassador" 98-99, 
Election Board 97-99; Psi Chi 9:i 
Homecoming Court 98; Flocks i 
97; Student Chaplain for Admi 

"Lord, let my life be orderly, rej 
temperate; let no pride of^ self- 
ing, no covetousness or revenj 
little ends and low imagination 
lute my spirit and unhallow my v 
and actions. Let my body be a se' 
of my spirit and Both my bodv 
spirit be servants of Jesus, doil' 
tnings for your glory here. Ai! 
Jeremy Taylor 
Matthew 5:3-10 

Mary Elizabeth Kair 

Liberal Arts / Music 
Psychology Concentration 

A Capf)ella; Immanuel Singers; 1< 
Club; Flocks Leader; Camp Tacoi, 
Summer Ministries, Word in Dee| 
Resident Assistant 2 yrs; Varsity 
Softball; Romania; Wollaston Bra; 
Pirates of Penzance 
" Tcike each day as it comes, 
conunitting it to the Lord from tli 
My Mother 
" I can do all things through Chn 
who gives me strength" 
Philippians 4:13 

Rebecca-Oawn M.. 

Business Administration / 

Flocks 95-98; Buisness Club 96-99' 
Buisness Club Pres. 97-99; Nautii 
Buisness Mngr 98-99; Cheerleadii 
95-96; XC 97-98; Soccer Club 97-9 
Ski Club 95-99 

"The Lord shall preserve your gc: 
out and your coming in from this' 
time forth and even forevermore. 
Psahn 121:9 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Sean, Mel, 
Paul, and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, fa 
your support and love. 
I love you all! 

Barbara L. Karris 


Campus Camera 96-99, Cop\ Fj 
97-98, A&E Editor 98-99; Nni 
95-99, Ad Consultant 98-99; : 

97- 99; Publications Board Ch 

98- 99 ; CAS Learning Assist.i 
99; America Reads tutor 97-^'^ 
Patriot Ledger 98-99 

"The days come and go like r 
and veiled figures sent from 
distant friendly party, but th 
nothing, and if we do not usi 
gifts they bring, they carry them 
silently away." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Kahoney Her 

Social Work 

'uddifs, Activity Coordinator; 
al Work; Multi Cultural Club 

You are always there for me 
he tender wind that carried me 
\ light in the dark shining your 
love into my life. 
I Love you, Chay Vang 

Rafael Omar 

Psychology Minor 

Flocks 95-98; Delta Society 95-99; 

Gospel Choir 98-99 

" Deep within man dwell those 
slumbering powers; powers that 
on Id astonisn him, that he never 
■1 dreamed of posessing; loves 
ould rerevolutionize his life if 
aroused and put into action." 
Orison Swett Marden 
1| low of no more encouraging fact 
han the unquestionable ability of 
nji to elevate his life by a conscious 
(jieavor." Henry David Thoreau 

1 1 Robin Lynn Kogan 

Social Work 

VSW 97-99; Open Door Ministry 
8; Tutor 97-98; Women's Tennis 
96-98; CSWE Committee 98-99 

>ome people come into our lives 
and quietly go. Others stay for 
hile and leave footprints on our 
rts and we are never the same." 
/I Family and my husband are my 
ost precious gifts-Thank you for 
your undying love and support, 
can do all things through Christ 
who strengthens me" 
Philippians 4:13 

Thomas L. Kogan 

Communication Arts 
Television Emphasis 

iball 97-99; Campus Camera 97; 
Media Assistant 98-99; Security 
Guard 98-99 

Don't let anyone look down on 
1 because you are young, but set 
an example for the believers in 
speech, in life, in love, 
in faith and purity." 
1 Timothy 4:12 
hanks to my wife and family for 
their love and support. 

Lisa Suzanne Hughes 

Elementary Education / 
English Emphasis 

Women's Tennis 95-98, Capt. 97-98; 
A Cappella Choir 95-97; Sr. Class 
Social Life Rep.; Jr. Class Social Life 
Rep ; Kappa, Sec. 96-98; Rocks 96- 
99, Flocks Leader 98-99; Spirit Club, 
V.P. 95-96; Social Life Comm. 97-99: 
Education Club; Powder Puff 97-98 
" ' For I know the plans I have for 
you,' declares the Lord, ' plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you, 
plans to give you hope and a 
future.' ' leremian 
" Remember that great love and 
great achievements involve great 

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

Christim Huizenga. 

Movement Arts 

Men's Varsity Soccer 97-98; 
Intra murals 96-98; Flocks 98-99 

" Oooh Yeah" 

Macho Man Randy Savage 

Kelly Evon jsirdine 

Liberal Arts 

Communication Arts Empltasis 

Cheerleading 95-99; Flocks 95-97; 
WENC Radio; Bible Study Leader 
^^9; Soccer and Hockey Tournaments 
^6-99; Powder Puff Football 96-99 

" To live is to fly, so shake the dust 
off your wings and the sleep out of 
your eyes." 
The Cowboy Junkies 

Meradee jarvis 

Business Administration / 

Soccer Mngr. 97-99; Basketball 
Mngr. 96-99; Delta 96-99; J-Term 
Hoops 98; Ski Club 9b-99; Business 
Club 97-99; Flocks 96-98; Campus 
Camera Business Mngr. 98 

"people's elbow" 

"O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is 
Thy name in all the earth!" 

I'salm 8:9 

Eric^ Johnson 


I think about the eagle. How big 
she was, how each time she spread 
her wings it was hke a thought 
stretching between two seasons 
Gretel Ehrlich 

James Justin 

Social Work 
French Mi)wr 

With God, I can do all things. 

SAeiissa. Ann Keiiey 

Religion / Psychology 

SALT; Class Chaplain; Romania 
Studies Program; Psi Chi; Flocks; "A 
Midsummer Night's Dream"; "Into 
the Woods"; "Tartuffe"; "The 

"I'm sorry, Asian," she said, "I'm 
ready now." 
"Now you are a lioness/'said Asian, 
"And now all Narnia will be 
renewed. But come. We have not 
time to lose." 
The Chronicles of Narnia 
C.S. Lewis 

Kildur Susan Kidney 

Business Management 

Kid's Club Leader 96-99; Senior 
Class V.P.; Kappa 95-99; Powder 
Puff 95-99; Business Club; Social 
Life Committee 95; Soccer 95 

'There is only one relationship that 
matters, and that is your personal 
relationship to a personal redeemer 
and Lord. Let everything else go, 
but maintain that at all costs, and 
God will fulfill His purpose through 
your life." 
Oswald Chambers 

jane Louise Lillie 


Rocks 95-96, Rocks Leader 96-99; 
Children's Ministry 95-96; Ronr»ania 
Studies Program Spring 98, 
J-Term 99 

"Choose life." 

"Though I walk in darkness, the 
Lord will be my light." 
Micah 7:8 

Electrical Engineering 

Flocks 96-99; Dean's List 96-99; 
Tutor 97-98; Verse of the Week 96- 
97; Physics SI Leader 98-99; MESA 
96-97; Romania Studies J-Term 98; 
Open Hand Open Heart 96-99 

'Dreams can come true if you take 
the time to think about what you 
want in life . . ." 
Susan Polis Schutz 

Heather Leah hAacLeod 


A Cappella 95-99; Chamber Singers 

96- 99, British Isles Tour 97, East 
Europe Tour 99; Choir Board Sec. 

97- 98, Pres. 98-99; Flocks 93-99; 
Summer Ministries, Word in Deed 
97; CAS Learning Instructor 96-99, 
Mngr. 97-94; Tutor 96-99 

"So take and use Thy work: 
Amend what flows mav lurk . . . 
My times be in Thy hand! 
Perfect the cup as planned!" 
Robert Browning 

"He has made all things beautiful in 
His time." Ecdesiastes 3:11 

Piige Elizabeth 

Youth Ministry 

Flocks Leader 97-99; Roor Chaplain 


"You will seek me and find me 
when you seek me with all of your 
Jeremiah 29:13 

Jennifer Sue McKay 

General Science 

Flocks 95-96; Biology Club Chaplain 
96-97, Treas. 97-99; General Biology 
Lab Instructor 96-99 

'The task your wisdom has 
assigned. Lord, let me cheerfully 
fulfill; in all my works Your 
presence find, and prove Your good 
and perfect will." 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Gerry, and 
family for your loving support! I 
couldn't have done it without you! 

Tammy Elizabetii 


Early Childhood Education / 

Education Club 96-99; Flocks 96-99; 
Tutor 97-99; Honor Roll; Dean's List 

Thanks to all my family, church, 
friends, faculty and staff of ENC for 
all your prayers, love, support, and 
encouragement. 1 couldn't have 
done it without you! 
P.S. 1 MADE IT! 

Isaiah 40:28-31 

Steve Miller 


Communication Arts Minor 

V, Basketball 96-99; V. BasebaU 96-97; 
Summer Ministries 98; Campus 
Camera Sports Editor 98; Youth in 
Mission 97; Flocks 96; Floor Bible 
Study 97-98 

"For 1 am convinced that neither 
death, nor life, nor angels, nor 
principalities, nor things present, nor 
tnings to come, nor powers, nor 
height, nor depth, nor any other 
created thing, shall be able to separate 
us from the love of God, which is in 
Christ Jesus our Lord." 

Romans 8:38 

Betsy Milne 

Business Administration 
Accounting Concentration 
French Minor < 

V, Tennis 95-96, Capt. 97; Kapp. 
Chaplain, Pres.; Women's Socce' 
Club; Soccer Intramurals; Flock; , 
99; Business Club; Accounting 
Tutor; Open Door Tutor; A ' 
Cappella; Powder Puff 

"For whoever wants to save his ' 
will lose it, but whoever loses hi 
life for Me will find it." 
Matthew 16:25 

^re^ory M. Milne 

Business Administration / 

A Cappella 95-99; Chamber Sing 
97-99; Lacrosse Club 98-99; Pow. 
Puff Coach 

"The man who walks with God 
always gets to his destination." 
Esther Milne (Grcun) 

Marcia J. hAingiedorii 

Social Work 

Powder Puff 97-99; Soccer Club 
99; Sigma 95-99; Flocks 95-96, 
Leader 97-98; Youth in Mission 5 
Food Committee 96-99; Field 
Hockey Club 96-99, Pres. 96-97 

"Trust in the Lord with all your 
heart and lean not on your own 
understanding; in all your ways 
acknowledge Him and He will 
make your paths straight." 
Proverbs 3:5-6 

"I can do all things through Him 
who strengthens me." 
PhUlipians 4:13 


Bryan Daniel Murph) 


Kid's Club 96-99; Flocks; Shephe 
Lab Instructor 96-99; Resident 
Assistant; C.A.U.S.E. Trip to Pen 
Biology Club 

"My Lord and my God, the debt 
sin you payed. The worth of all 
life to you I owe. The love withi' 
my soul mere words cannot expi 
But all that's in my heart I'm sut' 
you know." 
Michael Shere 

Luc Pierre 

Busiiies:i Administration / 

V. Soccer 95-97 

"I can do all things through Christ 
who gives me strength." 
Philippians 4:13 

Benjamin (kirton Phnk 

Music Performance / Piano 

A Cappella 95-98; Accompanist 95- 
98; Madrigals 96-98; Ski Club 97-99; 
Choral Union 95-99 

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it 
is a matter or choice; it is not a thing 
to be waited for, it is a thing to be 

Welliam Jennings Bryan 

Stephanie Ann Prahl 

Elementary Education / 
History Emphasis 

A.C.T.S. 95-96; A Midsummer 
Night's Dream 96; Flocks; An 
Actor's Nightmare 96; History Club 
97-99; Open Door 98-99 

"The true calling of a Christian is 
not to do extraordinary things, but 
to do ordinary things in an 
extraordinary way." 
D. Stanley 
Proverbs 3:5-6 

MeLanie Reardon 

Social Work 

"Two roads diverged in a yellow 
wood; and sorrv, I could not travel 
both and be one tra\ eler long 1 
stood; I looked down one as far as 1 
could to where it bent in the 
undergrowth. Two roads diverged 
in a yello\\' wood; and I took the 
one less traveled by." 
Robert Frost 

ShcLrilyn Keynders 

Business Administration 

"For I know the plans I have for 
you," declares the Lord," plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you, 
plans to give you hope and a 
Jeremiah 29:1 1 

Christine E. Khenow 

Business Administration / 

Business Club; Rocks 98-99; Tutor 

"If s the end of the world as we 
know it, and I feel fine." 


Melissa R. Roberts 

Elementary Education / 

Volleyball; Flocks; Freshman Class 
Council; Shepherds; Jr. Class Pres.; 

SCA Admin. Assist.; SI Leader; 
Camp Taconic; China - Summer 98 

"Great is Thy faithfulness, O God 
my Father. There is no shadow of 
turning with Thee. All I have 
needed Thy hand hath provided. 
Great is Thy faithfulness. Lord unto 


Currie F. Robinson 


"Enjoy the little things, for one day 
you may look back and realize they 
were the big things." 
Robert Brault 


Kimberly Sawler 

Business Administration 
Management Emphasis 

cks Leader 96-97; Business Club 
98-99; Tutor 96-97 

llii don't have to understand, you 
just have to have faith." 

KelH Sawler 
Proverbs 3:5 

Aie Eiizabeth Savvyer 

jcondary Education / English 


lienor Roll 96-99; English Intern- 
'lip 97-98; Education Club 96-98; 
■locks 96-97, Flocks Leader 98-99; 
if i^oor Chaplain 97-98; Children's 
,1 |4inistry 98-99; Tutor 96-99; CAS 
„j|T\ing Assist. 97-99; Cam Cam 99 

' [js above all: to thine own self be 
' j true." William Shakespeare 
t Those we hold most dear never 
-ily leave us. They live on in the 
I kindnesses thev showed, the 
)mfort they shared, and the love 
they brought into our lives." 


"Come to me, all who are weary 
id burdened, and 1 will give you 
rest." Matthew 11:28 

Sara Shattuck 

Early Childhood Education 

hen no one steps on my dreams, 
there'll be days like this; when 
3€ople understand what 1 mean, 
■re'U be days like this; when you 
rung out the changes of how 
erything is; well, my mama told 
me there'll be days like this." 

Van Morrison 

Stephanie Ann Siefken 

Music Edcuatioii / 
Music Vocal Performance 

\ Cappella 95-99; Immanuel Singers 
4^-96; Quincy Symphony Orchestra 
95-98; Pit Orchestra, Into the Woods 
and Oliver; Pirates of Penzance; 
Flocks 96-99 

Music produces a kind of pleasure 
which human nature cannot do 

Robin Mariann 

Elementari/ Education / 
Psychology Emphasis 

C.A.U.S.E. Trip Belize 96;Commuter Rep. 
96; Commuter Stud . Council 97; SI Leader 
98-99; Curriculum Comm. 98-99 
"Ratter me, and 1 may not believe you. 
Criticize me, and I may not like you. 
Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. 
Encourage me , and I will never forget 
vou." William Arthur Ward 
1 will never forget the many people who 
have encouraged me these past four 
years. I thank my family, spjecifically my 
mother, mv friends, professors and most 
importantlv God for blessing me with 
these people and His continuous love. 

M.atthew Everett Swri 

Physics Minor 

Man of La Mancha; Wind Ensemble 
94-97; Jazz Band 94-97; Brass Choir 
96-97; A Cappella 94-99; Choir 
Board 97-99; A Cappella Brass 94- 
98, Director 98-99; Chemistrv Club 

94- 96, Chaplain 96-98, President 98- 
99; Chem. Stockroom Assist. 97-98, 
Chief Assist. 98-99; Chem. Lab. 
Assist. 97-99; ENC Security Guard 

95- 99; Flocks 96-98, Leader 96-97; 
Social Life Comm. 96-99; Tribute in 
Brass 97-99; Romania Studies 
Program Summer 98; R. A. 98-99 
'The best preparation for tomorrow 
is to do today s work superbly 
well." Anonymous 

Kelly Colleen Talbot 

General Science 

V. Basketball 95-99; V. Volleyball, V. 
Softball, V. Soccer 98; Delta Society 
Council; Biology Club; Fellowship 
of Christian Athletes; Flocks 

"The ultimate measure of a man is 

not where he stands in moments of 

comfort or convenience but where 

he stands at limes of challenge and 


Marling Luther King, Jr. 

Julie Kristen TsLXxner 

Business Administration 

Campus Camera 97-99; Business 
Club 98-99; HandbeU Choir 98-99 

One who believes in themselves, 

believes in others. 
One who trusts in themselves, trusts 
in others 

And one who loves themself, loves 

Life is special, don't miss out on it 

Amy L. Thibault 

Social ]Nork / Psychology 

Stage Crew, tree girl - Into the 
Woods; Open Hand Open Heart; 

Children's Ministry 

"Pride is a personal commitment, it 
is an attitude which separates 
excellence from mediocrity." 


"Fear focuses on preventing 
negative things from happening, 
instead of making positive things 
happen. It operates as an invisible 
barrier between people and keeps 
them from developing effective 

Q'li Thibault 

Music Performance 

A Cappella 94-98; Madrigal Singers 
94-98; Immanuel Singers 95-96; 
SALT 94-95; Inner City Ministries 
94-95; Kids' Club 94-95; Children's 
Ministry 97-98; Summer Ministry, 
Soul Purpose 97; Man of La 
Mancha; The Caucasian Chalk 
Circle; The Boys Next Door; Annie 
Warbucks; Into the Woods; Oliver!; 

China 98-99 
"Most people are as happy as they 
make up their mind to be." 

Abraham Lincoln 
Psalm 121 
Psahn 136 

Sara Alison Tarmenne 

Chemistry Minor 
Psychology Minor 

Biology Club 95-96, V.P. 96-98; 
Flocks 95-99; Nautilus 95-96, 98-99; 
Lab Instructor 96-99; CAS Learning 
Assist. 97-99; Tutor 97-99; Phi Delta 
96-99; Open Hand Open Heart 96- 
97; Romania Studies Program J- 
Term 99 

"Life is made up, not of great 
sacrifices or duties, but of little 
things, in which smiles and 
kindnesses and small obligations, 
given habitually, are what win and 
preserve the heart and secure 
comfort." Sir Humphrey Davy 

Melody Anne Twit(i 

Music Education / Perfori 

A Cappella 94-98; Madrigal Sii 
96-98; Student Drector of A 
Cappella and Madrigals 97-98; 
Choral Conducting Project 98; 
Choral Union 94-98; Chapel 
Worship Team 95-97; Quilters; 
Caucasian Chalk Circle; Flocks' 
95, 96-97, Leader 95-96; Chape 
Prayer Ministry 95-97; Open H 
Open Heart 94-96, Leader 96-9 
Homecoming Court 96 

"For the Lord is good, and His| 
endures forever; his faithfulne;} 
continues through all generatit 
Psalm 100:5 

Jay R. Vainer 


Government Minor 

College Republicans 95-99 

"Never mind moving to the bel 
a different drummer, rewrite tl 
whole song." 

jahnna RocKelle 

History Minor 

V. Basketball; V. Softball; Club 
Soccer; V. Soccer; Delta; Fellow; 
of Christian Athletes 

"Trust in the Lord with all you 
heart and lean not on your owi 
understanding. Acknowledge 
in all your ways and He will m 
your path straight." 
Proverbs 3:5-6 

Krista M. White 

Psychology / English 

SGA Admin. Assis. 97-98; SGA! 
Ministries Director 98-99; Soph 
Class Pres. 96-97; A Cappella 9 
Choir Board 95-96; Rocks 95-9' 
Summer Min., Legacy 96; Rom. 
Studies Program Summer 98; C 
tutor, editing 96-99; Psi Chi 96- 
Pres. 98-99; work in caf 95-96 a 
publications 98-99; Open Hand; 
Open Heart; Kid's Club 95-97; 
Rosie's Place 96-97; Phi Delta 9 

"Don't stop! Farther up and fa 


from The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis 

iber Dawn Whitney 

Communication Arts 

lummer Ministries, The Upper 
97, Living Faith 98; Flocks 96- 
hepherds 98; Technical theater 
productions 95-99; Tennessee 
:jimentary Film Jan. 97; London 
Travel Jan. 99 

what does the Lord require of 
you? To act justly and to love 
ercy and to walk humbly with 
your God." 
Micah 6:8 

nnifer R. Witherow 

pecial Education / Spanish 
English Minor 

XC, Verse of the Week; Study 
Abroad in Costa Rica (Latin 
American Studies Program); 
ursing Home Ministry; ACTS; 
national Student Organization 

a dreamer, always a dreamer! 
)w me someone with both feet 
le ground, and I'll show you a 
rson who can't put their pants 

Arthur K. Watson 
cias a Dies, a mi familia, a mis 
s, y especialmente a mi amor - 
no pudiera hacerlo sin til 

Christine joy Yee 

VIus/c Performance - Piano 

MZappella 95-97; Nursing Home 
A '^trv 96; Handbell Choir 97-99; 
Union 95-99; Flocks 95-99 

Because He lives, 1 can face 
morrow. Because He lives, all 
>ir s gone. Becasue I know He 
hds the future, and life is worth 
111 living - just because He lives." 
|fla Gaither & William J. Gaither 

Christy L. Blade 

Social Work 
Spanish minor 

Nursing Home Ministry 95-97; 
Campus Camera 98-99; SASW 
Treasurer 97-98 

The greatest good you can do for 
another is not just to share your 
riches but to reveal to him his own. 
Benjamin Disraeli 


Mike Paul 

Spanish / English 

Flocks; XC; Campus Camera; Verse 
of the Week; Nursing Home 
Ministry; Sam Young's Directing 

"It is rather for us to be here 
dedicated to the great task remain- 
ing before us - that from these 
honored dead we take increased 
devotion to that cause for which 
they gave the last full measure of 
Abraham Lincoln 

T I -.J ., 


''Trust in the Lord with all your 
heart and lean not on your own 
understmding} in allyour ways 
Acknowledge Him, and Ke will 
make your paths straight/' 
Proverbs SS-G 


Hanging out at the Hills'. The Senior Progressive Dinner. 

Seniors Not Victure 

Abdullah Al'Qshere 
Timothy AmudaU 
Rocheile Aneilo 
Naldta Barret 
Crreg Bassett 
Crreg V>erdych 
Angela Bri^s 
Mattkew Buckiin 
Jeffrey Butterworth 
Kelti Butterworth 
Nicole Byeriy 
Nicholas Cur ran 

Matthew Oeeter 
Timothy Dutton 
Leslie Favreau 
Emily fish 
William Fish 
Tara Forrest 
Jennifer Ck^iymzn 
Jon (kessner 
Mjirc Gfiwpponi 
Jeffrey Hallenbeck 
Matt Henley 
James Hope 

Bevin Howard 
Erin Ha^es 
Christopher Knepp 
Kathryn Larsen 
(k2irry Light 
Jennifer Lochiatto 
Brick Loomis 
Jennifer Mylott 
Shawn Noonan 
Paul Oliver 
Scot Patriquin 
Hamilton Paul 

Susan Amudala and her husband, Vinod. 

Jen Witherow and Julie Boyden. 

^ 11176 

Ruth Rotnmar 
Shiwn Rothnu i! 
Anthony Scribi 
Jeremy Smallw! 
Barbara Stoll 
Leng Tan 
Michael Taylor 
Ronald Tsiyior . 
Wendy Taylor 
Mark Tusi ■ 
Oamel VVyborr' 
Wendy Young 

Heather MacLeod. 

Altaira Nicklas, Betsy Milne, Kristin Porter 
& Kim Civiello. 

Julie Sawyer. 


jon Alec Barnes 

isiness Administration/ 

/o 96; Commuter Rep. 96-98; 
liiisiness Club 96-99, Admin, 98-99; J-Term London 97. 

on't worry about the future or 
w that worrying is as effective 
'K ing an algebra equation by 
wing bubble gum. The real 
il>les in your life are apt to be 
ungs that never crossed your 
■d mind. The wind that blind 
ides you at 4pm on some idle 

Kayo Hyugmo 

Social Work 

» lational Student Organization; 
Romania Studies Program 98. 

u e said this to you, that in me 
may have peace. In the world 
ave tribulation; but be of good 
I r, I have overcome the world." 

John 16:33 

istimna. M. Lamb 


>ry Club President; S.I. Leader, 
Western Heritage; RA; College 
Republicans; Oxford Honors 

'e are not afraid to follow truth 
I ?ver it may lead, nor to tolerate 

so long as reason is left free to 
combat it." 

attributed to Thomas Jefferson 

Kristin N. Porter 

Liberal Arts/ Psychology 

ppella 95-97; Powder Puff 95-98; 
ountability Review Board 96-99; 
lications Board 99; Flocks 96-98. 

If while you are a child, just one 
2one loves you uncritically, then 
will have love to give the rest of 
your life." Flavia Weeden 

Edward C. Urban 

Business Administration 

A Cappella Choir 96-99; Chamber 
Singers 97-99; Choir Board 
Treasurer 97-98; Choral Union 98; 
Business Club; Rocks; XC 97. 
Fix your eyes on the rising 
Morning Star. Don't be disap- 
pointed at anything or overelated, 
either. Live every day as if the Son 
of Man were at the door, and gear 
your thinking to the fleeting 
moment. Just how can it be 
redeemed? Walk as if the next step 
would carry you across the 
threshold of Heaven. Pray. That 
saint who advances on his knees 
ne\ (.T rrlreats." lim Elliot 

Scott Bieber and Jen Boha.cs having i grand time 
at the Senior Progressive Dinner. 

Jen Curran, Keather Beckwith & Marcia Mingledorff 
wouldn't happen to be thefting those, would they? 

Steve Oeltredici, Shauna Lroajaixcl l handler <fe fed Urban 
are cozy, cozy, cozy. 

Kccpci > i-if tlu' Fl.iDu- .v^ 

onors ^Kapel 

Award Recipients 

Crtnerai Superintendents Award 

Heather Renee Schaeffer 

biology Awarcis 
Out.stanciing Senior 
Bryan Murphy 
Outstandme Fresnr»ian 
Katie Karti^ 
Crai^ Paul 

chemistry Outstanding ^reshmsin 

Kim Ro5e 
Amanda M.ohlin^ 

Engineering & Vhysics Outstanding 

Nicole - 

Computer Vrogrdimming Outstanding 

C-orty Bachand 

Calculus Outstanding Freshman 

Katie Reich 

V>\xsiness Awards 
Outstanding Senior 
V>ttsy Milne 
V>\Jisin.ess Faculty Award 

Sliarilyn Keynders 

Social Work Outstanding Senior 

Kim Civiello 


Kebecca. OiSanre 
Je$iic3i Vatlese 

Sociology Outstanding Senior 

Jesse easier 
Hamilton Paul 
Keather Beckwith 

Music Awards 
Outstanding Senior 
Ben Plank 
Outstanding Freshman 

Angle Ca.rr 

Communication Arts Awards 
Outsta.nd'mg Senior 
Jennifer Roes 
Creative and Performing Arts Award 

Jenniter Qa.ymm 

Jeremy Bates accepts his Outstznding 
Senior Award in Secondary Education 
from Prof. Norene Fiacco. 





}enny Francois accepts her award. 

Melissa K.ellejy accepts the 
Religion Dept. Outstanding Senior Award. 

Award Recipient 

Psychology Awards 
Underclassmen Recognition 
Jennifer Youn^ 
Matthew Pmhl 
W. Harold Clemens SchoUrship 
Mary Teresa Oamata 
C.A.P.S. Award - Outstanding Sentc 
Jesse easier 
Outstanding Senior 
Krista VAThite 

Education Awards 
Early Childhood Education 
Timmy McRorie 
Elementary Education 

Stephanie Pra.hl 
Secondary Education 
Jeremy Bites 
Overall Outstanding Senior 

Jennifer Bohacs 
Crwenn Mann SchoUrship 
Chris O'Meara 
Knox Scholirship 
Angela Attardo 
Early Chitdhood Schohrship 
Susan O'Keefe 

Religion Awards 
American Bible Society Award 
Shmnon Martin 
John N. Nietson Preaching Award! 
Darin Parry 
Paige Mclntyre 
Massachusetts Bible Society Awan 
Melissa Kelley 
Outstanding Senior 
Melissa Kelley 
Nazarene Publishing House Outstaru 
Keligion Major 
crreg Berdych 

christian Leadership Award 
Jsji^ Steve Miller 

Audrey Ward Scholarship for Ser 

Angela Attardo 

Scholarship of Women's Organize, 

Jenny Frincois 

Jessica Klebes 

34 Keepers of the Fiante 




amor pernor ^fxapel 

As always, the Junior/Senior 
Chapel provided a time for 
reflection upon the past and of 
commissioning for the future. For 
the first time, Seniors donned their 
caps and gowns, realizing more fully 
that graduation was actually at hand! 
The President of each class council 
passed on words of wisdom to 
upcoming councils, charging new 
councils to continue work accom- 
plished and to learn from mistakes 
made this year. Accompanied by 
Chris Mercer, Lorien Alder and Jen 
Mylott performed the Senior class 
song, "Take My Hand" by The Kry. 
Dr. Lowell Hall, the Senior class 
advisor, commissioned Seniors to 

keep God as the focus of their 
lives. He concluded the 
chapel with the help of two 
"pets ' who had gathered 
advice from the Senior Class 

Keepers ct the Flame 35 

About fifry Seniors escaped to the Pilgrim 
Pines Conference and Retreat Center in 
New Hampshire for this year's Senior Retreat. 
Beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, 
kayaks, canoes, golf, and wiffle ball provided a 
weekend of action-packed funi Friday night, 
marshmallows were roasted by a super hot bon- 
fire, and Saturday night the full Senior slide show 
was viewed. A polaroid scavenger hunt left 
people wet, sandy, with acorns up their noses, 
and bruised from falling our of trees. "Bonnie " 
left Janie with a mouthful of marshmallows, 
Tandi as a teapot, and Jen McKay with a face ftill 
of shaving cream. A freak plague of the frog left 
some with surprises in their cabins. Overall, the 
weekend proved to be a time ftdl of both laughs 
and reflection. 

It's Water Wars.' 

who's that hingin' on the rim? It's Jesse, it's jesst 

Lisa Hughes, Tandi LehmaMjanie Law & Marcia Mingledorff enjoy smck and cards. 

This was only the be^nnin^ for Jen Curnn a.- Iici team be 
scavenger hunt.' Steve Oeltredici looks on as Kildur Kidney a 
Whitney bury jen, while Jen Roes works on raking in more 

36 Keepers of the Flame 

V>o\er,)tn Curran, Steve Miller, Shawn Kinney, Nate Patnude, 
teve Oeltredici, Tom Ho^an.Jeff A_yres & Darin Parr_y take a 
pyramid break, from ultimate frisbee. 

Jen Bofiacs assists as Janie Law reaps the benefits oi^oisesi'm^ Bonnie. 

Lorien Alder Jen M._ylott & Amber Whitney are getting ready to test the 

waters (or sandy shores) of Lake Swanzey. 

■istian Huizen^a, Kim Civiello, Dan V\/yhovney, Tom Ho^an,Jetf 
\y.i, Robin Ho^an & Kristin Porter show ofTa little plastic cheetah 
(aka Bonnie). 

Jen McKay, Youn^-Seon Kim & Mary QooAWm tn^oy 'uxg one of the 
quality meals that was served. 

Mary Elizabeth Hain, Phil Rot2,Jesse Casler, Steve Miller, Jon Bohacs 
& Heather Beckwith suspend themselves upside down to earn points 
tor tlie scavenvjer hunt. 

Keepers of the Fl.ime 

K E E P E R S 


Twenty-one Seniors were selected to Who's 
who Among Americ3.n Colleges a.nd Univer- 
sities. These students were chosen because of 
their commitment not only to zcsidernvcs, but also 
to the community of ENC through p2irticip2ition 
in a variety of 2ictivities. fully representing the 
many outlets for growth at this institution; these 
students have shown a flame for Christ. As they 
C2irry this flame with them into their individual 
futures, may they sprea^d that burning desire to 
serve Christ as they have spread it here. 

.iS Keepers of the Flame 


Wow! It is hard to believe that I am graduating already! As a freshman, it sometimes 
seems as if itwill take forever to get through college. In retrospect, I realize how quickly it goes 
by. My four years at ENC have been wonderful, filled with awesome experiences and 
opportunities. In addition to gaining a fine liberal arts education, I learned many things about 
life in general during my time here. I have learned. ..that it is important to take time out of our 
busy schedules to "stop and smell the roses" (this is easy to do in spnngtime at ENC when 
the rosebushes are in full bloom! ) . . .that learning should be a lifelong process. . .that friendships 
are valuable and to be cherished. ..that if we simply ask and put our trust in Him, God always 
provides us with just the right amount of strength to get through whatever trials we may 
face. ..that God is generous in pouring out His blessings on us. One of the most important 
lessons I have learned is what it means to be truly successful in life. True success lies not 
in what we do for a vocation, but in who we are. What is more important than being well- 
educated or having a good career is that we are vessels of God's love, compassion, and grace 
to every person we come in contact with. In the words of hymn writer Ira B. Wilson, 

Make me a blessing; Make me a blessing. 

Out of my life may Jesus shine. 

Make me a blessing, 

O Saviour, I pray. 

Make me a blessing to someone today. 

We are all students. We can choose to be college students, students of Christ, 
sidents of each other, or students of the world, but we have no choice in being students 
clife. The past four years have been invaluable to my education, but that pales in 
qmparison to how it has affected my life and what I have learned about myself. I would 
\\3 to thank those professors that not only taught me E=mc2or V=IR, but also taught 
m how to learn, how to be a student, how to teach myself, and how not to quit until I 
Lderstand. I would like to especially thank Dr. Free and Prof. Fish for all of their time 
itand out of the classroom. Without your enthusiasm and compassion I'm not sure that 
I Duld have made it. To all of my friends: I love you all. Some of us have won together, 
let together, ridden together and traveled together. Most importantly we have been 
tgether, and I will cherish every moment, every memory. Without my family I would 
hve been lost. Mom and Dad, you have always been there to support and love me. 
Eandon, you are not only my brother but also my best friend. Tanya, you are always 
tijre when I need someone to listen. Most importantly, I would like to thank God, Lord 
cmy life and savior. I thank him for his unbounded and unconditional love. No matter 
viat I do or where I go, he will always be there waiting for me with open arms. As I leave 
tis place, I will take with me the lessons that I have learned and prepare to enter a new 
U'el of education. After all, as a student of life, school is still in session. 

'Taiuli Celinian 

Recently I was asked, if I could make my college decision again, would 
I choose ENC? I must say the question caught me by surprise. The four years 
I have spent here have provided me with unmatched experiences. Thanks to 
Tillie, Libbie, Gary, Janet, Bethany, and Elva for helping me through these years. 
Would I do it all again? You betcha! 

"But now. Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you." (Psalm 39:7) 

■Krista M. Wl^ite 

When the teacher keeps you four minutes over classtime, it's unbearable; a four- 
hour J-term session is an eternity; the four weeks before Spring Break could pass for their 
own era in history. Recognition of these facts leaves nne wondering how the last four 
years have flown by so quickly! 

Four years ago I was not the person I am today, so surely some change has 
occurred even during the hasty passage of time. I have deepened my relationships with 
others--l have friendships I value dearly, individuals with whom I can share anything. I 
have deepened my appreciation for scholastic achievement for its own sake--indeed, 
little has had such a profound impact on my worldview than the recognition and valuing 
of other worldviews. And I have deepened my understanding of God--not necessarily 
to the point where it can be or perhaps even needs to be, but to the point where, for now, 
I confidently say I am His precious child and a servant of His will. 

ENC has taught me about balance, about being a reliable friend, a conscientious 
student, a hard worker, a researcher with dedication, a daughter away from home, an 
individual and team-player, a musician and artist, a believer. Even so, from time to time 
I find myself caught in the trap of wondering what else I should have done, what else I 
could have crammed in. My answer is usually empty. In the past four years, which have 
been both fleeting and forever, I have done as much as I ever dreamed of. And the best 
news is that even better days are ahead! 

Jieather ^eckwith 

As I reflect on my four short years at E.N.C., I find myself (for oi 
speechless! How could it be nearly over already? 

Who I am and who I am becoming is a product of everything I h ■ 
experienced and everyone who has touched my life. I am immeasurably thankfu y 
every expehence I have had at E.N.C. I will be forever awed by the faculty I h ^ 
been blessed to study under. I have benefited greatly from their labors of love 
my sanity to the intimate friends I have made in the past four years. I of course ( : 
the deepest thanks to my family . . . both the one I was born into and the one i 
has warmly invited me into their lives. Both have always respected and encoura ; 

I cannot put into words all that I have learned from my experiences at El 
I wholeheartedly believe in taking advantage of every opportunity that is offere 
They won't always be there. Choose joy. Work hard, but always remember to 1 1 
time to have a life! 

• Stepe Miller ^ 

By now, my time at ENC is just a memory. But there's something I'm quite 
thankful for during these past four years; the gift of no regrets. Having no regrets is not 
to say that I didn't make any mistakes. In fact, it's just the opposite. I've made poor 
choices, and struggled with sins and doubts throughout college. But in all of these 
trials, and any successes I've had. I don't have regrets because I believe this is the path 
God has chosen for me to grow closer to Him. I believe I've learned more in my 
questions, shame, and mistakes than I would have if I never had experienced those 
feelings. And I'm slowly learning, "But where sin increased, grace abounded all the 

I thank my family and friends for being such a part of my growth while at ENC. 
Dad and mom, you are the best. Dan, thanks for keeping me in first class all these 
years. Pete, Jesse, Eric, Trav, I will miss you all. Marcia, thanks for sticking by my side 
and putting up with me in good and tough times. Thanks to all the guys from ENC 
basketball and baseball teams, I will always cherish those times. God bless you all. 

4c) Keepers of the Fljnie 

J kallier l^ah Macl'^od 

"In the end is my beginning": so reads the epitaph of T.S. Eliot, and although 
I'm certainly not planning on leaving this earth any time soon, the statement does reflect 
how I feel about the conclusion of my four years here at ENC! Few circumstances in 
my life have been as influential as my college experience, and I find myself leaving 
friends, favorite professors, and my "second home" to embark on new beginnings. I 
can't say that college has cleared up all of my confusions and uncertainties, but I can 
say that it has helped me better realize what questions are worth asking and what 
answers are worth pursuing. I owe so much of this to the professors who taught me to 
appreciate the beauty of books, music, and the rewards of dedication, and who opened 
their offices for me to ask, vent, and share; to friends who gave me study breaks and 
inside jokes and patted my back when I needed a good cry; and to my long-suffering 
family who sent notes of encouragement and packages of homemade cookies, who 
fixed my car and visited me when I was sick, and who knew how to tell me they were 
proud of me. I feel comfortable knowing that it /s time to move on, and God's faithfulness 
that was so real to me at ENC will continue to be real in whatever I face in the future. 
He really does make everything beautiful in His time! 

Je^se Casler 

. Well, you're here for four short years, and before you know it . . . you're looking 

I back on your "college days." However, I feel like I have experienced ENC to its fullest, 

and now at the end I feel quite satisfied. ENC has given me the opportunity to travel 
I abroad a number of times, to see other fascinating people and places. I was able to 
j experience sports, drama, ministry, academics, and leadership. I have met some 
I incredible people through these activities who have profoundly shaped me. Most 
I importantly, ENC has allowed me to explore my own core values, who I really am. I 
! have gained a wealth of spiritual depth and understanding of God while here. For this, 

I am forever grateful to ENC. 

i 1 


JCim Cwiello 

My journey at ENC has helped mold me into the person I have become and 
has left much to be thankful for. I have learned about myself, about others, and about 
God in an atmosphere that promoted my academic and spiritual excellence. I have 
been challenged and have discovered what it means to learn, to lead, and to obey. I 
am thankful for the guidance and compassion of my professors as they sought to bring 
out my best potential. I am thankful for my relationships as each has taught me the 
lessons and value of friendship. I am forever thankful for my loving and supportive 
family who have encouraged me and loved me. Most importantly. I am thankful for the 
way God has worked in my life. He has taught me that obedience and faith are 
essential, and that the plans He has for me are greater than my own. The strength that 
I have gleaned from each of these experiences will be earned into the future, as I 
confidently embark on the next journey of my life. 

Kccpcn i.if till" Fl.uiu- 4 I 

Manj-i'lizdhctl ij kih i 

"Cut down my trunk and nnake a boat, " said the tree. "Then you can sail 
away... and be happy." ( The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein) God has given me much 
more than I can ever deserve: a loving Christian family, supportive friends & mentors, 
miles of walking amidst joy & pain with Him. I've seen His face in the clouds, sunsets, 
the frail smile of an orphan child. I've felt His touch through a hug, a kiss & a held hand. 
I've heard His voice within calm breezes and raging storms, waves of many waters, His 
song, the silence. I've witnessed His fragrance amongst the unkempt poor and their 
flowers sweet aroma. All of these combined have given me just a taste of God's 
goodness. Because He gave. I have reason to give to others. Because He loves. I am 
compelled to love whatever the cost. He gave me the world that I might play and be 
happy. He was willing to dance, so I tried, I even stepped on His toes at times. With Him 
shall I swing forever. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 

There are several things I learned in college, and none of them came frorr 

First, the only opinions of you that matter are God's and yours. Secor 
worrying about things will not do anything, except maybe give you a killer headach 
"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life. ..Who of you by worrying can add 
single hour to his life?" (Matthew 6:25,27). Third, there is a fine line between bei 
productive and being busy. Productive is good. Busy is not. Make time for the thine 
and people, that really matter. It sounds ironic, but schedule relaxation time in yc 
planner if you have to. Fourth, never assume you know where your life is headed. I spe 
my first two years at a school which was everything I had looked for--a big school, ne 
New York, with a journalism major. I never in a million years dreamed I'd end up at EN 
But life has a funny way of changing your course when you're not paying attention. I haj 
no idea where my life will take me in the next few months, but I'm almost sure I will enji' 
the new experiences I'm bound to have. 

To Mom, Dad, Chris, Noelle, and Todd--even though I don't always show ii 
love you guys more than anything. I couldn't have accomplished the things I ha 
without you. Thanks for the help. 

"Bnjan Mwphij 

As my senior year comes to an end, I have been evaluating my time here at ENC. 
I remember my first day as a freshman and how I realized my life would never be the same 
as it was, and it hasn't been. My experience here has taught me facts, historical dates and 
principles determining the way the world works, but I have learned infinitely more. I have 
learned how to think for myself and to analyze every bit of information that is presented to me. 
I have been taught to question everything for the purpose of knowing the truth, and then to 
be able to explain to others why it is that I believe the way I do. ENC has also made it possible 
for me to grow spiritually. I believe I leave college with a more intellectually-based faith, that 
is nonetheless full of trust. I would like to thank Dr. Shea for imparting so much knowledge 
to me, but more than this, for his unwavering commitment to me as his student, and for the 
example of Christ-likeness that he shows at all times. Thanks also to my friends who have 
shared so much of themselves and who have taught me more than I could ever express. To 
my family, thank you for supporting me through everything and making the last four years 
possible. Finally, I must thank my Lord Jesus Christ who is continually by my side and who 
is ready and willing to catch me when I fall. I have a peace and hope for the future because 
I know He is with me. Goodbye ENC; try not to miss me too much. 

42 Keepers o( the FLune 

Melissa A /'gclcl 

Most people who know me also know that ENC was not my first choice for an 
undergraduate education. After much mature pouting, I came to the realization that this 
is where God had placed me, and perhaps I had better look for the opportunities He 
would present to me while I was here. You can pretty much make any situation in your 
life what you want it to be, depending on your attitude when handling it. I have 
discovered many positives throughout my education and growth here at ENC. There 
are, however, many "positives" I missed as a result of my negative attitude at times. As 
painful as it is to own up to, life really is what you make of it-there are no excuses or 
cop-outs. I would like to thank ENC for the many 'character building experiences" I have 
gone through, both willingly and unwillingly. To my friends, thank you for the sometimes 
needed reprieve from the daily grind. To my parents, thank you for all your love and 
support and allowing me to bring "my person" home on weekends. And most 
importantly, I would like to thank God for never letting go of me, even when I struggled 
the most. 

Shaiina JC Goss 

". . . but if you once call Him in. He will give you the full treatment. That is why 
e warned people to 'count the cost' before becoming Christians. 'Make no mistake,' 
esays, 'if you let Me, I will make you perfect. The moment you put yourself in My hands, 
lat is what you are in for. Nothing less, or other, than that. You have free will, and if 
DU choose, you can push Me away. But if you do not push Me away, understand that 
am going to see this job through.'" --from The Joyful Christian by C.S. Lewis 

In searching my heart for thoughts to share, nothing has seemed to equal the 
rofundity of this simple, yet everlasting promise. I have read and reread these lines and 
ave pondered them, attempting a conclusion on their significance for my life. Upon 
jflection, I have realized that my experience of this promise has affected every other 
fe experience on my journey, particularly myjourneyof the pastfouryears. I have found 
jeedom in reaching up and taking hold of the hand that God has extended to me, 
|nowing that He is using each opportunity, struggle, and challenge that I face to perfect 
lie for His glory. In this surrender I find a peace, a comfort, an acceptance. Most 
ignificantly, I am excited to be discovering the joy in the journey, the joy in desiring to 
ike each step exactly in time with God. 

God is holding me, is holding us, in His hands and is working out His perfect plan 
)r each of our lives! Philippians 1 :3-6 

<Philip Hptz 

It seems like just last month that I was lugging boxes up to third Shields, anxious to begin 
my Freshman year. The difficulty these not-so-capable hands experienced putting my computer 
table together that first afternoon is still clear in my mind. As my mother struggled to hang curtains 
in my first dorm room, I could have never dreamed I would be finishing my ENC experience with a 
semester at Oxford. God has been good, and I have received much more than I deserved. 

Indeed, my fouryears at ENC have too quickly passed before and beyond me. I will always 
rememberthe Wollaston campus as a place of growth. A place where many of the staff, the faculty, 
and my fellow students invested their time and a bit of themselves in my teaming and my life. I am 
honored and humbled by their interest, care, and kindness. 

In particular, the professors in the History Department have been teachers in every sense 
of the word. Under their able direction, I have learned a great deal about my discipline during my 
four years here. However, they have been more than scholars I could respect-they have been true 
mentors, wise counselors, and fine role models. For their continuing availability, authenticity and 
friendship I am ever grateful. 

My debts are many-and I am not referring to Student Accounts. I have been blessed by 
relationships with faculty and staff that extend beyond the classroom and the campus. So many 
individuals in this community have purposefully mingled their lives with mine, prodding me, 
partnering with me, believing in me, and praying for me. I thank God for their example; I am better 
for their efforts-and, though words fail me, I am appreciative beyond expression. 


If there is anything I've had to learn at college, it is that it's full of deadlines. Each 
week seems to be a frantic race to get things done in time: to complete a paper, study 
for a test, or read a few chapters in a textbook. With so many things on my list of to- 
do's, most of the time I save each item right up until the time it's due, always left 
wondering, "How did that creep up so quickly? 

I think college is sort of a deadline, too. I have had years to prepare me for the 
final, all-important deadline: graduation. Yet here I am, staring into that glaring light at 
the end of the tunnel, wondering how I've managed to complete four wonderful years 
of spiritual and intellectual growth at ENC and not feel ready for graduation day. 

Without various people in my life, I could have never even gone halfway. 
Thanks to my English professors for believing I could do better than I ever thought I 
could; to the Fish's for giving me a second home; to my friends for keeping me 
entertained; to William for love and friendship; and to my family for just about 
everything, especially for teaching me to thank God for everyone else! 

Melissa % f{pbeits 

Four Years? Already? Where does time go? It has been my pleasure to bjj 
a part of the campus of Eastern Nazarene College for these last four years and ai 
honor to be able to have held as many student offices as I have held. As I reflect upoi 
my times here, I recall the many laughs I have had and the tears I have shed. I hav 
been challenged academically and spiritually, in ways that have proven to help mak 
me a stronger person for the future. I have sometimes been pushed, and often shovec 
beyond my comfort zone which has allowed my horizons to broaden and my values t| 
change. The support of the ENC community and my home church, the Wollasto' 
Church of the Nazarene, has made it possible for me to participate in the man 
activities that have helped to shape my world view and my future. My thanks g 
especially to my parents, for their love and support for the last 22 years, my friends wh 
have been there for me both here and on the international scene, and my Church famil 
for their continued prayers and support through all of my endeavors these last foi 
years. Of course, most of all, my praise goes to the one who created my very bein 
and knows me better than I know myself, Jesus Christ. 

"For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

JCondie ^que 

God is so good and so faithful. Even when we feel alone, we are not, for the 
Father is with us. . . (John 1 6:32). . . What a wonderful promise! As I've made my journey 
these past four years, I've come to see that God does not necessarily give us clarity, but 
a peace and quiet confidence as we put our hope and trust in Him. A thankful heart 
cannot help but be the outflow of a heart with full trust in God. I think the essence of our 
faith comes down to this--a hope and trust in God and His sovereignty. I challenge you 
as Brennan Manning challenged me. . . May all your expectations be crushed, your plans 
be frustrated, and your desires be thwarted so that you might come to know more and 
more of the Lord Jesus and His plans! 

"My soul, wait for God alone, for my expectation is from Him." Psalm 62:5 

44 Keepers uf the Flame 

^/Inianda fiod 

One of the most valuable lessons 1 have learned while at ENC has not been 
about academics. It has been about freedom. First, I had to learn and experience the 
freedom that Jesus Christ has given to each one of us before I could truly be successful. 
Once that freedom was realized and accepted, "the chains fell off, my heart was free" 
and the doors of my heart and life flew open. Then and only then could I become a 
victorious servant of my Father. 

Music is an extremely challenging discipline, but one I love very dearly. It 
provides a wonderful outlet to express those things that are deep inside. My studies in 
Cove and the direction of the music faculty taught me that freedom of the heart directly 
affects freedom of music. My favorite song to sing in high school was called "The Melody 
Within." Finally I can sing that song and mean every single word. Thank you God, and 
thank you Eastern Nazarene College. 

~ "There was a melody locked deep inside of me, but now it's free. It found a 
place embraced by harmony, sweet harmony. Love more than anything teaches our 
hearts to sing. Only Love could break the shell, now I know very well the Love within 
myself." ~ 

Melissa JCelley 

[iring my years at ENC I have had so many encounters and experiences that have 
Sjaped my life. I am profoundly thankful for: 

my parents, for teaching me to live my faith, 
Dr. McCormick, for teaching me to think about my faith, 
Rev. Mary Paul for teaching me to lead a thinking community in worship, 
Gaithersburg and Bethel Churches of the Nazarene for trusting me to practice 

The Romania Studies program and the ENC stage for allowing me to explore 

myself in worlds I never would have encountered otherwise, 
The departments of Psychology and Sociology for teaching me to love and 

respect the process of life in this world. 
Rev. Mike Schutz for helping me sort through it all, 

Friends and peers who were gracious and forgiving to me along the journey, 
and especially Tony for promising to explore Life with me. 

Melodij Txvilchell 

In coming to college, I knew that I would be learning many things, but 
I don't think I fully comprehended the extent of what I would learn. There is much more 
than book knowledge to be discovered during the course of a college career! Among 
these discoveries was the importance of family and friends ("It's so much friendlier with 
two!" -Pooh); the tremendous significance of music in my life ("Without music, life is a 
journey through a desert." -Pat Conroy); and perhaps most importantly how very real 
and profound the words of the children's song are to me - "Jesus loves me, this I know, 
for the Bible tells me so." 

Altaira Nicklas and Melissa Ladd hang out at the 
Senior Retreat. 

Julie Boyden and Matt Bucklin 
time warp to the 70 's. 

Michelle Zimmerman and Susan 
Amudala enjoy wearirig their cap 
and gowns for the prst time. 

Karen Brooks and Julie Saywer enjoy a 
game of UNO. 

Paige Mclntyre shows that ball who 's boss. 

Nate Patnode seeks asssistance as he tries i 
throw Bryan Murphy in the "pit ofguk 

46 Keepers of the Flame 

Anello and Jane Lillie all decked out 
for the Junior Senior. 

Todd Becker sets up quite a 
serve at Spring Fever. 

Darin Parry and Marcia Mingledorff get their caricature done 
during Spring Fever. 

Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable 

of containing God's gift of Himself 
Ask and seeky and your heart will grow big 
enough to receive Him and to keep Him as 
your mjn^^herever God has put yoUy that 
is your vocation. It is not what we do but 
how much love we put into it. 
-Mother Teresa 

of till* Fl.Ullt: 47 


T E 

T^accalatireate - a farewell address 
delivered to a graduating class. This year's 
service fulfilled its definition, signifying to the 
Seniors that their time at ENC was indeed 
coming to a close. Pastors who are fathers of 
graduating seniors participated in the service in 
leading prayer and reading of the scripture. 
The Chamber Singers and the A Cappella 
choir performed two pieces. President Hill 
spoke about the demands of truth in this 
postmodern age. Seniors lefi feeling a bit 
nostalgic for the past and hopeful for the future. 

48 Keepers of the Flame 

Commencement 1 999 

*P — ''M / ' 

IV EEPER-" 1^-/^ 

A M E 

The tempera t ttrc vva> stMrid't; (or t lie 
Commenctme.nt Lxercises ziongwitW the 
hearts of those ^raciuatitig. Always a day 
uf mixed emotions, Seniors contemplated 
the past and pondered the future as de- 
grees were conferred by Vresident Kill , 
^C3idtm[c Dean Kale, and Dallas KXacci, 
chairman of the Board of Trustee.";. 



ieneral Superintendent of the 
rnationat church of the Nazarene presented 
the Commencement Address. 

Londie Roque redeves her degree with a smile. President of the Senior CUss, Londte 

presented the Senior Class (5-ift, an endowed scholarship that will continue to^row 
and^^ive to future students. 

^ '"J 


The A Cappella choir performed three choral selt-L tions, Angt lu.- [">omiiii, B.^ttie of 
Jericho, and the approprfate. My Times Are in Thy Hundi. For >enior<: this proved 
to be a final, bittersweet performance with the choir. 

G D U A T I O N 


Anita Henck presents the Oustmding Senior Awarcb to Jesse Cisler and class Valedicto- 
rian Krista White. Heather MacLeod was tke diss Salutatorian. 

Nathan Patnode, with diploma in hand, is no 
ENC alumni. 

clockwise from above left: Eric Paashaus, Shawn Kinney & ICriiten 
canheld accept their diplomas from President HilL 


itine Rhcnow - none tOL-> thrilled that 
tie > ^idiutin^. 

Oou^ Chipnxin itid Die Sun^ Cho ire more thzn ready to begin 
L ^^mmencement txtrcisei. 


Melody TwitcheU. prepares to shake hands with President HUL 

"for (kod, who, 'Let light shine out of 
darkness/ made his light shine in. our 
hearts to give us the light of the Icnowl- 
edge of the glory ofCkod in the fzce of 
Christ. But we have this treasure inj2ors 
ofchy to show that this all-surpassing 
power is from (kod and not from us" 
1 Corinthians 4:6-7 

her dipiomi. 

Jine Lillie and a proud mom. 


Facult y S z Staff 


ENC ^roiessors know how to have a good time - 
Lowell Kail, Dan Shea, Phil hAcLzxen 8z ja.mes Stark at 
the Biology &: chemistry Club Harvest Pirty. 

"...Jesus said, 'If you hold to my 
teachingy you are really my disciples. 
Then you will know the truth, and 
the truth will set you free. 
John 8:31 

jerry Wood ordering some new 
"ENC" merchmd'ise. 

Or. Kail and his wife, Vorh, 
make quite the couple at the 
Junior Senior 

Keepers of the Flame 49 


Dr. David Kale 
Vice President for Academic 
Affairs/ Academic Dean 

Dr. Kent Hill 

Janice Hill 
Associate Director of 
Academic Services 

Edward Mann 

Assistant to the 
Academic Dean 


Michael Schutz 

Charlene DiSante 

Harriet Colville 
Administrative Assistant 

Lora Wooster 
Assistant Chaplain 

Clifford Hersey 
Director of 
Academic Services 

50 Keepers of tlie Flanxe 

Institutional ,^dbancement 

' Dr. Thomas Barnard 
Vice President for 
^stitutional Development 

Janie Graves 
A dm in istrative A s sis tan t 

Shelley Reese 

Leasa Suckau 
Special Events 


Gary Jones 
Director of 
Alumni Serx'ices 

Peter Scott 
Director of Resource 

Kenneth Gorton 
Vice President for 
Financial Affairs 

Susan Ramey 
Art Director 

Patricia Trout 
Development Assistant 

Not Shown 

John Cocio 
Donna Meers 
Ronald Waterman 

Keefers of the Fl.iine 51 


Daniel K. Shea 
Department Chair 


Albert Socci 
Department Chair 

Joseph Goulart 


James Stark 
Department Chair 

Lowell Hall 
Division Chair 

Not Shown 

Cynthia R. Davis 
Jonathan Twining 

Sheryl Burt 

Not Shown 

Russel Bedard 
Margaret Britt 

Michael T. Holt 

52 Keepers of the fUnxe 

Not Shown 

Karen Henck 
Victoria Kingsley / 
Karoline Szatek / 

Norene P. Fiacco 
Department Chair 

Communication ,^rts 

Michael J. Ballard 
Department Chair 

Margaret Bowen 

Not Shown 

Sara Mitchell 
Soledad Phelan 

Rhonda R. Winded 
Division Chair 

Eunice Ferrerira-LaMere 

Ruth A. Cameron 

Carl A. Winderl 


Alain Lescart 

Dorothy J. Tarrant 

Ki't-fHTS iif the f i.inu' 


Donald Yerxa 
Department Chair 

James R. Cameron 

Nicholas A. Rowe 

Math/Computer Science 

Not Shown 

Janese Free 
Jerold McCloy 

Kenneth Constantine 

LeRoy Hammerstrom 

Movement ^^rts 

Not Shown 

Leslie Courtney 

Greg Kottis 
James Stutzman 

Nancy Detwiler 
Department Chair 

Sylvia Goodman 

54 Keepers of'tlic Flame 

Mark Bromley 
Department Chair 

Richard Fish 

Douglas Hardy 

Jan Lanham 

Charles Seifert 
Department Chair 

Not Shown 

Gayle Berinan 
Jean Danton 

Thomas Jones 
Murray Kidd 

Mark Leighton 
Margo McGowan 
Nancy O'Connor 
John Riccobono 
Jonathan Seifert 
Jessica Stensrud 

Lois Van Dam 

NancN Ross 





Lambert Brandes 

Brady Millican 

Ronald Montgomery 

Timothy Shetler 

Physics/ Engineering 

John U. Free 
Department Chair 

Randall K. Fish 

Karl W. Giberson 


Laurie Braaten 
Division/Department Chair 

Steve McCormick 

Branson Roberts 

Sociology Social Work 

Michael Roberts 
Department Chair 

Not Show n 

Mark Yuly 

Not Shown 

Christina Gschw ai 
Thomas PhillipN 


Elizabeth Bowers 

Matilda Casler 

56 Keepers ot the Flame 

Not Shown 

Diane Abcrle 
Beverly Cawthorne 
Richard DeCristofaro 
Eloisc Papile 
Judith Paul 
Ronald Seely 
David Tolson 
Luz Valverde 

Not Shown 

Lisa Poudrier 

ichael Crowley 

tVayne Dunlop 

Alfred Cawthorne 

Patricia Shopland 
Division Chair 

Not Shown 

Margaret Ballard 
Ainie Camden 
Amy Craford 
Beverly Fraumann 
Constance Hallenheck 

Tami Dutton 

'Teacher Education 


Lornc Ranstrom 

Stephen Wolf 

Graduate ^>msion 

Cleo Cakridas 

Graduate Enrollment 

Arthur Woodward 

Caroline Harris 
Rovert LaRocco 
Lauren Murray 
Sharon Nichols 
Lee Robert 

Christine Raymond 
Jennifer Rubini 
Peter Sherry 
Jill Stiles 

John Estey 

Lewann Mina 

Joan Sau ler 

Jiuman ^sources 

Nadine Pfaul/ 
Director of Human 


Glennis Fuller 
Payroll & Benefits 

Renee Pomerville 

Tertu Savoie 


Not Shown 

Cheryl Stone 

Adeline Shindanian 

Yvonne Christensen Joyce Klittich 

Student Records Assistant Graduate Records Assistant 

Joy Scott 

Not Shown 

Laura Constantine 
Mary Lou Shea 

Myma Giberson 

Joan Holi 

Susan Watki 

Lenora Ngi 
Assistant Rei: 

Sarah Shobert Lois Wood\ 

Student Records Assistant Transcript A.s 

5S Keepers oi the Flame 

Not Shown 

Chris Boel 
Jennifer Boel 
Brad Grinnen 
James Heyward 
Rhonda Lajoie 
Holly Shook 

Martin Trice 
Vice President for 
Enrollment Services 

Not Shown 

Tim Eyring 
Kathleen Moriarty 
Michelle Mula 

Enrollment Services 

Elva Jury 

Andrea Popa 
Enrollment Counselor 

Mnancial ,^id 

Bethany McCreary 
Office Manager 

Dan Martin 

Associate Director of 
Financial Aid 

Donna Brenner 
Financial Aid 

Doug Fish 
Financial Aid 

Jot Shown 

ngela McEwen 
Robin Fisher 
Kristen Keen 
Judith Mann 
atherine Merril 

^)epartment Secretaries 

aurel Anderson 

Normal Bell 

Dorla Hall 

Ciuo\\ n M(.>rse 
Arthletics/Movcment A rts 

Marilyn Stark 
Biology & Physics 

Keepers c^t the Fl.imc 59 

Not Shown 

Dilip Chhetri 
David Hazelton 
David Kingsley 
Charles Owens 

Jay Peckham 
Donald Swider 

Paul Nyce 

Alan Gray 
Database Administrator 

Donna Mowen 
Coordinator for LEAD 

Student i)evelopment 

Not Shown 

Brenda Hicks 
Dan Kiser 
Mark Mann 
Bruce Paul 

Shelly Reese 

Vice PresidX 

Robert Benjamin 
Director of 
Multicultural Affairs 

Denise Heizer 
Resident Director 

Shirley Newman 
College Nurse 

Sue Sullivan Betty Wagn 

Administrative Assistant Associate Dean fo 

and Communit 


Bradford Thome 

Marion Baker 
Clinical Assistant 

Anne Hardy 

Anke Thome 

Not Sho^ 

Tim Lanha 

60 Keeper.< of the fLiriic 

Auxiliary Services 


James Cook Ardith Eyring Rick Harmon 

nager. Accounting Accounts Payable Coordinator Director of Food Services 

Janice Gray 
Campus Receptionist 

Not Shown 

Madeline Barnard 

Steve Boel 
Linda McDonougli 
Ron VanderOever 

Carol Sell/.er 

arl Vandervort 
\iling & Materials 

rounds i>ept 

Elizabeth Waltermire 


Gerry Wood 
Manager, College Store 


Not Shown 

Gary Light 
Jeff Scott 

Andy Rearick 

iDavid Cox, Jr. 

J^acilities Management 

Not Shown 

Richard Casper 
Steve Donahue 
Robert Hendrickson 
Doreen Nash 
Thomas Peterson 
Deb Runion 

Scott Fuller 

Bany Hughes 
General Maintenance 


Tim Stiles 
General Maintenance 

In 1948. 

Dr. Cameron and students on the Freedom Trail in Boston. 

Dr. Cameron at Pemaquid in 1994. 

(l \ 1'- Jampfy Cameron gi'aduated from I'mtci 
jfc^ :\azarene College in 1951, and immedh 
began teaching in tJsC's ,/lcademij. While he 
teaching, heearned his Masters and his Doctorate] 
Boston University. Somehow, in his forty-eight ij 
of teaching, t)r. Cameron found time to wiite two b 
about the histonj of Eastern j{azarene College. Tlu 
t)r. Cameron as a student w>as known for his can 
pranks, as a professor he became knovmi for his 
and for Imfiitler impersonation, complete with c 
mustache. t)r. Cameron has chosen this year to 
from teaching. ,01 who knew him appreciate the 
he spent at 8J^C and will miss him! 

Dr. Cameron in 1983, wearing one of his famous hats. 

Dr. and Mrs. Cameron take an "Old-Fashioned Wali 

62 Keepers of the Flame 

~\/f\/hiders()n 1\earick has also chosen this 
lO-LiJccii' to retire, ^f le has been Oirector of 
^ecuriiij for the past eight Ljears. Mr. ({carick 
fortfierlij senyeci as a pastor in -New Vork for 14 
hjears J()ll(m'inga24-yecir career IV ith the JecU^^^^^ 
Bureau of Investigation. Mr f^^arick's colleagues, 
\as well as l\NC faculty and staff, will remember 
him asfriendkj and easy to talk to. We will 
!/\fr. ^f{earick, and we hope he enjoys retirement! 

Ben Plank and Eli Smith. 

<5 '« Allard, Jane Lillie, Kelly Jardine & Jamie Plujf at 
the Suitcase Party. 

Andy Ivankovich and Jason Blake. 

Jenn Curran, Janie Law, Altaira Nicklas, Eryn Leonard, Londie Roque 
& Hildur Kidney at the Harbor Cruise. 

Keepers of the FUnie 63 

£)r. JCqis JCnoj 

1935 - 1998 

t)r. Xnox taught at Eastern -J^azanne 
College as an t'ducation Professor for 
t\\>ek e years and also sen eel as 
hndergradute Department Chair. Tlii 
tribute comes from the hearts of those 
who loved her dearly and will miss her 

Xois was an educator e,xemplar. ./Iny 
task done for her classroom or the Edu- 
cation Division wcis done thoroughly 
and lov ingly with her ultimate goal 
being to serve God to the best of the 
abilities given to her; and she had mani 
The confidence she exhibited in her woi 
helped those with whom she worked a/i 
taught to pursue excellence and strive tc 
always give their best. -She was very 
giving of her tinie and talents as relatec 
to her professional work J^jis truly hat 
a teacher's heart which was clearly 
evident in all her work in and out of tht 

^(j^s a person, Xois was greatly to be admired. She was known for the care and concern that was 
actively demonstrated and so generously given to the lives of others. She was an example of a life 
dedicated and committed to sewing others. One could clearly see the compassion JCgis had for thai 
to whom she listened. She had unlimited energy in sen ice to others. Many were able to enjoy a la 
or two of the home-made bread - the beating of which helped with the fnistrations that come with 
living. JCois was a true friend and completely gaveofher.self to those ivhom she considered her 

friends, which were many. 

Probably the most admired characterisic of Cgis life was her commitment to her J^rd. \Klmiever 
there was an urgent need for a special prayer /p/.s was called upon to offer requests to the J^Ji'd. 
When praying or talking about the iX^'d with ip/s, one felt a sense that Chri.Ht was light there in th 
conversation. It was almost as if there was a direct line to God. JCois clearly understood that the 
heart that senes is the heart that truly lovesjesus. Cgis was devoted to her husband, family, friend 
community. 8'jfC, but most importantly to her C^od. Cois now has found her rest and is sitting ne. 
to her precious Xjjrd who lovingly says to her, ''Well done my good and faithful sen ant." 
CThank you to Professor JCgrne ^nstrom for his remarks.) 

64 Keepers, of the Flame 


Thomas Vitot, Mike Johnston, Jeremy Patnode, 
Me^an O'Vonneii, Chrissy Tsep3.s, Lorie Oliver 8z 
Urntea Anderson enjoying Spring fever weekend. 

"Be imitators ofCrod, therefore, 2iS dea^rly 
loved children and live a life of love, just 
as Christ loved us and gave himself up 
for us as 3. fragrant offering and sacrifice 
to Qod" 

Lphesians 5:1-2 

F L A M E 

Crreg Newman Jake Had & Joanna 
Comtantine seenx to be enjoying their 
time in the Commons. (They must be 
serving Qolden (^-raharm today.) 

Ta.mcLr Andreson and Tara Watkins 
having a grand time getting their 
caricature done at Spring fever. 

Keepers of' the Flame 65 

From left to ri^ht: Kara White - Administrative Assistant, Me^an O'Oonnell - SQA. Represerttative, Vtarilcae 
Patterson - Vice President, Christina Crunter - Spiritual Life, Amanda Mohlin^ - Social Life, Angela Carr - President. 

As our first ye^r at Eastern Nazarene comes to a dose, I'm reminded of how many blessings Qod 
hsiS given us throughout this_year. Our diss has come together to (orm a drde of dose friends that wilt 
share man_y more good times through our years here at ENC. Never forget the Christniis party in Spa.nge, 
floor feud, ice skating at the Boston Commons (some for the first time!), loads of canciygrams, and most 
importantly, our class chapels where we worshipped Crod together as a class. Although there may have been 
some trials, Qod has been there to lift us up and remind us of what's truly important. To know Kim better 
and love each other as He loves is our hearts' cry as a class and as friends. With that - "I thank my Qod e\ery 
time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in 
the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in^ou will 
carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." (Philippians V3'6) 

1 love you all. 

Angle Carr, freshman Class President 

66 Keepers of the Flame 

class Of 2002 

Junathan Austin 
Joseph Azevedo 
Heather Beckley 
Jennifer Benedict 

Laura Berry 
Jennifer Blake 
Melissa Blish 
Michael Brennan 

Angela Busch 
Angela Carr 
Christy Chitwood 
Pamela Christie 

Cheryl Cross 
Cynthia D'Angona 
Marly Daniel 
Lesa Delgado 

Chavlah DiMaria 
Philip Doreau 
Jendy Dunlop 
Ashley Dyke 

Keepers ijf^thc Flame 67 

Angela Ennis 
Joanna Everson 
Christine Fanous 
Ryan Flowers 

Michael Golden 
Amanda Crignon 
Christina Gunter 
Peter Hall 

Nathan Hallowell 
Jennifer Hankins 
Andrew Hansen 
Jennifer Harris 

Katie Hartig 
Kristen Heald 
Jessica Hoffman 
Kimberly Homan 

Stacy Hull 
Kelly Jackson 
Stacy Jenkins 
Madeline Johnson 

68 Keepers of the Flame 

class of Z002 

I is and Amanda (Jri^non visit Fort Worth, The incredible tVround Willy Snow Momma! 

I'xas and sample the merchandise. 

Keepers of the Flame 69 

CliSi Of 2002 

Neha Pathakjcuni Hankins, Eva Metz^er, and Kelly 
Jickson wait for the hiyride vva^ou at a floor iponsored 
Apple Orcharti outing. 

3r<J Willy ^irU introduce thermelves..."Aren't 

Amanda McGhee 
Zachary Miller 
Scott Milne 
Shaundelle Mitchell 

Eric Murphy- 
David Nelson 
Wheldon Nelson 
Tami Newcomer 

Jennifer Nielson 
Hayley Norton 
Brian Paolini 
Neha Pathak 


70 Keepers' at the Fl.ime 

diss of 2002 

Marikae Patterson 
Cara Paulson 
Tina Plammoottil 
Mathevv Prahl 

Michelle Prouse 
Donald Reed 
Shaun Reed 
Catherine Reich 

iri 1 Monteiro, Sticy Jenkins and Bobby Lovar study in the dugout, proving' there's a first titne for everythin;^. Kara White and Miranda 

Metcalfe after learning of 
their winning trip to Walt 
Disney World. 


Keepers ot the Flame 7 1 

CUii of 2002 



iApril Wood, ca5sie Tillas, Koisin Kmpp, and Cdarleen McCream hanging out . . . 

in the shower? 

Alex Vilcaponia participates in the Coffee 
House held in Spa.n^e Parlor in the fall. 

A group of avid Basketball fans show their enthusiasm for the game. 

Taking advantage of a warm autumn da^, 
Valarie Day and Andrew Hansen study on 
the Student Center Lawn. 

Cimera. Shy 

Corey Bachand 

Jonathan Chesley 

Kerry-Ann Fyne 

Alex Lam 

John Penney 

William Barg 

Jennifer Christopher 

Kimberly Cjarrett 

Derek Leppert 

Arwyn Pierce 

Kristen Rae Barrett 

chad Culleton 

Paul Clifford 

Timothy Linton 

Shawna Richards 

Blonde Beauchamp 

Jayson Curtis 

)3.son Crovoni 

Jason Lyle 

Antonia Rivera 

Kevin Benham 

Vincent D'Angona 

Carmela G-uarino 

Shawn Manning 

Jennifer Sammons 

Thomas Berdych 

Nicole Darling 

Sami Hinm 

Amanda McCloy 

Julie Shaw 

Allyson Sohics 

Valarie Day 

Mathew Henry 

Jonathan Messana 

Ericka S<hepird 

Tisha Bond 

Leonard Demoranville 

Peter Hohke 

Amanda Mohling 

Randolph Toye 

Max Bowen 

Kiley Dickson 

Eleanor Holt 

Cfcrson Monteiro 

Katy Urban 

Nicole Braddock 

Kimberly Duff 

kelly Irving 

Hai Nguyen 

Juan Vilcampoma 

)oshui Brennan 

Neal Estey 

Roberte Jeanty 

Megan O'Donnell 

Tara Watkins 

Katharine ddo^in 

Christine Fanous 

Jessica. Joseph 

Elizabeth O'Keefe 

Scott Webber 

Jaime- Rose Carberry 

Kristin }-iLmr 

Erin Karker 

Nathan Paddock 

Lakia Wharton 

Michael Case 

Nancy Feliciano 

Ashish Khatri 

Jessica Pitnode 

Ramses Zephir 

Michael Caveny 

Sarah Fucjua 

James Kopp 

Bradley Pavlik 

Keepers ot the Flame ~ 


From left to ri^ht: Heather Sliaffer - Spiritual Life, Jessica. Klebes - Social Life, Adzm Zie^ler - Vice President, ^A.ary 
Teresa. Oamata - SQA Representative, Becky (Jalbraith - Administrative Assistant, Brian Ketchum - President. 

It has been the goal of the Sophomore Class Coancii to provide many diverse forms o(opport\x- 
nities for our diss to benefit from. These opportunities have induded occasions of fun, prayer, and of 
service. We have come to understand that the elements of the Utter two are the areas that serve most 
effectively in building and shaping this dass into the community that Qod wants it to be. We, the dass 
council, have truly been blessed to serve this class and watch Qod's hand guide and direct in the midst of it 
all. It is my prayer that this dass would sieze the promise of Qod's blessing and live accordin^y as an 
example of Christ's love for all to see throu^out the years to come. 

Sophomore Class President, 
Brian Ketchum 

74 Keepers of the Flame 

Cla» Of 20t)I 

Christiana Di Maria 
Jason Drolet 
Kaitlyn Dunn 
Melissa Easton 

Rebecca Edwards 
Joanna Ellenberger 
Katharine Ellis 
Lynne Faulkingham 

Michael Ferreira 
Heather Fish 
Royanna Flowers 
Jennv Francois 

Rebecca Galbraith 
Julianna Gonsalves 
Nathan Gould 
Theodore Groff 

James Hall 
Robert Harris 
Brian Hebert 
Lisa Hedlund 

76 Keepers' of the fUme 

Cla5<. Of 2001 

IS Keepei s of' the Flame 

class Of 2001 

Clais Of ZOO 1 

SO Keepers t)f the Flame 

class Of' 20t)1 


Ei|swank, Tatum Peckham, and Siobohn Rouse, retumin.^ from summer vacation, Brian Ketchum strums a few chords on a beautiful fall 
are ea^er to^et back, into tlie^rind of college life. ifternoon. 

nene LoConte and Mona Lisa Karunakarati ulk Heat^^er Shaffer, Kristi Linton, Becky Cralbraith, and Jamie Heritage enjoy Acapella 

! outside the Multi-cultural Lounge. conerts! 

Camera Shy 

R.ym Andrews 

Melinda Dean 

John Paul Perez 

Scott Hustings 

}ison McCabe 

Kaiyana Banks 

Loreen Dearborn 

Michelle Pierre 

Curtis Heckman 

Trevor DeShaw 

Eileen Brooks 

Jeremy Dupere 

Emily Plank 

Jane Jean-Baptiste 

Joel Thompson 

Hor\gtio Cai 

Christine Meda^lia 

)imes Rendle 

Timothy Johnson 

Adam Verhoeks 

Stephen Carroll 

Christopher Mercer 

Kendra Richardson 

Audrey Joyette 

)ired Wells 

Michael Caudill 

Clara Miller 

Ana Rodriguez 

Brian Ketchum 

Samuel Wilder 

Mike Caufield 

Andrew Moore 

Robert Russell 

Amy Kettin^er 

Jin Xia 

Jared Champlin 

Rodney Nicklaw 

Heather itrachan 

Caroline Kiarie 

Kristen Yerxa 

Andrew chapman 

Nary Nuon 

Justin Oalusha 

David Kira^u 

Jennifer Youn^ 

Rinima Cherkasskaya 

Noel O'Re^an 

}ody O-ardner 

Joe Kira^ 

Men^-Chi Youn^j 

Heather Cousins 

Dana Parker 

)ison Crenest 

April Leeman 

Adam Zievjler 

Heather Crosbie 

Raenelle Parker 

Andrew Qre^orowicz 

shannon Martin 

Keepers of the Flame 

From left to ri^ht: Reba Tierney - Social Life, Lor'i Pelletier - President, Bethany Parker - Administrative 
Aisistant, Cecily Kasys - Vice President, Heidi Swenson- SCrA Representative, and Eryn Leonard - Spiritual 


In one's college career, the Junior year is one of critical importance. The initial excitement of being 
in college his worn off a.nd one is now faced with questions about future plans beyond ENC. For the junior 
Council, this_year has been tiring, but full ofUughter and memories. Most of ill, I believe that it has been a tremendous 
laming md growing experience. Our time wasn't spent solely on selling piTLZzs, picking up trash, or delivering roses, 
but in creating releztionships amongst each other and with all of the juniors who provided us with endless support. 
Most of all, I believe that each of us owe our gratitude and love to our advisor, Dr. Philip McLaren. He provided our 
council with constant guidance in our business adventures and more importantly/, our spiritual focus. hAy personal life 
will be forever changed by the memories and lessons that these wonderful friends have given me. 

Lori Pelletier 
junior Class President 

S4 Keepers of tlie Flame 

class of 2000 

na McLeishgoes a little Span^e^'irls Angela Attarcio, Heidi Swensen, Amy Cyr, Karen Allard, Yamileth Ortiz tlaslies a smile at 
vith her new nose ring. Stephanie Sipe, drolyn Figard, and Annie Werner celebrate (with the camera. 

sparkling cider, ot ciJurse!) 

Keepers iit the Flame S~ 

CUis Of'200t) 

Amy Cyr and Karen Allard dish Nearly escaping death, (rlaphre Anjon is rescued from a 8i^ Roller by 

ice cream at the Hawaiian Luau. 

none other than our own Carolyn Fi^ard. 

)onit\\in Poole shows 
climbing igLiity at (jol 

Dung Nguyen 
David Nicol 
Adrienne O'Keefe 
Christian O'Meara 

Yamileth Ortiz 
Bethany Parker 
Lisa Parker 
Jeremy Patnode 

Lori Pelletier 
Scott Philips 
Thomas Pilot 
Jamie Pluff 

Hi Keepers of the Flame 

class Of ZOOO 

Jonathan Poole 

group of Juniors celebrate the holid.iy iCison. Cecily Divey t»iake> new use ofm old 


Keepers of the Flame S9 

CUiiOf 2000 

Reba Tierney and Cecily D^vey, 
all decked out for the 80's party'. 

The Harbor Cruise'. Our Murder Mystery lidies: Jessicz Spalding 
Bethany Parker, Keri Anne Ingle, Kristina Ainsworth, CUra. Miller, 
and Vanessa Fries. 

Michael Piyne "spong 
unfortunate soul at fail 
this past falL 

Rebecca Taylor 
Rebekah Tierney 
Jessica Vallese 
Kate Ventresca 

Annie Werner 
Corrine Xarras 
Melissa Youell 
Samuel Young 

Catherine Zimmerman 


90 Keepers of the Flame 

Clxi> Of 2000 

Lorrine Xarras and April Lucas hin^in^out David Nicol, Pamela Hurd, Joseph Hi-.ith, .uui t\a Metz^er drawing attention to 

in the Student Center. themselves on th T. 

Camera Shy 

Rochelle Anello 

Qa.ry Creely 

Allison jdck<.on 

Shantel Marshall 

Ctaret Reid 

Amanda Bailejy 

Nicholas Curnn 

Naomi Jacobs 

Hiaing Maw 

David Scott 

rhaniar Beauchamp 

Lori DaCosta 

Qlenis John 

Mical McFarland 

Jeffrey Sherrick 

Jacobe Botelho 

Ryan Daniels 

Moses Kimani 

Jeffrey Mello 

Susan Silverio 

I'Esha Brown 

Steven DelTredici 

Jeffrey Keppin^er 

Nicole Muterspaw 

Kelly Talbot 

Timothy Srown 

Brian Dix 

Christopher Knepp 

Ritsu Nakai 

Mayleen Tavares-Meh 

William Chan 

Holl_y Frank. 

Joshua. LeBlanc 

Caroline Njama 

April Thompson 

Douglas Chupmnn 

Bradley CVray 

David Lindsay 

Shawn Noonan 

Amy Tompkins 

Young Cobb 

Diana Hacktmn 

Benn Lofton 

Susan O'Keete 

Renee Whetstone 

Mathew Comer 

Jacqueline Harrison 

Mathew Long 

Mena Piacentini 

Tara Ycanian 

Heather Cramer 

Megumi lij'ima 

Adam MacDougall 

Thomas Pitot 

^rendi Creamer 

Keri Ingle 

Sam manoranjan 

Kairi Rapp 


Aiiani Sanner and Mike L^le buddyin^ up while "stuck in jaiL 

Meii>>a Blish, ICaren AllarcJ, lesha Brown, Naomi Jaco 
Joslin, Heather Ouarte, Shawna Richardi, Mary Elizal 
and Raenelle Parker. 


Tim Seiiuliedlvo, u' <-_i_^ 'vUliie, and Bill Fiih^ettin^a little too up close 
and penonA while in Europe over J -term. 

Maureen Wall, Rebecca OiSante, and Dave Messana chillin in 
over J -term. 

Lakia Wharton, Lisa Veli^,jeis Hofifman, and Sticy Jenkins chill in the (rym. 

Christy Chitwood, darla Romero, and fisha Bon 
having fun at the Harbor Cruise. "What sexy chU 

92 Keepers of the Flame 

Student Lire 

Keepers. OF the FlamE 

Christ'un Huizenga. believes himself to be quite 
the Backstreet Boy. 

/ thi5 point, Charlie Luang Is wondering why on 
rtfi he ever decided to wrestle Trevor DeShaw. 

"If you have any encouragement from 
being united with Christ, if any comfort 
from his love, if any fellowship with the 
Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, 
then make my joy complete by being like- 
minded, having the same love, being one 
in spirit and purpose. " 
Philippians 2:1-2 

The hoy is mine! 

Keepers of the Flame 

From murder and mayhem to Zoot suits and 
Karaoke, thisyea.r's Harbor Cruise wis a smash- 
ing success. This annual event held aboard the 
Spirit of Boston was^iven a 19205 theme that 
had 1990's students swinging. Besides the usud 
mix ofgreit food, interesting outfits and brave 
Karaoke singers, a 1920 murder mystery was 
acted out. This new idea added fun and sus- 
pense to the Harbor Cruise. Thanks to 
Stephanie Sipe and the SCrA Council - the 1998 
Harbor Cruise was unforgettable. 

The Murder Mystery cist:)esse Cailer, Krista White, Melijsa Kelly, Missv 
5am Young, Vanessa Fries, Stephanie Sipe, Steve Miller and Bryan Mu' 

Kelly Jardine and Reba Tierney. 

Students enjoying Karaoke. 

Kahoney Her, Jolie Drahn, Lisa Parker, Yami Ortiz, and 
Melissa Easton. 

Annie Werner, Heidi Swensen.Joy McNally, Amy Cyr and 
Elizabeth Kain. 

94 Keepers of the Flame 


Sammi and Weldon - "Hey, ijou wanna bii 
cookies? We baked themselves ourselvi 

.ngie Can - "Umm. . . what are you painting on my face? 

Yamileth Ortiz gets down as fellow ENCers look 

Shelly Reese anticipates the onslaught 
of a speeding, wet sponge. 

Kim Civiello, janie Law, and Heather Kramer arc all 
smiles as they peddle some yummy goodies. 

Keepers the (^lanie f5 

-m e c o m 1 n 

In 1998, Homecoming was celebrated a little differently. The 
theme of the weekend was "From This Moment. " Alumni, 
students and faculty were challenged to reflect upon their lives 
and how they were going to live, from this moment on. Some 
unforgettable moments of Homecoming 1998 were the annual 
street fair and soccer game. Alumni basketball, and of course, 
Coronation. Coronation was a time of reflection and sharing. 
The reigning King and Queen returned to pass down the 
crown and talk about what God had been doing in their lives. 
This set the stage for the King and Queen of 1998. When 
crowned, they both gave a short acceptance speech, infused 
with personal testimony. Once again Homecoming was a 
heartwarming and fun-filled weekend for everyone involved. 

Freshman Representatives 
Dennis Carreiro Sz An^ie Carr 

Sop\\omort Representatives 
jimie ja-ckson <& David Kira^u 

junior Representative 
Amy Cyr, Ben Neil &: CMphre . 

Senior Representatives 
Krista White 8z Jesse Ca.sler 

Senior Representatives Senior Representative 

Jennifer Bohacs &: Steve Miller Jennifer Currm &i Steve Dei 

96 Ket'pec5 of- the Flame 

Senior Representatives 
Muna Cross &:Voug 

Senior Representatives Senior Representatives 

Mar;/ 'Elizabeth Rain &: Nate Patnode Londie Rogue Sz Bryan Murphy 

Keepers of the fldinc o; 

^ Homecoming K 'mg)eise Casler 

It ha* been my privilege to serve as ENC's 
Homecoming Kin^ for the past year. \s these 
yezrs come to a close for me, I remember all 
the incredible times we hid toijether. From 
spontaneous, we hive nude the most of our 
time at ENC. I love this school ind the people 
here «iearly. Thank you tor electing my future 
wife, Krista White, to be my Homecoming 
Queen. SA^ty the Lord^o with you as we leave 
this place. 

Renee Whetstone 

"But I'll Make you Queen for the Oaylf 
when my sister and I were youn^ making eai 
"Queen for the Day" was always the best way ti 
our conflicts ot interest. If I really, really wante. 
school (and be the teacher, too, by the way), a 
didn't, then I'd sway the scales in my favor by of 
nuke her Queen for the Day tomorrow. Or 
really, really wanted to niake a Fisher Price ci 
didn't, she could tempt me by making me Quee 
a nice system. 

of course, being Queen for the Day wasn 't all t 
deal. Being innocent, we never exploited our 
reigns. The honor primarily consisted ofbein^ 
imperially request, in our most British of voi 
fetch my slippers," which the servant dutifully 
H after which time we promptly forgot our self-i 

™caste system and found something fun to do together! Nonethf 
honor of being c^ueen wis much sought-after. 
Well, this year I again got to be Queen for the Day. Thank you 
for this privilege.' It also was a lot of flm and an incredibi 
(although 1 now recAl that I never found a good opportunity 
someone fetch my slippers). In any case, my time here at ENC ' 
f one long experience of learning, growth, friendship, and chat 
Homecoming was a wonderful addition to my mixed bago 
ries. Indeed, my deep hope is that we will continue to learn how I 
our "c3stes" and that we all will choose to move on in the know 
our precious, royal inheritance throu^ Christ Jesus! 

Jason Blake 

^^^7 King and Queen 
Rhonda Lajoie and Jeff I. 

The Court 

96 Keepers of the Flame 

On February 21, 1999. AWS and 
ISleld their second annual Date 

This year's auction was a huge 
Spectators flocked to this event 
watch the dollars fly and maybe 
iie for themselves. The lady 
s were the driving force behind 
on. Bidding was fast and furious, 
ir Ben George made history. He 
^ht by Angela Attardo for 
, making that the highest price 
' for a date at the auction. If you 
ill the chance to buy a date this 
IT, ave no fear!- Remember this is an 

iiJ event 

iiteorge raked in the money with that 
innocent look. 

Princess Reba Tierney who also 
bakes a mean corn muffin. 

u' I3ay, the bidding queen, seeks out more funds. 

Freshman Jon Angell all 
dressed up. 

Betsy Milne -"I don't care what you 
have to do Scott, but you better bid on 


I " 

Keeper s of tfie FUrne 99 

The Pirates of Penzance is a satirical operetta that was 
nvritten by Gilbert and Sullivan. For over a century, this 
fswashbuckling and rousing musical has kept audiences 
entertained. The Pirates ' run at ENC was no exception. 
Leaning heavily on the musical's satrical base, the Pirates 
was presented in a cartoon motif. ENC students once 
again outdid themselves and put on a spectacular 

Fndtiu and Mabel find true love! 

The Major General Stanley 's daughters are taken by surprise. 


The Pirates show us that even criminals can kick up their heels! 

Ruth has her hands full trying to pacify the Pirate King. 

100 Keepers of the Flame 

Ever the "gentlemen", the pirates take the time to sing for Ruth. 

The Major General Stanley is comforted by his beautiful Are the police helping or hurting the situation ? 

^ daughters. . ^ 

usi (f Onraclers 

Pirate King Matt Hanlon 

Samuel, his lieutenanf Michael Caufield 

Frederic, an apprentice Timothy Semchenko 

Ruth, a pirate maid Be'Bhionn Ann Howard 

^^^^^^^^^^^^ -^^^—^i Pirates Da\/id Dein, Matthew Martsolf, Jon Messana, 

"^^iWIWHII!^ '(»^B Newman, Nathan Scott, Jeff Scott, Sam Young 

^ ''^ Jh, 2^-- '^"^^BB^ fc-'te'^^ftl * ^1 Major General Stanley's Daughters 

f<| "^^^^^KAsja^^M^Xj Mabel Stephanie Siefken 
^ S l>*>^^!!t^3lMkHfl Maureen Wall 
■ A ) ^intfL vfesflllBII ^^^^ 
l^J^^^^B^Mli lB^B Heidi Swank 

^ \ ^^^^H|^^B|^KI1^^^^^H and Gwenne Adams, Melanie Adams, 

' ^^■^^^^^^^■l^^^^l Bethany Fietje, Kerianne Ingle, Michele Zimmerman 

Major-General Stanley David Messana 

Police Sergeant Jeff Scott 

The whole cast gets into the spirit of the play. Police Katie Adams, Tamar Andreson, David Dein, Jolie Drahn, 

Melissa Easton, Kate Ellis, Jen Gayman, Mary Elizabeth Main 


KccptTs I'f till'" I 

This year the camping trip took phce at Lake Ossipee in New 
Hampshire, and it was a^eat time. We only had 13 people 
because uf^the poor weather and the long weekend, but those 
few brave souLs made the best out of the situation, ^oin^ so far 
as to make S'mores in the fireplace. We pUyed a bi^game of 
mud football in the pouring rain as soon as we arrived, and 
continued to deal with muddy conditions throughout the 
weekend. However, we also had a chance to go kayaking, 
canoeing, and a few even took a dip in the lake. In the 
evenings, we rented some videos and had a good time watching 
movies and discussing some of the issues. That was followed 
by severalgames of "Mafia" where Jim "Jimbo" Drolett was a 
prime suspect. The highlight of the weekend wis the final day 
when everyone participated in roller hockey. Lake Ossipee has 
access to a beautiful hcility, and they provided all of our 
equipment, with the exception of roller blades. On the way 
home, we had a feast at the "The Yankee Smokehouse", which 
capped a great bonding weekend for all who participated. 

-Steve Miller 

102 K.eeper.'i of the Flame 

Pick your, you're going to Disney World.'!! That phrase echoed 
through the minds of vacation- hungry ENC students who had signed up 
for the first annual Suitcase Party. Students lined up outside of Canter- 
bury Hall, waiting for the party to begin. Every student came with a 
traveling compinion a.nd a packed suitcase. One lucky pair would be 
chosen to leave immediately from the party and fly down to Florida for a 
Disney Weekend. The tension was thick, and the confidence levels were 
high, as students taunted one another, so sure that they would be chosen. 
Finally at 4:15, it was time. The winners? Miranda Metcalfe and Kara 
white!! The girls had a great time, and despite losing, many students look 
foward to next year's party. 

ar AMS sponsored Testosterone Ni^ht. It was a macho event, 
th wrestling impersonations, and demonstrations of the 
njeal brute strength during the arm wrestlin^i; competition, 
s the best part of' the ni^ht was the raid made by a^roup ot 
n powered females. The madness that followed will^o down 
V as a classic battle ot the sexes/.' 

Estrogen ^irls (F-B, L-R): Beck_y (Jalbraith, Heidi Swemen, Tricia Li^htcap, Melissa 
Easton, Andrea Lon^, Toni Kabilian, Chrissy Tsepas, Mary Teresa Oamata, Lauren 
Livziey, Debbie Reynolds, Am_y C_yr, Jamie jickion, and Kim Thirp. 

e\ Miller, Eric Paashaus, and Jesse easier. Are we supposed to 
be seeing muscles or something? 

Madness erupts after the^irls raided Testosterone ni^ht! 

• lot Beer Ke<^ Party was sponsored by SDO and RA's in conjunction with 
icil Alcohol Awareness Week. This event was designed to show college 
ie^s that alcohol is not a necessary component of a. tun party. 

Chris Mercer takes tlie plan\;e but conic- up emptv! 

f'j' ^^Ibraith and Mary Teresa Damata - having too much fun? 

Keepers of the Flame U'.^ 

On Monday. November 14th, the i 
ment was high, and the tension was thiLK 
the Student Center Auditorium. Twelve 
nervous young men waited in the wings, 
to make their stage debut. An eager audi 
awaited the beginning of the contest that 
would determine which lucky guy woulc 
crowned. These men delighted the audit 
with a swimsuit competition, talent segn 
and a formal wear fashion show. The co 
tition was fierce, but there was one man 
stood out and was crowned with the dist 
honor of Mr. ENC, 1998. This year, the 
and the honor went to Mr. Dan Wybornc 

Senior Dan W\/borney shows us the 
impressive build that helped him 
clinch the title. 

Freshman Ryan Flowers shares 
a little too much. 

Greg Newman seems to havei 
way to the beach. 

Tom, does Robin know that you borrowed her bathing suit? 

Mike Lyle and Scott Milne show off then fln>hy m<\ 

104 Keepers of the Flame 

The theme of the 1999 
iV 5. Munro pageant was" World 
1 velers." Once again, the ladies 
giNC showed that they have 
n ly hidden talents and skills. 
T girls outdid themselves in 
St ral areas of the pageant, but the 
o\ mding aspect of the evening was 
;"t{vity shown by the participants. From traveling 
. Als to aliens and professors, these world travelers 
^e a unique blend. The top honor of the night went to 
Wjessica Vallcse, who gladly accepted the crown from 
h-<s. Munro 1998, Rhonda Lajoie. 

Jane Lillie and Amber Whitney display their talent. 

The hostfor the evening Lynette 
Heckman, was a Queen in her 
own right. 

Miss. Munro 199S passingon the crown to 
Jessica Vallese. 

' Kcri A mie Ingle and Jessica Vallese show us what synchronized 
swinmingis all about. 

The Qtiecn and her court smile for the camera. 

Keeper* of the Flame 1 05 

Mary ElizaLeth (imho& hula &ttj(e. 

(iihat oioaM he a Haoiaiian party oiithout 
tropical fruit &afad7 

Big Sisters and Little Sisters dressed in their Hawaiian finest. 

Hao^aiian beauties Glaphre finson, 
fim(j Ccjr, Carolyn figard 8t Lynette 

Once again flQS made the Big Sister/Little 
Sister a successful event f) hula party kicked 
off the year in style. Freshmen little sisters got 
to meet their big sisters for the first time as they 
oyere picked up for the party. Things oient so oiell 
that f)GiS held a big sister/little sister reunion 
sleepover later on in the year. 

Michael Payne, Sam Young, Jason Blake S Phil Rot 
the ladies oiith music 

106 Keepers of the Fianie 

Jec Life sponsors many events throughout the year, 
[ a favorite is always Powder Puff Football. Powder 
I ff gives the Lady Crusaders a chance to break out 
t eve black and play some serious football. This 
\ ir, for the first time, ENC played against Gordon. I 

L' Crusaders were in top form, easily defeating 
( rdon. While a great deal of credit goes to the 
. lotic skill of the girls, we must also recognize the 
1 d work of the coaches. This year, Dan Wyborney 
. i Charlie Luong led the team to its victory. If you 
I ,scd this year's game, have no fear, the ENC/ 
( rdon Powder Puff game has become tradition!! 


This year was one of change at ENC. The 
fishbowl was remodeled into a coffehouse for the enjoy 
ment of students. SGA took on this project, but it was mainly run b 
Londie Roque and Missy Roberts. Londie and Missy went out of their way to 
rennovate the fishbowl and get students involved. The result was amazing. T 
coffehouse is a beautiful and comfortable area for everyone to enjoy. After ai 
hard work and rennovating, the coffehouse needed a name, it became obviou 
that it should be called the Colonel's Cafe after Colonel Saunders. The day of 
80th birthday, the coffehouse had it's grand opening, and celebrated in style 
Colonel has been an inspiration and a friend to countless students. What an he 
it is to have someone like him on campus! 

Altaira Nicklas dutifully 



Brady Eliingwood stains away. 
Londie and Missy - the hardwork has paid off! 

Londie Roque, Missy Roberts & Stepbi 
Sipe form a mean painting trio. 

Students enjoy cake and ice cream at the 
birthday party. 

km —I J / 

The Colonel and Jesse Casler enjoy the inauguration! 

HIS Keepers of the Flame 

Toni Kabilian, Katie Reich, Jahnna Washburn, Naomi Campbell & 
Reba Tierney after a frolick in the pit of guk. 

ItHklL It 

rwr DeShavv and Raenelle Parker battle 
it out. 


N'^iaPiaceniini, Kristin Porter & Bi^ts) Milne enjoy 
cotton candy they made all by themselves. 

Slip 'n Slide tu 


Kecpci i of the Flame i I'.'i 

The Spring Production tliis year was "You Can't 
Take It Witii You." "You Can't Tal<e It With You" 
is a comedy set in New Yorl< during the depres- 
sion. The play deals with the Sycamore family, 
who aren 't the most normal people. Their amus- 
ing way of life captivates the audience and charms 
viewers. ENC students did an incredible job with 
this play and made the characters come alive. 
From a ballerina in training(who is not that good), 
to a Russian dance teacher, and a wise and 
loving patriarch. Grandpa, the Sycamore family 
teaches us a lesson. The feel good lesson the 
audience takes home is to live life to the fullest 
and enjoy what you have now .because you can 't 
take it with you. 

The Sycamore family, and friends, pose for a family 

Penelope, Paul and Mr. DePinna get ready to celebr^ 

Essie tries to get Tony Kirby to dance with her. 

Grandpa has some explaining to do to the FBI. 

1 10 Keepers ot the Flame 


Boris and Grandpa take some time to appreciate fine art. 

\H'ony, won't 
'dance with 
maybe the 
cat win. 

The Sycamore family recieves good news. 
Gay Wellington enthralls her audience. 

)ny and Alice find love. 

Director: Jennifer E. Gayman 

Penelope Sycamore TaraBrookWatkins 

Essie Carmichael Keri Anne Ingle 

Rheba Stacey Hull 

Paul Sycamore David Dein 

Mr. Depinna Michael Caveney 

Ed Carmichael Matthew Henry 

Donald. Joshua Brennan 

Martin Vanderhof. David Sweeney 

Alice Sycamore Emily Plank 

Henderson Curtis Heckman 

Tony Kirby. Jonathan Messana 

Boris Kolenkhov. Samuel Young 

Gay Wellington Lynette Heckman 

Mr. Kirby. Nathaniel Scott 

Mrs. Kirby Kathehne Ellis 

The G-Men Scott Webber, Tamar Andreson, Maureen Wall 

Olga Katrina Maureen Wall 

Sycamore pets Talus Andrews, Chloe Winderl 

K.eepci > of the FUme 1 1 1 

The Lip Sync once again kicked 
ofT Spring Fever Weekend. On 
May 21st, the last day of classes, 
students showed us their best 
imitations or just showed up to 
watch. The evening was a success, 
filled with hits like "I Will Survive" 
and "The Boy Is Mine." However, the 
highlight of the night was the 
Backstreet Boys. The last act of the 
night, they stole the show and all the 
girls hearts. Congratulations goes 
out to our winners, the Backstreet 

Jen, Deanna and Lynne tell us that "Breaking 
Up Is Hard to Do." 

Kevin and Andy turn in an 
"Unforgettable" performance. 

April and Roisin groove to 
"Whatta Man." 

Hosts, Charlie and I 
monkey aroundl 



The Ground Willy Mama's teach us about "Respect." 

Bill and John Paul can't let go. 

1 12 Keepers of the Flame 

Mary-Elizabeth struts her stuff in 1st Munro's rendition of 
"Why Haven't I Heard From You?" 

lition of W 

Alex will do anything to get a 
Spring Fever t-shirt, including 
playing the piano with his toes! 


It's somewhat frightening how well these guys imitated the 
Backstreet Boys. 

Heidi belts out "I Will 


Fans go wild over the Backstreet 
Boys. Thank goodness they had 
security on hand! 

I wouldn't want to get in the middle of this one! Runners up, 
these girls performed a talented lip-sync to "The Boy Is Mine." 

Keepers of the Flame 1 1. 


hn 't that special? Mike Paul feeds Holly Shook a strawbe 


he 1999 Junior Senior Banquet was held at th 
Tremont Hotel in Boston. The theme of the 
night was ''These Are the Days To Remember. " 
The banquet is an annual event hosted by the 
Junior Class as a way to honor the Seniors. This 
year, the banquet was a smashing success, and 
everyone had a great time. The entertainment 
u'as the highlight of the evening, featuring 
Geneze and various Seniors. Among this group 
of talented Seniors was the trio of Steve 
Deltredici, Steve Miller, and Jesse Casler. They 
performed a rousing rendition of "My Little 
Buttercup " that had everyone singing. One must 
not forget the slide show and the infamous Senior 
superlatives that closed the evening. This was 
definitely a night for everyone to remember. 

Steve Deltredici, Steve Miller & Jesse Casler are 
up to their usual antics. 

Rene^^^estone, Marly Daniel, Yamileth Ortiz, Nakita Barre 
& I'Esha Brown gather happily for a photo. 

th Par^llfl/l/lf/fl^es and i 

Spalding and her date are enjoying the evening. 

1 14 Keepers of the Flame 

1^. ■ .' 

ua Ainswonh, Erin Bretsch, ^nTflettrick, Heather Sbajfer, Jon Angel/, Eric Skidmore & David Lindsay - aren 't they just 

.1 Turmenne, Heather MacLeod & Gwenne Adams - aren 't 
they just stunning: 



)ew: More 
'etties Young-i 
Kim, Jen 
ly, Mary 

'iwin & Beauties Christie Lamb & Stephani^rahl. Altaira Nicklas, Lisa Hughes, Missy Roberts & Londie Roque 

a berly Sawler. 

all dolled up. 

Kccycrf. oi the Flame 1 15 

The Ground Memorial Narcoleptic Foundation. 

Who knew ENC had so many stars? Obviously 
someone did! ENC students were encouraged to 
showcase their talents in the annual Star Search Compe- 
tition. The host of the evening was Johnny Showcase, 
who amazed the crowd with his stunning gold jumpsuit. 
Not to be outdone, the performers gave their all and 
really got the crowd going. There were two categories of 
judging, serious and comedic. For serious, the Ground 
Memorial Narcoleptic Foundation took first prize. For 
comedic, Valarie Day stole the show as well as first prize. 

Valarie Day is "Every 

Host Johnny Showcase. 

Jesse and Jim Casler sing "I'm a Wayfaring Stranger.' 


Kevin Brennan, Tim Taylor and Jake Hall show their 
musical talent. 

What's got Kelly Jardine so excited? 

It must be "Raining Men." 

The Jackson 5 never looked so good!! 

1 16 Keepers of the Flame 

Perhaps dinner at a restaurant, instead. . . Florence would rather her friends not provide their assistance. 

Manolo woos Vera. Florence threatens Olive to "clean " up her act. 

Steve Miller keeps 
his eye on the ball. 

Austin intensely plays in the Ping 
Pa Tournament. Young shows his enthusiasm for the game. 

Linnea Anderson looks for a pass in J- 
Term Basketball. 

, . . Jeff Ayres catches some air as he goes Joe Azevedo guards Jody Gardner in a March 
Li. Ulwer sets during f„- ^ Madness game. 
Jlerm Volleyball. ^ ^ 

rm Volleyball team - Christian Huizenga, Lorie Oliver, 
Mb Johnston & Jeff Ayres. 

:crcr> i.'f the ^i.uiu- I 

tmvU to ri^hndt ckHtckis 
^hA cdtHps tHtmsUrlH^ to 

Op^Drtunity^ to spcnA, tkc entire. 
&HH\H\eYf cver^ Aonr o^ evcr^ 
A,n^/ t^HA tkc stime ^onr or 
0ve peopU. ^nt (uy^, it's ilU 
t^ork done ^or tA^ XjOrA! 

120 Keepers of the Fl.ime 

5|Hi5fara, a small town in central Romania, is the 
itufENC's Romanian Studies Program. Students 
l/e the opportunity to spend a semester or the 
■nth of January there. While taking cUsses, 
Udents volunteer in orphmages, with an after- 
n children's progr3.m, in construction and 
Intenance, and in various other ca.p3.cities where 
hy can witness to Romanians. Romania has 
'en to be a place of reflection and life changes 
man_y of those who travel there. 


'tthiny Fietje with famed couple, fihi md Maria 

HilJur Kicliu'X' .uid Jen lvi(uu> imitating' a i\n;f'le i.'t .-tatiiev 

Kecyevi o( the Fiame I Z I 

G/iamSer Singers /our Cjas/ern Cjtirope . 

In concert at the Athanaeum in Bucharest, Romania. 

I guess Switzerland does crazy things to peopi . 

The Chamber Singers at Salzburg, Austria. 

Maybe a little too much time on the bus. 




Bill Fish, Mike Caiifield & Tim Semchenko. 

Ted Urban, Slhiu)ia doy}. Kini I hnvp & Erin Bretsch at a cafe in Vienna, Austria. 

122 Keepers of the Flame 

clubs &: Org mizations 

K E E P E R S 


Ann Kettrick aKd Qwenne Ad^ims participating; ifi the 
Madrigal Feasts. 

Erin Culbertson, Mary &: Mike Lyle with 
the Nursing Home Ministry/. 

"See to it that no one takes you captive through 
hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends 
on human tradition and the basic principles of 
this world rather than on Christ. For in Christ 
all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, 
and you have been given fullness in Christ. " 
Colossians 2:8-9 

Paul and ton Pelletier with Best Buddies. 

Keepers the Flame 

student M^inistries 

student SAinistnes Organization 

Pictured from top to bottom, left to right: Chris Miner - ACTS, Nate 
Siwtelle - Open Ha.nd Open Hart, Shannon Larson - ACTS, Brian 
Murphy and Hildur Kidney - Kid's Club, Melissa Ladd - Children's 
Ministry, Crlaphre Anson - Open Hand Open Heart, Jamie jzckson - 
Hursm^ Home, Sam Young - SALT, Tony DeBono - \mn\3inuel Singers, 
Krista White - SMO Director, Lauren Krikorim and Erin Culbertson - 
Nursing Home Ministry. 

Women of Worth 

The juvenile detention center ministry started in 
December of 1998 at the Cornerstone home for girls. We 
visit the girls for an a.fternoon every other week bringing 
a positive activity for in which the girls can participate. 
The time we spend there includes activities such as ice 
breakers, group discussions, crafts and music. Our 
mission is to show these gvrls Christ's love. Our theme 
for thisyear has been Women of Worth. 

'The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the 
least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' " 
Matthew 25: 40 

Jane Lillie, Lauren K.rikorian, Erin Culbertson, Kara White, 
Szrak Kozga., Yamileth Ortiz, & Tara Brooks. 

"...I was in prison indyou came to visit me... I tell you the trui 
whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, y 
for me." - Matthew 25: 36, 40 

Open Hand Open Heart 

Open Hand Open Heart is a ministry designed to open the e 
and hearts of college students to the needs of homeless men 
women in Boston. A diverse group of ENC-ers meet on 
Staurdays or Sundays each week to minister to these precio\ 
people. We give out bologna and cheese sandwiches, banan; 
and orange juice. To feed their physical needs, we abogive 
clothes and blankets. We witness to our special friends aboi 
the love of Jesus Christ while being respectful of their perso 
lives. At the same time, these less forturute people minista 
us with their smiles and gratitude. 

124 Keepers o( the Flame 

Nursing Home Ministry 

The Nursing Home Ministry is a time to 
Jure dnd also to be witnessed to. Every Monday 
light, we go to the Presidential Nursing Home in 
^incy. We visit with the elderly and share with 
;hem Cfod's love in a variety/ of ways. Each of us has 

^fown by listening to the elderly tell stories of their 
ives. The people we visit range from authors to 

^.iroidway dancers, each one teaching us the value of 
[ft. We are sometimes the only visitors they see. 

' 'ivenjust a smile or a quick hello means the world to 
hem. It's an opportunity/ to ^ow in our christian 
valk and to share it with others. 

Eric V3.ish3.ns mA }on An^ell. 

Verse of the Weeic 

This has been a husyyearl Although there were 
few members of Verse of the Week, I was truly 
blessed by the members and our meetings in 
which we shared prayer requests and meanin^ul 
verses. I pra_y that all of you were blessed as well 
by the verses that were chosen and placed around 
campus. I thank all those who were involved in 
Verse of the Week and hope for even more 
successful years in the future 

Mike Mc FarLiiul, Jon Ari^fll, Kendra M.irs(ulljet>'Mclli.', Jamie JacL-oa, 
Sarah Kozgi, Eric Paa5hau5, Lauren Krikurian & Erin Culbertion. 

"lf_you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if 
any comfort from hfs love, if my fellowship with the Spirit, i^*uiy 
tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being 
like-minded, havii^ the same love, bein^ one in spirit and purpose. 
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in, humility 
consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look 
not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. 
Your attitude should be th^ same as that of Christ Jesus...", 
Philippians 2:1-5 

Jamie Jackson and 
one of tJttnur.'iinij 

Beth Parker, Jessica Spaldinv;, and c haylah OiMaria 
" Kave I not commandedyoul '^jtrongandr^^ngeous. Do not br Tterrified; do not be 
discouraged, for the lordyour Qod will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 

* Ki't'per> i'( tlu- Flatiu- IJ.^ 

Student SAlnistries 

(Continued ) 

r ram a child in the waj he should ^o, and w-heri he is 
old he willnot turn from it." 
~ Proverbs 21: 6 ~ 

Kid 5 club 

Kiel's club had another ^eat_year of miriLStry to chiL 
from (^^ermantown. Man^ ENC students sacrificed ti 
Wednesday nights to spend time pizying games, doir. 
crafts, and sharingjesus with many excited and ener- 
getic Icicis. It 15 not an easy ministry, but it is very 
rewarding. The boruls that are rrude between these 
children and the ENC staff are strong and enduring, 
truly impacting both parties. All of us who have helf 
with this ministry have had our lives changed due tc 
interaction we have had with these kids. 


Best Buddies 

Best Buddies is in its second year at ENC. This 
^ear we grew and helped facilitate friendships 
between eleven college students and individuals 
in the community with mental retardation. 
Through monthly one-on-one activities and group 
activities many of these pairings have grown into 
extraordinary friendships. Sarah Kozga and her 
buddy were one of the highlights as they spoke 
together to represent Best Buddies for the entire 
state of Massachusetts. As a group, we met 
together for parties, plays, and picnics. The Lord 
watched out for us the entire year. 



' I' 

Tom Pilot, Sarah Kozgi, Lori Pelletier & - . 
The road to friendship begins with Best Buddies. 


126 Keepers of the Fijrtu' 

children s Ministry 

Thisyea.r, we idopttd the name "Soidiers 
witli Littte Feet" to siffii(y our message to 
kids. This message is that no matter how 
smalt or insignificant a child ma)/ feel, 
Crod loves that child mdividasdiy md can 
still work through him or /ler. We travel 
to area churches performing puppet skits, 
making crafts, phyingga.mes, 3.nd experi- 
encing lozds of action packed excitement! 
New and veteran memebers made the 
3/ear interesting and a lot of fun. 

Sam Young, Lindi Wells, L_ynette Heckman, Tara Yeaman, Tamar 
Kndreson, Katie Karti^ Melissa Easton &:Tara Watkins. 

Nakita Barrett, Brian Variv^iUer, Angela Pu.'ich, Kyxw Mouor>, >aini Orti;, Il'>>u 
Kiebes, Melissa Ladii,.ICi"bti Linton, Kara White & rim Linton. 

Music Ministries 

A Cuppella. choir 


choir Board 

The A Cappella Choir Board serves the A 
dppella. choir and its director. Professor 
Timothy Shetler, by enacting the Choir's 
Constitution and carr_yin^ out Choir buisness. 
Various board members help to organize 
financial accounts, CD sales, concert attire 
orders, publicity, and tour and concert 
details, as well as devotions and prayer 
partners for choir members. Despite 7 am 
meetings, the Board has enjoyed the unique 
opportunity to encourage musica.1 excellence 
and spiritual growth.' 


LiMen Alder, Jamie Kerita^^c- kn M^Nally, Kristi Linttni, Kerry 
\ng3.[[i, Ann Kettrick, Heatlier Maccloud, Phil Davis, Tony OeBor. 

Suri <fc Oaniela DeMatos. '' 

128 Keepers of tlie Flame 

^ SAusic hAinistries 

( Continued ) 

being confident of'this, that he who begm zgood work in you will carry it on to completion until the dzy of Chriit 
^, ^ Pht(ippians 1:6 * ^'^n 

Crospel choir 

In times of trial (^od will 
bless! That's the perfect 
way to expbin the Crospel 
choir's pistyezr. Despite 
trials, Crod blessed the 
choir with talented 
leaders, wonderful 
advisors, committed 
members, and most of ill, 
He's blessed our ministry! 

Oavici Kingu, Renee Whetitone, Slielly Low, Roiiin Knapp, Joseph Jones, Matthew Kenry, Samuel Vo 
Brown, Miranda Metcalf, Joel Webb, Jessica Patn^xie, Sheryl Cross, Jennifer Austin, Melissa Easton, 5* 
Mitchell; Tanya Mi[ler,Melissa Christmas, Jessica Klebes, Yami Ortiz & Amy Cyr. 

Yami Ortiz, Shelly Lowe, Shaundelle Miller & 
Tinyi Miller. 


to humble yourself 
The Lord has called us to be humble in everything we do. Ke 
has blessed us with m3.ny gifts and talents, so we must humble 
ourselves and exalt him in every aspect of our worship. Danc- 
ing is an extension of our worship. Some mzy worship and 
praise Qod through dance as we humble ourselves before Kim. 

"Likewise, j^ou that are younger be subject to the elders. Clothe yourself, 
of you, with humility toward another, for Qod opposes the proud butgi't^ 

gra.ce to the humble." 
1 Peter 5:5-6 

"Ancf David danced befpre the Lord with all His might." 
2 Samuel 6:14 

I.H' Keepers of the Flame 

iris Mercer, Rodney NickUw, Renee Whetstone, j^son Blake, Heidi Swankjason 
Richards &; Joel \yebbe. 


Creneze is french for Crcnesis, which means 
new beginning. With different rrujors a.nd 
diverse interests, there is a contmon 
ground of two stringholds. First and 
foremost, each member holds a love for 
Christ Jesus. Secondly, the love for music. 
Creneze is ruciilly and culturally' mixed 
along with a unique blend ofmusial 
talent of rock, R&B, soul and a little bit of 
jazz. This helps them to minister to m3.ny 
different tastes. 

"So from^now on, we regard no one from a worldly point of view. 

Though we once regarded Christ in t^is wa_y, we do so no longer. 

Therefore, if a.nyone is in Christ) he is a new creation; the old has 
^otLtt^nd the new ha.s come! All this is from (>od, who reconciled us 
■ to himself through Christ rndgave to us the mirustr_y of 

reconciliation; that Qod has reconciled the worl(i,to Himself in 
Christ, n^t counting men's sins against them. And He has commited 
to us the message of reconcilutioh. We are therefore CHmt 5 ^ 
ambassadors, as though Qod was making His appeal through us. We 
implore you on Christ's behalf: be reconciled to Cto^. Qod made him 
who^ad no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the 

righteousness of Cjod." 

Ki't'pers tlu' Maine 1 ^ 1 

tviusioii Ensembles 

Wind Ensemble 

while the Wind Ensemble is comprised in part by music majors, the 
majority are non-music majors with an interest in pursuing excellence in 
instrumental music on an extracurricular basis. This year, they per- 
formed at a local mall, chapel services, and the Fall/Cliri5tma5 Concert. 

132 Keepers af^ the PLinie 


Jazz Ensemble 

Jazz Ensemble provides a.n outlet for 
t) se students with an interest in jazz and 
tl se who enjoy more improvisational 
ites ofnuisic to utilize their talents. The 
la: Ensemble toured some of the high 
2)ois in the Boston area, attempting to 

k interest injizz music among the 
hool student popuUtion. 

Af^demic Clubs 

Prof. Mark Bromley, Jesse Casler, Brian Descha.ine,Joe Heath, Heather 
Beckwith, Prof. Jin Lanham, Prof. Dou^ H^rdy, Fran ferfero, Krista White, 
Yami Ortiz, Sara Turmene, Miry Hain, Shauna Qoss, and Prof. Xzncy Ross. 

Psi Chi 

Psi Chi, the National Honor Society of Psychology, hi$ 
hidigoodyeiir. We've seen the induction of 1 1 new 
members and are proud to say that we've become a 
little more involved this_year than in the past. Back in 
the fall, we sold fried dough during the Homecoming 
Streeet Fair to raise a little money and abo to do 
something as a group. We held our annual inductions 
and Christamas party in December, and abo got 
involved in a service project with SASW... over 200 
Christmas gifts were bought and distributed to needy 
kids in the Quincy area.' This spring, we sold pom- 
poms to frenzied Festival of Lifers and also held our 
spring party inductions. It has been a lot offunl 

Therefore, as we have opportij^nity, let us do good to all people..." 
Ephesians 6:10a 


Student Assoc. of Social Workers 

Through the hard work of a dedicated and creative council, 
SASW has accomplished much this school yea.r. By planning 
monthly activities, SASW strives to involve social work majors 
in the school and community while creating a sense of unity 
anxong one another. Activities ranging from collecting and 
distributing Christnu.Sff.fts to needy area children to handing 
out hot chocolate and donuts at the T station have indeed left 
their mark on many individuals. SASW seeks to be the "silent 
giver" by enriching the lives of others through service. 

" Rich and poor have this in common: the Lord is the Maker of them all." 

Proverbs 22:2 

Joy McNally and Annie Werner. 

Uren V>rooks, Karen Allard, Crlaphre Anson <& 
Anty C_yr. 

History Club 

The History Club i$ an organization of 
History majors and historically minded folk 
that centers on spomoring activities that 
take advantage ofhistorical places in the 
area. Theyea.r began by ^^^oin^ to Dr. Yerxa's 
for ice cream. Later in the fall, the History 
club visited the USS Constitution and the 
M-t. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. In 
April, the Club also organized a banquet to 
honor griduiting Seniors. r)ie_year ended in 
a barbecue at Or. Yerxa's house. 


Election Bo^rd 

The Election Bodrd is a gr oup of students 
responsible for SCrA sponsored elections, such as 
CUss Council, Homecoming, SCrA. judicizry, and 
AWS/AM5. The Board coordinates the election 
schedule with SQA as well as publicity/ atid 
tabulating results. 

\ Rec. Life 


Rec. Life 

ThLsyear in the Rec. Life Department, we tried to do more fun, free 
activities that would reach all types of students, in addition to the 
traditional intramural program. For instance, we had 16 compete in 
fantasy football league, free rock, climbing and pool activities, and 
the inclusion of Testosterone Night. All of these events were 
successful and allowed a non-traditional intramural pirticipant to 
get involved. We also tried to go beyond ENC, competing with 
Cfordon in flag football and Powder Puff, as well as sending the j- 
term All-Stars to an intramural tournament at Boston University. 
These new events, combined with the regular tourmment for 
an exciting yea.r in the Rec. Life department. Thmkyou for your 

I '6 Keepers c'Ftlu" Flame 

Men 5 L2icrosse Club 

Todd^ecker, Nick C'urran, ~, Rob, ti^re^ Milne, Mike Lyle, Mike Berry, 
JarecJ Champlain, Crai^Sciafio, Charlie Luon^ & Tim SemcheHkcJ. 

Mens Volleyball 

Keepers tlie Flame 1 ^ 

student Cfovemment AiSi 

And Councils 

Steplunie Sipe, Krista White, Steve Miller, Jesse Casler, SAissy Roberts; 
Vaneisa Fries Mike Holt. 

So whether y Oil eat or dnn\ior whatever you do, do it all for thegltJi^^f (^^t^" 

1 Corinthiiins 10:31 

Executive Counc 

Our mission statement be^ns, "W 
commit ourselves to the spiritual 
life, fellowship, and shared purpo. 
of ill students." SCfA has attempt* 
to offer some innovative events si 
as a leadership conference concen 
ing the persecution of Christians i 
the Sudan, as well as events like t) 
Suitcase Party with a grand prize 
trip to Disney World.' We have 
enjoyed serving _you this year.' 

Crenerd SCkA. 

Mary Theresa Damata,Justin Paton, Karen Allard, Jesse 
Casler, Melissa Ladd, Megan O'Donnell, Missy Roberts, 
Vanessa Fries, Stephanie Sipe, Heidi Swensen, Jennifer 
Bohacs & Krista White. 

SocUl Life Council 

Brian Vangilder, Angela Busch, Cardan ^ 
Figard, ~, Lindi Wells, Melissa Easton, l^isa 
Hughes, Stephanie Sipe, Reba Tierney, 
Jesscia Klebes & Yami Ortiz. 

I,?8 Keepers of the Flartie 


Jen Roes, Hamilton Paul; Andy lva.nkovich^Becky 
(5-albraith, Barb Karrisjen Karris, Cara Paulson, Cecily 
Davey, Karen Allarci, Tara Yeaman & Annie Werner. 

Kccper> of the f-l.irne 

^998-99 Staff 

Editor Melissa Ladd 

Business Manager Rebecca-Dawn Hamon 

Advertising Consultants Barbara Harris 

Raenelle Parker 

Who's Who Sara Turmenne 

Faculty & Staff Sara Turmenne 

Jennifer Benedict 

Underclass Beth Starr 

Jenn Harris 

Student Life Reba Tierney 

Carolyn Marturano 

Melissa Ladd 

Clubs & Organizations Audrey Joyette 

Photographers Joanna Constantine 

Melissa Ladd 

Kamie Perkins 


140 Keepers o( the Flame 

Brad CJray makes quite a save.' 

^/;<a!f / A/iz/f already obtained all this, or have 
already been made perfect, but I press on to take 
hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold ^ife. 
Brothers, I do not consider myself yet t<^iave waken 
hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgemng what /i^jk^ 
behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press * 
on toward the goal to win the prize for which God 
has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. " 
kh^ppians 3:12-14 

The y^omens Volleyball team takes possession 
of the court. 

hryn Leonard ^ets the ball infield. 

he E.N.C. Men's Soccer ceam opened the 1998-99 season 
with a young and talented squad facing a season of 
uncertainties. Graduating 1 1 seniors the previous year, Coach 
Cawthorne had rebuilding, discipline, and learning on the 
team's agenda. Surrounded by a small nucleus of veteran 
players and new, young talent the Crusaders went into the 
season with great anticipation. The Crusaders consistently 
worked very hard throughout the season. Brad Gray was a huge 
surprise in goal as he earned the team's most improved player 
honors for the year. Senior Captains, Jason Dover and Todd 
Becker, showed great leadership 
throughout the year, especially in 
tough situations. Christian Huizenga, 
Chris Davidson, Mike Johnston, and 
Mike Lyle anchored the defensive 
side of the ball for the Crusaders. 
Dan Olsen led the team in scoring 
and points and was also voted to first 
team all conference honors. Brian 
Paolini, Jon Poole, Jeremy Patnode, 
Chris Wilson, Zach Miller and sur- 
prise walk-on, Dan Wyborney, pro- 
vided the offensive and defensive contributions for the Crusaders. They will all 
be valuable assets to ENC soccer for the 1999 season. Each player on the 
Crusader roster demonstrated character and discipline through a difficult 
season. Their leadership, though tested at times, proved the catalyst that helped 
make everyone understand the meaning of team and of all the things that go with 
belonging to one. Hopefully, they will take every field experience and apply it 
to prepare for the 1999-2000 season. The Crusaders will only graduate two 
seniors, but both will be greatly missed on and off the field. With a strong 
nucleus of young talent and seasoned veterans, the Crusaders will definitely be 
in contention for another successful year. - Coach David Cawthorne 

142 Keepers ot (lie f! 

' 1 

inson & Wales 

w England 
^ ;ntworth 
I ode Island 
I na Maria(OT) 
I ger Williams 

I4ass Boston 
eph's, ME 
^. Maritime 

( .TV 

iijve Regina 

Wins: 3 
(Inference Wins: 1 









Losses: 14 
Losses: 7 


Pictnr^above (L-R, B-F): Coach Bavid Cavvthorne, Dan Wyborney, Sean 
Buckley, Brian Paolini, Jason Lyle, Mike Lyle. Chris Wilson, Mike Johnston, 
Chris Davidson, Zach Miller, Dan Olsen, Jeremy Dupere,-€cott Bieber. 
Nathan Sawtelle, Capt. Todd Becker, Capt. Jason Dover, Christian Huizenga. 
Jeremy Patnode, Nathan Patnode, Jonathan Poole. 
Not pictured: Brad Gray. 

keepers I'f tlu" Fl.imc H - 

'he Women's Soccer team completed 
their pioneer season with extreme 
dedication, and discipHne which carried 
rhem through their season with many close I 
games which really isn't reflected in their 
season record of 2-12-1 . The Crusaders 
were led by captains, Jahnna Washburn, 
Vanessa Fries and Lorie Oliver. Captain 
Lorie Oliver led the team in goals this year 
along with great contributions from Mel- 
issa Christmas, Amy Sue Hash, Heather 
From, Vanessa Fries, and Jessica Piroq. 
Defensively, the team was also very strong 
and led by Jahnna Washburn, Kelly Talbot, | 
Katie Brenton, and a rookie to the sport, 
Catie Reich. Throughout the season, they 
worked as a solid unit with Jody Gardner 
backing them in goal. Jody played every 
minute of every game and was herself a 
huge part of what the coach feels was an 
extremely successful season. 

Asst. Coach Scott Madden 


V 1 

Keepei 5 oKthc Fbme 

^ enrworth 
Mass Boston 




■w England 
em State 


Ive Regina 
ins: 2 









Pictured above (L-R, F-B): Stephanie Graham. Charla Henson, Capt. 
Lorie Oliver, Capt. Vanessa Fries, Capt. Jahnna Washburn, Cane Reich. 
Jessica Pirog, Coach Jason Barry. Tosha Gregg, Melissa^ Christmas, Amy- 
Sue Eash, Young Cobb, Jody Gardner. Kelly Talbot, Katie Brenton, ???. 
Losses: 12 Tie: 1 Heather From, Asst. Coach Scott Madden. 

Kfffcrs iif the fl.imc N5 

I he 1998-99 volleyball season ended 
on a high note as the Crusaders 
defeated U Mass Dartmouth 3-2 giving 
the team a record of 13-17. Seniors Amy 
Detwiler, Tandi Lehman, and Becky 
Young contributed strong leadership as 
well as consistent offense and defense 
throughout the season as well as their 
careers. Sophomore Andrea Long learned 
a new position this season and was a steady I 
contributer. Eight freshmen joined this 
year's squad. Megan O'Donnell and 
Nicole Braddock shared setting responsi- 
bilities while Jennifer Nielson and Bethany 
LaPenta were effective as middle hitters. 
Nicole Wilson was a defensive specialist 
who played all three backrow positions 
very effectively. Jennifer Benedict, Pamela 
Christie, and Naomi Carrier worked hard 
as they learned a new system. Their work 
ethic enabled them to push their team- 
mates to improve, thus contributing to a 
good season. 

- Coach Janet Calhoun 

Keepers o( the hhmc 

i|ured above (L-R, F-B): Andrea Long, Capt. Amy Detwiler, Nicole 
idock, Pamela Christie, Jennifer Benedict, Bethany LaPenta, Coach Janet 
loun, Capt. Tandi Lehman, Jennifer Benedict, Nicole Wilson, Naomi Wins: 13 
"ier, Megan O'Donnell, Becky Young. 

Salem State 
So. Maine 

Rhode Island Coll. 
(Gordon Invitational) 
St. Joseph's ME 
Roger Williams 
UMass Lowell 
Colby Sawyer 

(CCC Tournament) 
Anna Maria 
Roger Williams 
UMass Dartmouth 

Losses: 17 

Kt'eper> of tlie f l.imc 14," 

(tM yrtry 

Keener? of tlie Flame 

\>Ci Kecper5 of tlie Flame 

^ r r\ r P r n r n 

U 1 u 

Us Them 

essiah Tournament 



1 )rdon 






lode Island(OT) 



' orcester State 


87 ' 













nv England 



iger Williams(OT) 






' )rdon 






lina Maria 



)ger Williams 



' Ive Regina 









' )lby-Sawyer 



' irry 



' Regina 



C Quarter Finals 




Wins: 8 


15 1 

C'onferenece Wins: 7 



Pictured above (L-R, F-B): Joel Thompson, Ben George, Capt. Steve Miller, 
Trevor DeShaw , James Rendle, James Kopp, Aaron Beaulieu, Jon Chesley, 
Nate Trimble, Jon Angell, Capt. Brad Gray. 

Not Pictured: Eli Smith, Brad Pavhk, Mike Santoro, Dave Scott, Brian 

•en oi the Fl.imc 7 5 1 

returned plenty of veteran 
players to this season's squad. Guard 
play was the key to this year's success, with 
only one true forward on the team. We had 
lots of ladies playing different positions than 
they were used to. The Lady Crusaders 
finished the season with a record of 1 7-9, tied 
for first place in the South and tied for second 
overall in the Commonwealth Coast Con- 
ference. Junior Melissa Christmas was se- 
lected for first team all conference. Senior 
Wendy young and Sophomore Jody Gardner 
were selected to the second team all confer- 
ence. A strong class of freshment were able 
to contribute to the year's success as both 
starters and key substitutes. This year's squad 
was made up of three seniors, Kelli 
Butterworth, Jen Roes, and Wendy Young, 
ENC's fifth 1,000 point scorer; two juniors, 
Melissa Christmas and Toni Kabilian; one 
sophomore, Jody Gardner; and four fresh- 
men, Allyson Bohacs, Nicole Braddock, Lisa 
Delgado, and Gate Reich. -Coach Stutzman 

istern Mennonite 
essiah College 

lass Dartmouth 

le Manor 
Mass Boston 


;w England College 56 
l>ger Williams 


ina Maria 
ger Williams 
Ive Regina 


Ive Regina 
CCC Quarterfinals 
ew England 
CCC Semifinals 
3% Sawyer(OT) 

Wins: 17 Losses: 9 
)nference Wins: 10 Losses: 5 

Pictured above (L-R, F-B): Jody Gardner. Kelli Butterworth, Jen Roe^ 
Wendy Young, Allyson Bohacs, Coach James Stutzman, Lisa Delgado, 
Melissa Christmas, Toni Kabilian, Nicole Braddock, Catherine Reich, Sue 
Harris, Christian Huizenga. 

Keepers of the Flame 153 

'he Crusader Baseball season began with 
1-7 Florida trip and 7 straight New En- 
I gland losses separated by one victory. Freshman 
Shaun Reed notched his first college win to keep 
the Crusaders afloat while the team tried to 
overcome injuries with a makeshift: line-up. 
Captains Tom Hogan and Chris O'Meara were 
lost in game 1 of the season and lead-off hitter 
Tim Johnson in game 3. Once healthy, the 
Crusaders rebounded to win 5 of their next 7 
and ended the conference season with a double- 
header sweep of Nichols College that kept the 
Crusaders out of the play in round of the CCC 
tournament. ENC lost to Roger Williams 17- 
1 1 and finished 6th place, one spot better than 
I last year's club. The Crusaders are looking 
I forward to the return of Captains, Chris O'Meara 
(.352, 2nd Team All-CCC) and David Lindsay 
(.305, 22 RBI) as well as 3rd year catcher, Tim 
Brown (.283, 8 2B), but will need to fill the 
I shoes of Seniors Tom Hogan and Steve Miller. 
Hogan finished with the team leads in runs 
scored, at-bats, doubles, put-outs, and was sec- 
ond on the team with 1 9 RBI. Miller ended his 
career as the all-time leader in stolen bases with 
46. In his final campaign, he led the team with 
a .395 batting average and 32 hits to go along 
with 16 stolen bases. Miller was named First 
Team All Conference and CCC Senior Scholar 
I Athlete of the Year. 

Coach Todd Reid 

i 56 ICecper5 of flie Flame 


■■y., F F K 

^ ,n * . K 


ured above (L-R, F-B): Sam Hanna, Shaun Reed, Dave Ahrberg, Zack > 
ler, Pete Holskey, Tim Jphnson, Capt. Chris O'Meara, Brad Pavlik, Steve 
ler, Shawn Manning, Coach Todd Reid, Tim Brown, Capt. Tom Hogan, 
Groff, Nate Trimble,|on Angell, Bill Barg, Jason Mcgehean, Capt. Dave 
dsay. Asst. Coach Garry Light. 

S c r e c 

Mt. Vernon Nazarene 
Cornell College 
Bethel College 
Bethel College 
St. Johns 
St. Johns 

Curry College 
UMass Boston 
New England 
Salve Regina 
Roger Williams 
Anna Maria 
Anna Maria 
Daniel Webster 
Colby Sawyer 

Framingham State 
Mass Maritime 
Roger Williams 
CCC Playoffs 


Wins: 5 


Keeper* of the Flame 157 

The Crusader softball team bounced back 
from an 0-7 start to pick up 4 victories and 
build up confidence for the year 2000. The 
highHght of the season came on April 1 2th when 
ENC upset the #1 seed and eventual CCC 
champion, Salve Regina, 6-1 with an outstand- 
ing pitching performance by sophomore Stacey 
Braley. With only 2 seniors, ENC hopes to 
I build for the future behind freshman, Katie 
Reich who finished with the team lead in 8 
[offensive categories, including a .350 batting 
average, 15 RBI, 6 doubles, 4 triples, and the 
only Crusader home run. Reich was nominated 
for CCC Rookie of the Year and received First 
Team All Conference honors. ENC also returns 
sophomore, Linnea Anderson who was voted to 
the CCC Second Team and freshman Kerry 
Skehan, who batted .28 1 and led the team with 
I a .982 fielding percentage. 
Coach Wendy Reid 


irry College 




w England 



ve Regina 

iger Williams 


na Maria 

ina Maria 


Vlass Boston 
Vlass Boston 

:CC Playoffs 

Keepers of the Fl.imc 159 

The 1999 Men's Tennis Team had all 
first year players this past season. 
The team displayed hard work and 
good effort throughout the season. The 
players had fun and opportunity to 
compete. The Crusaders were led by 
I John Paul Perez and Mike McFarland. 
Both were number one and two in 
singles. The number three and four 
positions were Christian Popa and Mike 
Ferreira. The number five and six 
positions varied with Jason Lyle, Chad 
Silvewright, Andy Chapman, Alex 
Vilcapoma, and Scott Milne. The team 
displayed a lot of fight this past season. 
They should be extremely proud of the 
I way they played in all of the matches. 
It looks to be an exciting season next 

- Coach Dan Kiser 

160 Keepers of the fUme 

—S c-a r e c a r d 



Iby Sawyer 

ger Williams 






/lass Boston 

ve Regina 






Wins: 1 


:C Wins: 


Pictured above (L-R, F-B): Christian Popa, John Paul Perez, Jason Lyle. 
Micheal Ferreira, Coach Dan Kiser, Scott Milne, Andrew Chapman, Mical 

Not pictured: Alex Vilcapoma, Chad Silvewright. 

Kfefcri c)f the flame 161 


K E E P E R S 

E F L A M E 

Br^an Murphy, Ted Qroff, trie SAurphy & Steve Oeltredici take time for a quick pic. 

Tamar Andreson, Kate Ellis, Mary Elizabeth Haitijen dayman, 
Melissa Eastoti & Jolie Drahti are lialfWa^' to beiii^ Keystone Cops. 

Moaa Lisa Karutukaran <Sr Youn^-Seon Kim 
flash those pearly whites. 

"whatever you do, work at it with lii your 

heart, as working for the Lord, not for 
men, since you know that you will receive 
an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. 
It IS the Lord Christ jyou are serving." 
' Colossians 3:23 

Keepers ot the Flame 16.^ 

Congratulations Bryan 

Being confident 
of this, that He 
who began a good 
work in you will 
carry it on to 
completion until 
the day of Christ 

Phil. 1:6 


We thank the Lord for the joy you 
have brought to us. With God as your 
guide, we know that your future will 
be happy and fulfilling. We're proud 

of you- Love, 

Dad, Mom, Eric & Carrie 

C^e O^Jiifacfelp/iia Dis/ricl 

Talmage N. Haggard 
District Superintendent 
Jack H. Thome 
District Associate 

ENC Trustees: 
Dr. Kenneth Mingledorff 
Mr. Jonathan Russell 
Dr. Daniel West 
Ruth Ann Ayers, Alumni 

Congratulates tde 

^racfuah'n^ Class of 1999 

yoH YtTj wjick. Cdy^abiUtiDyu . 


da^s akteUas^m sttk to ht^is 
Jdftk^i cksU. ^ 

Bethel Church of the Nazarene 

Lowville, NY 13367 
Pastor John S. Cramer, Sr. 





> to our currcBt students, \j 

Y^mA wHije 

and to our '99 graduate, 


1^ ft 

Your church home is proud of you 
and wishes the best of 
&od's blessings on each 
one of you! 


I l95VarnumAvenue • Lowell, MA 01854 • 978-453-1063 

From Your Church Family 

164 Keepers of" the Flame 

Congratulations to the Class of 1999 

from the Executive Council of the 
Student Government Association 

Miice Holt Vanessa Fries Steph Sipe 

• Advisor * Vice President • Social Life 

Krista White 

> Student Ministries 

Jesse easier Missy Roberts Steve Miller 

• President * Administrative Assistant • Recreational Life 


We are so Ik 
wild of you, * ^ JF^b^ 
^ou are all m "^^^ 

]pe']pe prayed v T 

pa would be. ^ V 

I^pe, Mom, t)ad ^ Chris 

CLASS OF 1999! 

Student Development Office 

Dr. Anita Henck ~ I/ice President 

for Student Development 
Bruce Paul ~ Associate Dean for 
Residential Life 
Sue Sullivan ~ Administrative 

Christine, f 
You have brought us \^ 
so much joy. V^e are 
very proud of you. ^t., 
Congratulations! .'^ 
Love, Mom, Dad f 
and Michael '\ 


Resident Directors 
Denise Heizer & Shelley Reese - 
Spangeburg & Williamson Halls 
Brenda Hicks - Munro Hall 

Dan Kiser ~ Shields Hall 
Mark iVIann ~ Memorial Hall 

Keepers tif tlie Flame 165 


We knew you would. 
Continue to set your 
goals high, allowing 
God's will in your life. 
We love you! 

Dad &Mom 




Dave & Mike 


You have been a source of 
pride since 
the day you 
were born 
and are 
loved for all 
the wonderful 

amities that make up who you are! 


^ Mom and Jl 



Cafoniaf federaf 
Saoinqs Banf: 

fS Beach St. 



5601 Library Road 
Bethel Park, PA (412) 831-633 

Erin Culbertson 
•''^raduatirig Senior: Lba Hugh 

We're helping people toward 
wholeness of body, mind and spir 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

166 Keepers ot the Flame 


to our Seniors, from the Education Department 

eremy Bates 
Amanda Boel 
Jennifer Bohacs 
Julene Boyden 
Julie Bonahue 
Jeffrey Hallenbeck 
Lisa Hughes ^ 
Christian Huizenga 
Serena Kleppinger ^ 
Tammy IVIcRorie^| 

Stephanie Prahl 
Julie Sawyer 
Sara Shuttuck 
Jeremy Smallwood 
Robin Strempel 
Michael Taylor 
Wendy Taylor 
Melody Twitchell 
Jennifer Witherow 
Wendy Young 

Congratulations to the 


Pittsburgh District Church of the Nozorene 

1 77 North Road, Butler, PA 1 6001 

(724) 287-5867 FAX (724) 285- J 2 JO 
Ra". Stephen W. Dillman, District Superintendent 

Keepers the fl.iint' 

^ ' Julie Marie Donahue ^ 

You are such a blessing to this family and to everyone around you. 
We're so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Joe. 
"May the Lord direct your heart into God's love and Christ's perseverance," 

(2 Ths. 3:5) 

" . . . cfo /us//y 
. . . love mercy, 
ancf walA /lumBly 

JKica/i 6:S 

Conyraiulalions, yCymf ~^ou Jiave met f/iis mifesione 
wii/i energy ancf ent/iustasm. tJe are very proucf of- 
tjour accomplis/imenis. ~your foue and free spin'/ ^lue 

our foue /o you, a/ways, 

us so mucli joij. 

Mom 7)acf <^^S/ep/2anie 


13A Beale Street, Quincy 

✓^-^ 617-471-9750 

Open: Mon.-Thurs. 10 AM to 10:30 PM 
Fn. & Sat. 10 AM to 11 PM* Sun. Noon to 10:30 T\\ 

yvH kccvt aiwcvjs 
kroK^t Hsjvy! 
'Were so ^wud. 
Move, Mom, IbiU 

\GS Keepers of the Fl.iinc 

}ur Graduates: Amanda Boel, Angela Briggs, Meggan Busia, Nicole Byerly, Adam 
Davis, Jeffrey Hallenbeck, Barbara Harris, Matthew King, Betsy Milne, Greg Milne, 
Mathan Patnode, Benjamin Plank, Jennifer Roes, Ronald Taylor, Jr., 
ind Amber Whitney. 

. . . and to the 48 students from the 

Upstate New York District 
Church of the Nazarene 


Rev. Clarence C. Hildreth, District Superintendent 
Rev. Leon E. Blaise, Administrative Assistant 

Our Trustees : 
Mrs. Donna Alder 
Mr. Henry Henderson 
Rev. Richard R. Reese 

P.O. Box 116, Camillus, NY 13031 (315) 468-0868 


We mngratulate J; 
our Seniors 

^e ^fiionn ^Howard 


Mefissa Ladd 

U?(Sridge Church of tfie ^h(azarene 
130 'Dougm Street 
U?i6nd£e, ^ 01569 

jr^Ok INK prepress 

SPlC^ff^^^^^ rrinting 

' ' GraiDMc DesiEB 

Co^y writing" 
40 Oval Road 

Quincy, MA 02170 lUiuLStration 
(617)773-7605 Service 

FAX (617) 471-8810 \ 


673 Hancock Street ^ 

Quincy, MA 02170 T*** * 

(617) 773-7A77 Mailmg berviCc 

FAX (617) 774-1946 



Congratulations Jonathan, We are proud of )i 


Where the spirit 
of the Lord is, 
there is freedom. 
2 Cor. 3:17 

We Love You Mom & Dad, Rachel & Greg, Mattf 

to our 
little M-E. 
We are so proud 
of you and love 
you very much. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

1 70 Keepers ot the Flame 


' Congratulations to the Class of 1 999 and the 
Students from the Metro New York District! 

Trustees to Eastern Nazarene College: 
Dr. Dallas MuccL Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 
Dr. V. Seymour Cole, Rev. Steve Shomo, Mr. Donald Darsch, 
Dr. George Gressett and Mr. John Rivera 
Metro New York District Church of the Nazarene 
243 IVIagnolia Ave., IVIount Vernon, NY 10552 (914) 664-4621 


It has always been a 
joy to share life's 
journey with you. 
Congratulations on 
another milestone 

We're very proudl 
Love, Mom &: Dad 

CFngratulatiODS Nathan F. Patnode! 

We are "eonfiileni 
this, iliai He wlio bep 

willcarr) iionio 


You1l always be oi 
sweetie and contin 
to mal<e 

We are very proud of 
yourhard work and accomplishments. 
We know God will lead you and provide 
opportunities for you to 
use your gifts. 
Love, Mom & Dad 


Dear Phil, 
Someone once said 
that time jlies when 
Could that be why 
we're surprised 
that already you are 

what jun you have 
brought to ourfamily! f 

We've benefit^jrom your stories, discussions, enthusmsm 
humor, rmsic, and presm:e. We pray God's continJLd 
guidance's pu follow Him. 

4 if Romans 12:1' 2 
ou.'^^'^ Mom, Dad, Faithe &. Stephcr 

)72 Keopcrs ot the Flame 

St ^auVs Church 
of the Jiazarene 

Duxbwy, ]\f^ 02332 
(781) 585-3419 

i)uxbwy students: 
tennis Cwreiro, Matthew 
^eeterjoanna Everson, 
Jason Govoni, 
Melissa JCelley, ^ryan Murphy, 
8ric Murphy <§' 
JCimberly Sawlen 

Shauna: "Small, Wise" 

He who pursues righteousness and lovh 
finds life, prosperity and honor 
Prov. 21:21 

bu have brought so much joy into our Hves 
through your laughter, music, sharing, family 
time, and most of all, your accomplishments, 
and may God richly bless you. 

Dad, Mom, Maggie, Shannon & Chris 


Janie Law 

^0 colle 

Ve have 
'ou grow 
rom a 
iny boby 
a young man. Take each day 
md make the most of it but al- 
ways keep your sights aimed high, 
always for God's glory. We are 
mud of you. 
ove, Dad & Mom 

In all thy ways 

and He will 
direct thy paths. 
Proverbs 3:6 

We're proud of you! 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Julie & Grammy 

(^^jj^ra/u/a/io/js T^rincess. 
^tdrust in ^ocl ao.d He ' If cf /red 
^^^^^Jm//' eoertj s/eM 

you <7/v>9<i/' "(/QOQJlJ rf. 

Kt't'pecs c't till' fI.imr* I r.^ 


of the 


Dr. Russell Metcalfe 
Senior Pastor 

''Our church 
can be your 
home! " 

37 East Elm Avenu 
Wollaston, MA 

74 Keepers of the Flame 


201 Main Btreet 
Pr Fishkill, 11^ 1252^ 
(qn) sq6'820) 

Dr. pen firdreg, Pastor 
aeo. Dan JWilette, Pastor to 

goutti their families 
RCD. Bteoc ^ackel, Oiscipleship 

Sharing together in building the Kingdom of ©od 
jSupporting ^DQ in prauer, finance, and students 

Our Students 
Prances Hominguez 

.JPishkill Qhurch of th£ llaiarene 


♦ Nutmeg PT > 

Love, Mom and Dad 

We want to be the first clients in the 
appointment book !!! 

The great thing is to be found at one's post 
as a child of God, living each day as though 
it were our last, but planning as though our 
world might last a hundred years. 

C. S. Lewis 


1 (^i?rml^/li4H^ Y3 
YattrAn^ 'ti history, 

tm/ yHifm./ C^ris, y\pdU f- t^AA 

^::A/laLi alt oj- ijoux fiojiEi. 
and dxEami (js. caxxi^cl 

on za^ts i tiring i.. 

Jlous. >jOU, 


Jul I E Tanner 

Jules, You have brought us a lot of love 
AND JOY. We are very proud of you and 



Love, Mom & Dad 

Keof'tTs of' the Flame 17. 

The Psychology Department 



^ ^Graduating 




FROM THE 1998-99 





MELISSA LADD - Nautilus Edi 



176 Keepers of the Flame 

Charles E.Zink 
NIjW District Superintendent 

ENGLAND Lawrence A. Ogden 


Assistant to the District 

:HURCH of the nazarene 


Kevin T. Hardy, S.S. Ministries Chair 
Mrs. Geraldine M Perry, N.W.M.S. President 
Kenneth Stanford, N.Y.I. President 

District Advisory Board 


John P. Bowen 
W. Glen Gardner 
Robert M. Howard 
)r. Russell F. Metcalfe 


Mary DiLoreto 
Daniel McCabe 
Dale W. Mingledorff 
Peter Scott 

00 Amherst Street, Suite 401, Nashua, NH 03063 
(603) 883-9415 


A Church of the Nazarene 

5 St. Laurent Street 

Nashua, NH 03060 


CLASS OF 1999 

Keepers of the Fla»ie 177 

-HJU y 


7S Keepers of the Fl.ime 


K E E P E R S 

E F L A M E 

Dedicated hns cheer on the Mens Soccer team. 

"I woke, the dungeon flamed with 
light. My chains fell oflfi and my 
heart was free. I rose, went forth 
and followed thee. 
And Can It Be, Charles Wesley 


Hard at work in the dorms 
{dxxr'mgO^en House, oi course). 

Baseball studs Tim ]ohnson,)ison McCrehean &z 
C\\r '\.s 0'M.eara. 

Keepers of" tin- Fl.uMe 179 

Adams, Gwenne C 
50 Lakeside Ave 
Hudson, MA 01749 

Adams, Kathleen M 
268 Reservoir St 
Norton, MA 02766 

Adams, Meianie T 
50 Lakeside Ave. 
Hudson, MA 01749 

Ahrberg, David B 
3115 Hingston Ave #64 
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 

Ainsworth Kristina M 
50 Leicester- Whiting Rd 
Leicester, VT 05733 

Al-Qshere Abdullah O 
1 6 Broad St 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Alder, Lorien E 
107 McLain Dr 
Spencerport, NY 14559 

AJlard, Karen M 
21 Ridgewood Rd. 
Wallingford, CT 06492 

Allison, Amy R 
146 Scheithauer Rd 
Pottsville, PA 17901 

Amudala, Susan E 

20 Fenno#ll ■-'<*^ »« 

Quincy, MA 02170 

Amudala, Timothy P 
10 Speakman St #205 
Quincy, \L\02170 

Anderson, Linnea L 
1565 Liberty St 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Andreson, Tamar M 
25 Evergreen St 
Kingston, MA 02364 

Andrews, Ryan C 
25 Countrv Club Rd. 
Royersford, PA 19468 

Anello, Rochelle T 
142 Barham Ave 
Quincy. MA 02170 

Angell, Jonathan T 
64 Netherlands Ave 
Cranston, RI 02905 

Anson, Glaphre A 
1316 N Norwood St 
Anaheim, CA 92805 

Anardo, Angela K 
365 Palmer St #4 
Quincy, MA 02169 


Austin, Jennifer L 
1 4 Forest Ave 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Austin, Jonathan 
109 Jeanfield Rd 
Scotland PHI ILP Penh 

Ayrcs, Jeffrey J3 
Robin Lake Dr 
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 

Azevedo, Joseph M 
1 1 3 Hillman Street 
New Bedford, MA 02740 



Cor^v L 
^ ^2^X2 

Bailey, Amanda L ^ 
610 6th St 
Chester, WV 26034 

Banks, Benjamin J 
9 Willow Ln 
Spencer, MA 01562 

Banks, Kaiyana T 
45 Summitt Ave 
Norwalk, CT 06854 

Barclay, Ryan M 
1474 \ mom Rd 
Spencerport, NY 14559 

Barg, William S 
1 9 Woodrow Ave 

Barker, Lauren S 
8 Spring St 
Carver, MA 02330 

Barnes, Jon A 
392 Summer St 
Weymouth, MA 02188 

Barrett, Kristen Rae 
23 East Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Barrett, Nakita L 

257 Maxfield St 

New Bedford, MA 02740 

Bassett, Gregg E 
422 Hancock St 
Quincy, MA 02171 

Bates, Jeremy P 

1 1 Worthington Cir 

Braintree, MA. 02 184 

Beauchamp, Blonde H 
26 Fendale Ave 
Dorchester, MA 02124 

Beauchamp, Thamar B 
26 Fendale Ave 
Dorchester, MA 02 124 

Beaulieu, Aaron 
208 Mayo Rd 
Hampden, ME 04444 

Becker, Todd J 
3018 Whitehall Rd 
Norristown, PA 19403 

Beckley, Heather L 
509 Glenwav Ave 
Bristol. VA 24201 

Beckwith, Heather D 

I Newbury Dr 

Atkinson, NH 03811 

Benedict, Jennifer 
1 5 Archer Dr 
Hilton, NY 14468 

Benham, Kevm J 
61 Birch St 
Stratford, CT 06615 

Berdych, Thomas G 
257 Washington St 
Weymouth, xM\02188 

Berry, Laura J 
80 Kevin Rd 
Brockton, MA 02302 

Berry, My|Uel J 
221 .MaTO.^ve 

Quincy, MA 02 169 

Beverly, Victoria R 

PO Box 327 

Due West, SC 29639 

Bieber, Scott C 

I I Chestnut Hill Dr 
Toms River, NJ 08753 

Black, Christy L 
TerreHilL PA 17581 

Blake, Jason D 
5102 Gaywood Dr 
Ft Wayne, IN 46806 

Blake, Jennifer M 
60 Clark Rd 
Winterpon, ME 04496 

Blake, Tracy A 
45 Turnpike Rd 
Searsport, ME 04974 

Blish, Andrew K 
1 97 Lockwood Ave 
Yonkers, NT 10701 

Blish, Melissa K 
RR 1 Box 5865 
Kenduskeag, ME 04450 

Bliss, Jeffrey A 
29 Marshall St 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Blum, Jessica J 
127 Franklin St 
Stoneham, MA 02180 

Boel, Amanda 
10 Speakman St 
Quinc)', MA 02170 

180 Keepers of the Flame 

f Allvson L 


|, ,,ci, MA 02559 

[ -miifer A 

Bet, MA 02559 

J iishorn Road 
icon, MA0IS07 

irk. MA 0213( 

lacobe J 
Ian Rd 
rh, MA 02360 

Ma-x S 

•.: \ 02}59 

Jlen, Julene C 

!Box 372 
son, VT 05656 
Jock, Nicole V 
: Chestnut St 
> ernon, OH 43050 

^tacev L 

, on, ME 04093 

1 C Kevin 
inev's Lane 
lle.'MA 02632 

Joshua P 
J St 

I, MA 02370 

Michael J 

uton, MI48114 

heis, Johnna D 
I xhcster St 
:rsworth, NH 03878 

Brenton, Katie T 
160 Holmes Street 
Halifax, MA 02338 

Bretsch, Erin M 
PO Box 16 

LaFargeville, NY 13656 

Bromley, Jonathan M 

I 54 Waterston Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Brooks, Eileen T 
47 Gordon St 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Brooks, Karen E 
769 Summer St 
E. Bridgewater, MA 02333 

Brown, Christopher M 

5 Gold St 

Randolph, MA 02368 

Brown, I'Esha K 
117 Walnut St 
Bridgeton, NJ 08302 

Brown, Timothy D 

II McPhee Rd ' 
Framingham, MA 01701 

Brown-Jones, Mary I 
39 Stoughton St 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Bruck, Angel L 
12038 Stoneford Dr 
'l^^dbridge, VA 22192 

Buckley, Elizabeth M 
161 Arlington St 
Quincy, N4A 02170 

Buckley, Sean P 
236 Lakeside Rd 
Hanson, MA 02341 

Bucklin, Matthew E 
6145 Footmill Rd 
Erie, PA 16509 

Busch, Angela 
207 Purchase St 
Milford, MA 01757 

Busia, Meggan E 
219 E LaF ranee St 
Elmira, NY 14904 

Bucterworth, jefferey M 
10 Speakman St *305 
Quincy, MA 02 rO 

Bucterworth, Katherine S 
1617 Second Ave 
Toms River, NJ 08757 

Bucterworth, Kelli J 
10 Speakman Sc #305 
Quincy, MA 02 170 

Byerly, Nicole M 
723 Broadway 
Elmira, NY 14904 

II. Karheriite R 
dscone St \ \ 

Cai, Hongtao 
1 Dunbarton Rd 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Canfield, Kristen L 
188 GlendaleRd, Apt 3 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Carberr)', Jaime-Rose 
68 B Elm St 
Northfield, NH 03276 

Carey, Nora A 

225 kelton Rd 

West Grove, PA 19390- 


Carr, Angela B 
13290 Vancar Ln 
Stewartstown, PA 17363 

Carreiro, Dennis P 
26 Crescent St 
Kingston, MA 02364 

Carrier, Naomi 
4516 RTCassidv Dr 
El Paso, TX 79924 

Carroll Jr., Stephen M 
450 Appleton Street 
Arli ngton, MA 02476 

Case, Michael J 

131 Pembroke St #D5 

Pembroke, NH 03275 

Casler, Jesse D 
141 Willow Street 
Quincy, MA 02 1 70 

Caudill, Michael D 
221 E Crocker Dr 
Bel Air, MD 21014 

Caufield, Mike S 
205 Oneida Ave 
Warren, PA 16365 

Caveney, Michael 
63 Academy Ave 
Weymouth', MA 02189 

Cendrowski, James A 
151 Church St 
Whitinsville, MA 01588 

ChafFee, Erin I 
P O Box 947 
Greenwood, NY 14839 

Champlin, Jared D 
109 Lower East St 
Dedham, MA 02026 

Chan, William C 
39 Forest St 

Chestnut Hill. MA 02467 

Chandler, Janel D 
PO Box 385 
Windham, ME 04062 

Chapman, Andrew W 

PO Box 1129 

Center Harbor, NH 03226 

Chapman. Douglas P 
17 S. 11th St 
Mifflinburg. PA 17844 

Keepers of the Flame IS^ 

Cherkasskaya, Rimma V 

70 Strathmore Rd #5B 
Brookline, MA 02146 

Chesley Jason P 
1 Forest St 

Whitinsville, MA 01588 

Chesley, Jonathan A 
1 Forest St 

Whitinsville, MA 01588 

Chew, Jennifer R 
1412 Fulton St 

Cape May Ct. House, NJ 08210 

Chitwood, Christy A 

71 Pation Rd 
Newburg, N\' 12530 

Cho Dae Sung 
17 Bird St 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Choc, Norman 
211 Fox Hill St 
Wesrwood. MA 02090 

Christie, Pamela J 
1 1 1 Sunny Hill Rd 
Lunenburg, MA 01462 

Christmas, Melissa N 
1026 SW 62nd Terr #C 
Gainesville, FL 32607 

Christopher, Jennifer L 
1 17 Essex St 
E. Berlin, CT 06023 

Churchill, John G 
35 Blacksmith Rd 
Wilbraham, MA 01095 

Civiello, Kimberly A 
81 Amherst St 
Amherst, NH 03031 

Cobb, Young A 
PSC78 Box 1421 
96326 APO AP 

Cocio, John CJ Jr 
20 Trout Farm Ln 
Duxbury, MA 02332 

Collins, William T 
1466 Broadway 
Hanover, MA 02339 

Comer, Matthew K 
3520 Saunders Settlemen 
Sanborn, NY 14132 

Conforte, Corrin J 
R.R.2 Box 688 
Bridgton, ME 04009 

Constantine, Joanna L 
5 1 Mohave Trail 
Medford Lakes, NJ 08055 

Cousins, Heather Y 
523 Deer Creek Rd 
Saxonhurg, PA 16056 

Cramer, Heather L 
910 Utica St 
Fulton, NY 13069 

Creamer, Brenda L 
2746 Washington Rd 
Waldoboro. ME 04572 

Creamer, Steven J 
2746 Washington Rd 
Waldoboro, ME 04572 

Creely, Gary S 
128 Galen Ave 
Wernersviile, PA 19565 

Crosbie, Heather F 
27 Greenwood Ave 
Stoughton, MA 02072-2157 

Cross, Cheryl A 
P O Box 364 
Pittsfield. ME 04967 

Culbertson, Erin K 
5601 Librar\' Rd 
Bethel Park,' PA 15102 

Culleton, Chad T 
P.O.Box 352 
Turner, ME 04282 

Culleton, Ian E 
25 Flagg St 
Woburn, MA 01801 

Curran, Gary M 
5 Randall Road 
Rochester, MA 02770 

Curran, Jennifer R 
1274 Holmespun Dr 
Pasadena, MD 21122 

Curran, Nicholas F 
5 Randall Road 
Rochester, MA 02770 

Curtis, Jayson H 
RD #3 Box 44A 
Sugar Grove, PA 16350 

Cyr, Amy M 

P O Box 373 

E Berlin, CT 06023 

Houlton, ME 04730 

161 Berll 
Bolton, fCT 

01740 \' 

D'Anna, Vincent A 
102 Idlewild St #3B 
Bel Air, MD 21014 

DaCosta, Lori A 
4 Willev St 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Damata, Mary Teresa 
1133 Sea St 
Quino,', MA02169 

Daniel, Marly D 
101 Pierce St 
Maiden, MA 02148 

Daniels, Ryan W 
1 Sycamore Ln 
Hingham, MA 02043 

Darling, Kathcrine C 
2 University Ln 
Methuen, MA 01844 

Darling. Nfcole E 

S;- Weso# Rd 

S. Portland, ME 04106-341 

Davev, Cecily K 
P O Box 276 
Friendship, ME 04547 

Davidson, Christopher R 
1 1 Autumn Ln 
Yarmouth, ME 04096 

Davies, Eric R 
4 Mt. Top Ln 
Narvon, PA 17555 

Davis, Adam M 
P.O. Box 1 1 
LaFargeville, NY 13656 

Davis, Phillip N 
261 Cotton Hill Road 
Gilford, NH 03246 

182 Keepers of the Flame 

Valarie V 
Lehigh St 
ore, MD 21224 

, Melinda L 
1 Box 2220 
iachias, ME 04630 

irborn, Loreen A 
1, Box 950 
mhegan, ME 04976 

Bono, Charles A 

i River St 

ton. VT 05468 

Bcr, Matchew P 
Brandeis Cir 
lifax, MA 0233 

n, David A 
I Yorktown Rd 
ion, NJ 07083 

gado, Lisa 

\'entura Lane 

.V Bedford, MA 02745 

inois, Peninna 
E. Elm Ave 

Longo, Kimberly A 
jlendale Rd 
ncy, MA 02169 

Tredici, Steven M 
W Mil! Ln 
mth, RI 02871 

vlaios, Daniela O 

First Baptist Brazilian Church of 


Box 5983 

riborough, MA 01752 

r inviile, Leonard T 
Rd. P.O. Box 54 
. .am, MA 02571 

Dernier, Daniel A Jr. 
79 West Grove St Apt B 
Middleboro, MA 02346 

Deschaine, Brian Jr 
15 Ladd St 

Springfield, MA 01 109 

DeShavv Trevor W 

146 Skyline Dr 

New Holland, PA 17557 

Detwiler, Amy S 
104 Phillips Street 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Dickson, Kiley S 
12 Court St 
Houlton, ME 04730 

Dieterlv, Deanna T 
P O Box 77 
Tuckahoe, NJ 08250 

DiMaria, Chavlah J 
37 Whitford St 
Wakefield, RI 02879 

DiMaria, Cristiana J 
37 Whitford St 
Wakefield, RI 02879 

Dineen, Kristen D 
5 Denesha PI. 
Fulton, NY 13069 

DiSante, Rebecca R 
10 Speakman St #403 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Dix, Brian C 

6303 Hellen Lee Dr 

Clinton, MD 20735 

Dodge, Jennifer C 
79 Miller St 
Abington, MA 02351 

Doland, Cvnthia J 
382 Main St 
Hingham, MA 02043 

Donahue, Julie M 

65 Newbun' Ave 

N Quincy.MA 02171 

Doreau, Philip J 
94 Acton St 
Carlisle, MA 01741 

Dover, Jason D 
815 Whitnev Dr 
Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Drahn, Jolie A 
112 Locust Way 
DiUsburg, PA 17019 

Drolet, James A 

14 Webster Sc 
Laconia, NH 03246 

Duarte, Heather L 

1 5 Exeter St 
Taunton, MA 02780 

Duff, Kimberly J 
9 River St 

Houlton, MAE 04730 

Dunlop, Jendy A 
39 West Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02 17' 


Ellingwood. BradvJ 
440 Crockett Ridge Rd 
Norway, ME 04268 

Ellis, Katharine N 
3414 Count)- Line Rd 
Quakertown, PA 18951 

English, Audrey R 
1 5 Ballard Rd 
Gansevoort, NY 12831 

Ennis, Angela J 
26 Long\'iew Rd 
Framingham, MAO 1^0 1 

Estey, Neal A 
29 Bromfield St 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Evans, Holly C 
RR 1 Box 5621 
Belfast. ME 04915 

Everson, Joanna F 
10 Pembroke St 
Kingston. MA 02364- 11 09 

Eyring, W ariL-n R 
[7 P Strcci 

MA 02045 

Fanous, »i*«stirie'\^^ 
25 NewlMiFy Ave ' 

Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Dunn, Kaitlyn E 
23 East Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Dupere, Jeremy A 
PO Box 17"^ 
Hampden, ME 04444 

Dutton, Timoth}' J 
134 Waters ton Ave #2 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Dyke, Ashley B 
102 E. Fourth Ave 
Johnstown, NY 12095-3026 


115 F^ktea^-Aiv^ 

egoTNY 13827 



Easton, Melissa S 
PO Box 1003 
Onset, MA 02558 

Edwards, Rebecca A 
402 Southwoods Dr 
Monticello, NY 12701 

Elder, Brandy S 
10313 Salem Oaks Dr 
Richmond, VA 23237 

Ellenberger. Joanna S 
39 Laurinda Ln 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Farina, Amanda J 
838 Curn' Rd 
Schenectady, NY 12306 

Farrar, Kristin M 
27 Ruggles St 
Westborough, MA 01581 

Faulkingham. Lynne E 

3 Lvnwood Dr 

N. Waterboro, ME 04061 

Favreau, Leslie A 
24 Valerie Ln 
Danbury, CT 06811 

Feliciano, Nancv E 
3350 Counrv Rt. 16 
Watkins Glen, NY 14891 

Ferreira, Michael S 
17Tarklin St 

North Providence, RI 02904 

Ferrero, Frances T 
61 Lake Dr 
Newburgh, NY 12550 

Fiala, Angela M 
410 Woodhaven Dr 
China Grove, NC 28023 

Keeper.v .if the Flinu- 

Fietje, Bethanv E 

Ontario N 1 R 5S6 

Figard, Carolyn E 
125 E. CIcvelan Ave 
Newark. DE 19714 

Fish, Emily C 

101 Whitc'omb Ave 

Hingham. MA 02043 

fish, Heather J 
1 52 Willow St 
Quincy. MA02170 

Fish, William E 
152 Willow St 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Fitch, Marc E 
31 Drover Rd 
Brookfield, CT 06804 

Flores, Ruben L 
23 E Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Flowers, Royanna D 
18903 Piney Point PI 
Germantown, MD 208^4 

Flowers, Ryan R 
18903 Piney Point Place 
Germantown, MD 20874 

Forrest, Tara J 
140 King James Wav 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Foss, William M 

10 Speakman St #310 

Quincy, MA 02170 

Francois, Jenny 
1795 E 93rd Si 
Brooklvn, NY 

Frank, Holly J 
1 55 Lancaster Rd 
Berlin, MAGI 503 

Fr • ssa K 

1 : , ( ir 
Sphrata, PA " ' 

From. Hca; 

2 Helen St 
Stanhope NJ 078; 

flwr. Dawn M 
6300 Tarnor River 
Bessemer. AL 35023 

Fuqua, Sarah A 
42 Clinton Rd 
Weymouth, MA 02189 

Fyne, Kerry-Ann J 
1020 N Central Ave 
Woodmere, NY 11598 


14 Ba>'\'i 

Gallant, Jill A 
280 Longfellow St #9 
Westbrook, ME 04092 

Galusha, Justin E 

421 Gray Terr 

N Dighton, MA 02764 

Gardner, Jody L 
107 Louise Road 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Garrett, Kimberly N 
526 Beach 25th St 
Queens, NY 11691 

Gayman (Box) Jennifer E 
131 DWHwy#327 
Nashua, NH 03060 

Genest, Jason D 
651 Summer St 
Abington, MA 02351 

George, Benjamin N 
4462 Choctaw Trail 
Jamestown, OH 45335 

Georges, Daphnee M 
607 River St 
Manapan, MA 02126 

Gerskovich, Christina R 

42 Jack Pine Dr 

Sudbun, \U 01776 ,/ 

Gessner, Jonathan R 
99 Countr\'Club Dr -' 
Whitinsvilie, JvL\ 01588 

GifFord, Arland T 
P O Box 503 
Alfred, ME 04002 

Gifford, Paul C 
RR 2 Box 832 
Bethel, VT 05032 

Giupponi, Marc D 
53 Green Tree Ln 
Somers, CT 06071 

( lolden, Mich 
8369 Turin Rd 
Rome, NY 13 


Cionsal\cs. Juiianna A 
182 Winthrop St 
Brockton. MA 02401 

Goodwin, Mary L 
42 Mam St 

Northfield. MA 01360 

Goranson, Christina D 
20 Pinecrest Dr 
North Java, NY 14113 

Goss, Shauna K 
80 Scholl Rd 
Middleburg, PA 17842 

Gould, Nathan J 

19E Dock St 

Pon Byron, NY 13140 

Govoni, Jason A 
P O Box 995 
Duxbury, MA 02331 

Graham, Stephanie A 
1 2 Lyman Rd 
Chicopee, MA 01013 

Gray, A Bradley 
17 Copley St 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Gregg, Tosha T 

1 1 1 N Washington St 

Shippensburg, PA 17257 

Gregorowicz, Andrew J .ft. 
9908 Crestmont Ave 
Philadelphia, PA 19114 

Greholver, Jenny J 
2207 NE 155th St 
Vancouver, WA 98686 

Grignon, .Amanda J 
64 Main St 
Palmyra, ME 04965 

Groff, Theodore M 
1750 Karen Dr 
Potts town, PA 19464 

Guarino, Carmela J 
214 Gardiner Rd 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Gunter, Christina R 
359 Pangborn Blvd 
Haserscown, MD 21742 


Habtegaf lLl,^hagari 

5 N'orw( 

SomervUle, MA0214 

Hackman, Diana J 
7604 Encampment Road 
Lansdale, PA 1 0446 

Hain, Man'-Elizabeth 
P O Box 9' 
Elysburg, PA 17824 

Hall, James RIIII 
1 2 Terrace St 
Woodsville. NH 03785 

Hall, Peter E 
1 2 Terrace St 
VC'oodsville, NH 03785 

Hallowell, Nathan S 
P O Box 377 

Greenville, NH 03048 

Hamon, Rebecca-Dawn M 
226 Arlington St 
Qui no,', MA 02170 

Hankins, Jennifer R 
500 Connecticut Ave 
Warren, PA 16365 

Hanlon, Matthew J 
69 Indian Head Rd 
Framingham, MA 01701 

Hanna. Sami K 
201-B ParkRd 
Beaver Falls, PA 15010 


1 507 aJut)' Ave 
Ocean City, NJ 08226 

Harrington Sheri M 
1 5 Gentle Valley Dr 
N Dartmouth, MA 02747 

Harris, Barbara L 
6 1 East Street 
Ilion. NY 13357 

Harris, Jennifer R 
61 East Street 
Ilion, NY 13357 

Harris, Robert L 
27 Mahogany St 
Belopan, Belize 

Harrison, Jacqueline E 
PO Box 120704 
Boston, MA 02112 

Hartig, Katie E 
1801 Ashley Dr 
Westminster, MD 21157 

184 Keepers of the Flame 

.^Oik Lm 

I, SC 27502 

?\ "501 


Cunis D 

-jj!^(laa. PA 

Limnenc L 

lujgdoo, PA 156*2 

-i l£s» M 



)g». MA 02186 

. Ouriamiine M 



- v 





«dl»a. PA 16159 

li- RocLO L 
ciakman Si ^509 

' ~ ~2S L 



?4 Gramhrood Dr 
FofcfnUcXIA 02644 

Hok. Eleanor V 
QoiiiCT.XIA 02170 

Homan, IGiiabeilf L 
Abcseoon. NI] 08201 

Hope, James A 
PO Box 474 
Lunenbuig^ MA 01462 

Howanl, Bevm A 
midnsnlk. MA 01588 

H : Aard, Shannon M 
rlti Chesmut HiD Rd 
DanrviDe. CT 062411120 

Hi^Jms, Erin K 
65 Willow St 
Quincv. MA 02170 

Hu^Ks, LisaS 
103~ VaDey Foigc Rd 
Mocrinomo. PA 19403 

Hu^Ks. Midiael B 
QaincT, MA 02170 

Huizengia, Chrisdan J 
22 Phillip Dr 
SpcObnl. NH 05462 

7185 Wbodbod Dr 
Spang Grox^, PA 17362 

Hunre. UdKama A 
1401 East 101 Sc 
Brookfyn.N¥ 11236 



Old Chduid Beach. ME 04064 

HunL TimoiliT K 
500 W. L'aion St 
E. Bn^nnur. XLA 02333 

Hviii^;iino, Karo 
223 Commoo Sc ^1 
MA 02169 



! BoK 4>-^56 
HaaoodL ME (M640 

QuiDCT. MA 02170 

iBgle, Keri D 

6" 18 15AAi«SVr 

SeanlcWA 98106 

Ishida, Megmni 
1259-21 iGohaia 
.Saiiama 359 TobManma 

hankowkh, Andrew J 
801 Pljpmoatli Gr 
Waaili.AK 99654 


Janfine. KAr E 
4882 Casduul Dc 
SdbbufT. MD 21804 

JaiTtt, MoadeeR 
PO Bos 809^ 

jfeu»-Ba|Kt£K Jane V 
28 Taii|4e Sc 
SomaviDc. MA 02145 

jcan^, Robcrte 

90 Mariposa 


Jedkrmo. DuaB 
34 LiiQooia Sc 
Modwar. \L\ 02053 

lenkins, Scacr M 

1 1 508 Fii^ Boaid Rd 


jokn. Gleius 
'l>3FuBeirSi ^ 
DcrdBcsra. NLA 021W 

JohnscBo. Eric£ fC 
161 Ariingfcor 

QuincT, MA i - - ^ . 

Johnson, Xbddinc E 
3 Wadiingmn Green 
EWalpole^XLA 02032 

Johnson. Tunodiy R 
47 S. Main St 
Uxbric^ MA 01569 

Johnsmn Gnia P 
63 Front St 

Wermoudi. MA 021SS 

Johnsmn. Mkkad S 
22 Escdbrook Rd 

Jones, Joseph R 
4B Mustang Ct 
Goffstown, NH 03045 

Jones, Walton D 
16508 W 142nd PI 
Olathe, KS 66062 

Joseph, Jessica 
1 7 Jeanette Ave 
Belmont, MA 02178 

Joyette, Audrey G 
364 Hardscrabble Rd 
Cadyville, NY 12918 

Justin, James 
10 Speakman St #207 
Quincy, MA 02170 

390 [ 

Milton. NJ 07438 \' 

Kabilian, Toni M 
33 Hyde St 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Karker, Erin L 
224 E Main St 
New Holland, PA 17557 

Karunakaran, Mona Lisa K 
151 Sea St #504 
Quincy, MA 02169 
do Mayumi Sengoku 

Kelley, Melissa A 
RR2 Box 157A 
Hillsboro, NH 03244 

Kenny, Paul S 
13707 Poppleton Ct 
Charlotte, NC 28273 

Ketchum, Brian R 
2920 Hawthorne PI 
Olympia, WA 98501 

Kcttinger, Amy L 

"^4 Saint Stephen St -2 

Boston, MA 02 11 5 

Khatri, Ashish 
17 Canton Rd 
North Quincy, MA 02171 

Khut, Derrick A 

30 Harbor Crest Ct#ll4 

Dorchester, MA 02125 

Kiarie, Caroline W ^"^^ 
1 Copeland # 1 06 
Quino,', MA 02169 

Kidney, Hildur S 
497 Collins Hill Rd 
Johnson, VT 05656 

Kim, Ji-hoon R 
1 54 Union Ave #33 
Rutherford, NJ 07070 

Kim, Young-Seon . 
1 54 Union Ave #3' 
Rutherford, NJ 07070 

Kimani, Moses K 

280 N Warren Ave BIO 

Brockton, MA 02401 

King, Matthew A 
4 Stevenson St 
Seneca Falls, NY 

Kinnev, Shawn 
19th AveNE 
Arlington, WA 

Kiragu, David N 
23 E Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Kiragu, Joe M 
35 Quincv Ave#213 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Klebes, Jessica E 
16 Memorial Dr 
Claremont, NH 03743 

Kleppinger, Jeffrey K 
10 Speakman St #209 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Kleppinger, Serena I 
10 Speakman St #209 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Knapp, Roisin M 
13C Scenic Dr 
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 

Kncpp. Christopher D 
8 W Main St 
Tiona, PA 16352 

Kopp, James 
29 Hatch Rd 
Pembroke, MA 02359 

Krikorian, Lauren S 
243 W Chestnut St 
Brockton, MA 02301 

Udd, Mel 

22 Spring , 
Whitinsville, MA 01588\\ 

LaLoae, Gei>ttrcv V' 
5816 Sand Pebble Pi 
Raleigh, NC 2^613 

Lam, Alan 
53 Wallace Rd 
QuincN , M.A 02169 

Lam, Alex 
2~ Puritan Dr 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Lamb, Chrisrianna M 
10 East St 

Bennington, VT 05201 

LaMere, David L 
115 Elm Ave #1 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Lamour, Gwenddyn E 
1299 E 93rd St 2nd Fl 
Brooklyn, NY 11236 

Lankowski, Kimberly A 
22 Wren Terr 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Lantier, Manhew T 

PO Box 285 

Evans Mills, NY 13637 

Lantz, Kristina M 
8 King St #2 
Hatfield, MA 01038 

LaPenu, Bethanv M 
Laconia, NH 03246 

Larsen, Kathryn L 
107 Glendale Rd 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Larson, Shannon L 
706 E 41st St 
Marion. IN 46953 

Lasher, Rachel A 
696 Harris Hill Rd 
Hannibal. NY 13074 

Law, Janie S 
81 Mill St 

Foxboro, MA 02035 

Lawrence, Alissa T 
R.R.I, pfec 354 G15 
Trenton, ME 04605 

LeBlanc, Joshua R 
1 5 Central St 
Brockton, i\L\ 02301 

Ledder, E Michelle 
10 Speakman St *402 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Leeman, April R 

7 Delano Dr 

N Norway, ME 04268 

Lehman, Tandi R 
39 Rich Valley Rd 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Leonard, En'n E 
P O Box 283 
Johnson, XT 05656 

186 JCeepers of the Flame 

pert, Derek S 

Wilson Ave 
more, NY 11710 

;ntr)', Stephanie M 
Gardiner Rd 
<jngston, RI 02892 

itcap, Tricia J 
04 W. 86th Pi 
cxa, KS 66215 

Tic, Jane L 
Bridge St 

on City, PA 16438 

deman, Michael J 
^huster Rd 
,sonia, PA 15044 

dsay, David A 

1 Box 690 

kookfield, MA 01515 

LoConte, Helene E 
267 Bridge Street 
Dedham, MA 02026 

Lofton, Benn D 
lOSpeakman St #203 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Long, Andrea M 
914 E. Broadway 
Bel Air, MD 21014 

Long, Matthew J 

10 Speakman St #308 

Quincy, MA 02170 

Long, Robin S 
7200 Signal Hill Rd 
Manassas, VA 22111 

Loomis, Brick A 
8 Marine Rd #2 
S Boston, MA 02127 

Lyle, Jason S 
1 Forest Dr 
Suffern, NY 10901 

inger, Eryn 

170 Corte Cruzada 

nifee, CA 92584 

ton, Kristi J 

. MA 01826 

ton, Timothv R 

Kelley Rd 

icut, MA 01826 

I er, Jennifer M 
iobart St 

nvers, MA 01923 

;le, Tori M 
!> Roberta Ave 
illingdaie, PA 1 9023 


ssion Pk #510 
■ton, MA 021 15 

\ . Lauren M 
^.herokee Rd 
inville, PA 17821 

Lovar, Robert 
1159 Howard Ave 
Bridgeport, CT 06605 

Lowe, Shelly-Ann M 
225 Dana Ave 
Boston, MA 02136 

Lucas, April L 
181 Pearl St 
Weymouth, MA 02191 

Ludwigsen, Michael C 

7 Beldon Ln 

Bay Shore, NY 11706 

Lugo, Celines 
Calle Pucbla#5l6 
Rio Piedras, PR 00923 

Luong, Charlie T 
6127 Strasburg Dr 
Centreville, VA 20121 

Lyle, J Michael M 
8927 Burke Lake Rd 
Springfield, VA 22151 

1 Goddi 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

MacDougall, Adam D 
808 Beech Ridge Rd 
N Berwick, ME 03906 

MacLeod, Heather L 
RED 2, Box 417 
Buckfield, ME 04220 

Macri, Vinicius O 
55 Howland St#Dl 
Marlboro, MA 01752 

Manchester, Jeremy A 
RD 2 Box 1310 
Johnson, VT 05656 

Mancini, Theresa A 
1312 Pine Acres Blvd 
Bay Shore, NY 11706 

Manigault, Chantel L 
6 Springvale Ave 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Manning, Shawn M 

57 Pope Street 

N Quincy, MA 02171 

March, Joshua A 
2059 Lexington Ave 
Middletown, PA 17057 

Marino, Stacev A 
P O Box 4445 
Manchester, NH 03108 

Marshall, Kendra B 
250 Clough Pond Rd 
Loudon, NH 03301 

Marshall, Shantel M 
1 374 Bushwich Ave 
Brooklyn, NY 11207 

Martin, Aaron L 

45 Horseshoe Rd P.O. Bo 

Windham, NH 03087 

Martin, Shannon M 
16 Nixon Ave 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Martsolf, Matchew S ((^ 
202 Valencia St 
Butler, PA 16002 

Marturano, Carolyn M 
5 Wagon Wheel Dr 
N Easton, MA 02356 

Maurath, Melissa L 
20 Provost St 
Brockton, MA 02402 

Maw, HIaing H 

23 Blake St, 1st Floor 

Quincy, MA 02170 

McCabe, Jason D 
68 West St 
Milford, MA 01757 

McCloy, Amanda L 
8 Kathy Drive 
Foxboro, MA 02035 

McCorkle, Rheannon D 
1090 Communitv Park Rd 
Vandergrift, PA 15690 

McCrea, Charleen E 
17009 Jerusalem Corners 
Pleasantville, PA 16341 

McEwan, Robert S 

98 Embur)' Ave 

Ocean Grove, NJ 07756 

McFarland, Mical J 
13 Pollard Rd 
Nashua, NH 03062 

McGehean, Jason E 
108 Anita Dr 

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234 

McGhee, Amanda L 

198 Randolph St 

S Weymouth, MA 02 190 

Mclnrvre, Paige E 
26 Moody Rd 
Harwichport, MA 02646 

McKav, Jennifer S 
829 Bald Hill Rd 
New Gloucester, ML 0. 

McLeish, LaDawna 
RR 1. Box 180 
Newport. ME 0495 

McNally, Joy S 

Miller, Tanya L 

2206 W Flora St 

704 Cagne^' Court 

<;anfa Ana PA 097(14 

Bel Air MD 21014 

McRorie, Tammy E 

Miller, Tanya N 

7'>22 Vandervccr Pi 

Lansing, Ml 48912 

Brooidvn, NY 1 1226 

Medaglia, Christine M 

Miller, Zachary R 

149 Thomas Clapp Rd 

RFD Box 54A 

Sririiar<> MA 07066 

N Woodstock \'H 0^''62 

Mello, Jeffrey J 

Milne. Betsy J \ 

S Rockv Ridpe Rd 

14 l^inden St ^^^^1 

Xmirnc R/*rmiiHa 

OlIllLllO) UCI lllUUd 

Quincy, MA 021^^^^g 

Melpignano, Robert A 

Milne, Greg M i^^^H 

^4 Field St 

305 Wood Road 

Rochester NY 14626 

Mercer, Christopher L 

Milne, Scott G 

2558 Terraced Hill Ct 

9319 Concord Hwy 

Sanatoga, PA 19464 

Indian Trail, NC 28079 

Messana, David R 

Miner, Christopher T 

Box BOA 

39 Main Street 

Mollis Cntr, ME 04042 

E Millinocket, ME 04430 

Messana, Jonathan M 
Box 130A 

Mollis Cntr, ME 04042 

Metcalfe, Jennifer L 
96 Farrington St 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Metcalfe, Miranda J 
76 Groton St 
Pepperell, MA 01463 

Metzger, Eva L 
745 George Rd 
Bronson, Ml 49028 

Miano, Bonnie W 
145 Wiliard St. Apt. C 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Miller, Clara G 
99 Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Miller, Steve E Jj^^ 
35 Mohawk Dr T 
Portsmouth, RI 02871 

Mitchell, Shaundelle E 
660 E 98th St#llD 
Brooklyn, NY 11236 

Moesel, Christopher M 
40 Birch Forest Dr 
Standish, ME 04084 

Mohling, Amanda'C 
8321 NW27th 
Bethany, OK 73008 

Monteiro, Gerson S 
108 WoodardAve 
Brockton. MA 02301 

Moore, jamin 

40 Skvmoore Ln 

W Hurley, NY 12491 

Morrissey, Michael J 
4501 Vineyard Overlook 
Ellicott City, MD 21043 

Mullen, Thomas A 
5 Randall Rd 
Rochester, MA 02770 

Murphy, Bryan D 
406 Autumn Ave 
Duxbury, MA 02332 

Murphy, Eric J 
406 Autumn Ave 
Duxbujy, MA 02332 

Muterspaw. Nicole L 
207 Bluehills Pkwv 
Milton, MA 02186 

Mylon, Jennifer E 
3 Erie Dr 

Hudson, MA 01 749 

-^i - 

Nakai, Ritsu 

1050 Hancock St #82 

Quincy, MA 02169 

Nanayakkara, Chaminda S 
231 Norfolk St. #6 
Cambridge, MA 02139 

Neil, Benjamin J 
162 1/2 North St 
Winooski, VT 05404 

Nelson, David RJJr 
272 Blackcat Rd 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Nelson, Wheldon F 
272 Blackcat Rd 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Nevers, Heather J 
354 Eastern Avenue 
Barrington, IL 60010 

Newell, Heidi L 
Box 3275 Pond Rd 
Albion, ME 04910 

NeweUJodi K 
4 Drifrvvav Rd 
N Weymouth, MA 02191 

Newman, Gregory C 
1 26 Brewster Ave 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Newman, Hector E 
435 Highland Ave 
Salem, MA 01970 

Nguven, Dung V 
P d Box 505225 
Chelsea, MA 02150 

Nguyen, Hai 
737 Broadwav 
Chelsea, MA'02150 

Nicklas, Altaira 
2865 Ringneck Rd 
Audubon, PA 1 9403 

Nicklaw, Rodney W 
Box 21 13-1 
Brandon, VT 05733 

Nicol, David A 
6 Van Gogh Drive 
OstervilJe. MA 02655 

Nielson, Jennifer L 
21 Brom field St 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Nielson, MJeremv 
21 Broidfcld St 


Nieuweboer, Trac\' A 

4 Baxter Rd 
Hollis, NH 03049 

Njama, Caroline W 
55 Spear St #19 
Quino , MA 02169 

Noonan, Joshua 
1 8 Shawn Ave 
Nashua, NH 03062 

Noonan, Shawn P 
18 Shawn Ave 
Nashua, NH 03062 

Norton, Hayley L 
1014 Highland Ave 

5 Portland, ME 04106 

Nota, Alicia L 
104 Mvrtle St 
Rockland, MA 02370 

1 i& Keepers of the FlaMte 

>jii. Nary 
1 117 Pitsea Dr 
raille, MD 20705 

.ncl, MA02370\\ 

I Joiinell, Megan M 
' Beale St 

' V, MA 02170 

i^-, Adrienne 

iinpton Rd 

I Ctr, CT 06259 

ic, Elizabeth A 
non, MA 02766 

(eefe, Susan M 
Lakehurst Ave 
ymouth, MA 02189 

vieara, Christian J 
' Holmes St 
lifax, MA 02338 

{egan, Noel M 
Plymouth St 
ver, MA 02330 

wemba, Jennifer L 
Highland Ave#l 
ncrville, MA 02143 

ver, Elizabeth A 

3 White Hill Rd 

ktown Heights, NY 10598 

Ortiz, Yamilcth 
1 1 7 Green St 
Lynn, MA 01 902 

Osborn, Anne E 
7 Hewitt Rd 

Wyncote, PA 190954304 

95 Abr 


NY 12401 

ver, Lorie L 
hamrock Ct 
.tsburgh, NY 


Paul N 
man St 
iKy, MA 02170 

'i, Angela N 

ster, CT 06040 

Paddock, Nathan W 
44 Winter St 
Gardner, MA 01440 

Paolini, Brian J 
1 Plante's Landing 
Bourne, MA 02532 

Parker, Bethany L 

26242 Quantico Creek Rd 

Hebron, MD 21830 

Parker, Dana L 
259 Lenora Lane 
Downingtown, PA 19335 

Parker, Lisa M 
10498 Worcester Hi 
Berlin, MD 21811 

Parker, Raenelle L 
1025 Green End Ave 
Middletown, RI 02842 

Parry, Darin L 
2018 II th Street 
Bethlehem, PA 18020 

Pathak, Neha J 
6108 Fieldcrest Dr 
Frederick, MD 21701 

Patnode, Jeremy R 
13 Burke Rd 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901 

Patnode, Jessica L 
21 Dick's Place 
Keeseville, NY12944 

Patnode, Nathan F 
13 Burke Rd 
Plattsburgh, NY 12901 

Paton, Justin C 
80 Beaver Ave 
Clinton, NJ 08809 

Patriquin, Scot E 
133 Nipigon Avenue 
Toronto, Ontario M2M2W5 

Patterson, Marikae G 
340 Wilson Ave 
Lindenwold, NJ 08021 

Paul, Hamilton C 
68 Stanley St 
Dorchester, MA 02125 

Paul, Michael I 
68 Stanley St 
Boston, MA 02125 

Paulson, Cara L 
54 Lake Attitash Rd 
Amesbury, MA 01913 

Pavlik, Bradley C | 
654 Farr Ave 
Wadsworth, OH 44281 

Payne, Michael A 
506 E 43rd Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203\ 

Paz, Aaron M 
595 Main St 
Hampstead, NH 03841 

Paz, Lauren A 
595 Main St 
Hampstead, NH 03841 

Peckham, Tatum M 
309 Newport Ave # 1 
Quincy, MA02170 

Peel, Heather D 
457 Pleasant St 
Brockton, MA 02301 

Pelletier, Lori K 

9 Tom Sawyer Dr 
Gansevoort, NY 12831 

Penney, John D 

■t Puritan Rd 

N Reading, MA 01864 

Perez, John Paul 
117 Falmouth St A7 
Rochester, NY 14615 

Perkins, Kamie E 
1 1 2 Juniper Dr 
Douglassville, PA 19518 

Peters, Nicholas R 

524 Lafayette St 

Kennert Square, PA 19348 

Pham, Julia K 

47 Buttonwood St #3 

Dorchester, MA 02125 

Phillips, Randal Scott S 
RD 1 Box 1167 
Russell. PA 16345 

Pi.iLciuini, Mena L 

907 Lerov Rd 

N Syracuse, NY 13212 

Pierce, Arwyn A 
30 Jefferson St 
Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Pierre, Luc 

10 Speakman St #510 
Quincy, MA 02 170 

Pierre, Michelle 
713 River St #1 
Hvde Park, MA 02136 

Keeper-- c>t the Flame )S9 

Pimental, Lawrence V 

29 Gilmore St 
Quincy. MA 02170 

Pirog, Jessica M 
151 Red Stone Hill 
Plainville, CT 06062 

Pitot, Thomas D 

PO Box 1119 

N Canaan, CT 06018 

Plammoottil, Tina G 

30 Centre St 
Lexington, MA 02421 

Plank. Benjamin C 
P O Box 7 

LaFar-eviile, NY 13656 

Plank, Emilv M 
P O Box 7 ' 
LaFart;eville, NY 13656 

Player, Candace D 
1 1 Chestnut St 
Belmont, MA 02478 

Pluff, Jamie D 
117 WolFDen Rd 
Pom fret Ctr, CT 06259 

Polleys, Craig A 
P.O. Box 15 

North Pembroke, MA 02358 

Poison, John R 

18725 Purple Martin Ln 

Gaithersburg, MD 20879 

Poole, Jonathan G 
183 Manchaug Rd 
Sutton, MA 01590 

Popa, Cristian 

10 Speakman St #301 

Quincy, MA 02170 

Porter, Kristin N 
75 Baltimore West 
S Portland, ME 04106 

Porzelt, Lola M 
528 Wheeler Rd 
Florida, NY 10921 

Prahl, Matthew L 
P O Box 163 
Camden, DE 19934 

Prahl, Stephanie A 
P O Box 163 
Camden, DE 19934 

Prouse, Michelle R 
70 Lobin Rd 
E Earl, PA 17519 

Rapp, Kairi 

85 Linden Ave #3 

Maiden, MA 02148 

Rarig, Kylene A 

609 Chesterfield-Arne\t 

Yardville, NJ 08620 

Rasvs, Cecily A 
46 Mill Lane Rd 
Brimfield, MA 01010 

Rauschcr, Leah A 
239 Center St 
Nobleboro, ME 04555 

Raymond, Anna C 

1 1 Collms 6t 

Hyde Park, MA 02136 

Raymond, Michelle E 
955 Scott Hill Rd-Berli 
Barre,\a 05641 

Reardon, Melanie A 
75 Farley St 
Lawrence, MA 01 843 

Reed, Christopher A 
1110 Faip. iew Ave 
Frederick, MD 21701 

Reed, Donald A 
215 Cotton Hill Rd 
Gilford, NH 03246 

Reed, Shaun A 

1 155 A Rivercrest Dr 

Delaware, OH 43015 

Reich, Catherine J 
RD 1 Box 279 
Winfieid, PA 17889 

Reid, Caret B 
48 Mt. Everett St 

Dorchester, MA 02125 

Rendle, James H 
273 Bellevue Rd 
N Quincy, MA 02171 

Restrick, Frances (Beth) E 
71 Partridge Hill Rd 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Reynders, Sharilyn R 
1 Canton Rd #313 
North Quincy, MA 02171 

Reynolds, Debbie L 
6736 Cedar Ave 
Pennsauken, NJ 08109 

Reynolds, Gail C ^ 

57 Newbert Ave 

S. Weymouth, MA 02190 

Rhenow, Christine E 
14 Glenwood Ave 
Northfield, MA 01360 

Richards, Jason A 
352 Maple Hill Rd 
Johnson, \T 05656 

Richards, Shawna J 

14 Lawrence Ave 

N White Plains, NY 10603 

3 Star A 

Richardson. Kendra R 
32 Bangor Rd 
Easton, ME 04740 

Rivera, Antonia C 
P O Box 34593 
Buchanan, PR 00934 

Roberts, Melissa R 
14 Priscilla Ln 
Quincy, MA 02 169 

Robinson, Carrie F 

1080 River Rd 

Marston Mills, MA 02648 

Rodriguez, Ana V 
7205 Sleepsoft Cir 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Roes, Jennifer F 
RD 1 Box 231 
LowviUe, NY 13367 

Rohrbaugh, Andrew J 
210 Rhonda Dr 
York, PA 17404 

Romero, Carla M 
161 Bloomingdale St 
Chelsea, MA 02150 

Roque. Londie T 
27 Lake Avenue 
Barrington, RI 02806 

Rose, Kimberly L 

2007 Old Westminster Pi 

Finksburg, MD 21048 

Ross, Allison J 
29 Diane Cir 
Abington, MA 02351 

190 Keepers ot the Flame 

Kimberly A 
Church Street 
nington, MA 01887 

iman, Ruth A 
)vey St 

uincy, MA 02171 

iman, Shawn G 
)\ey St 

uincy, MA 02171 

I .lithe A 
. kes School Rd 
^prings, PA 17372 

, Phil D 

ickes School Rd 
Springs, PA 17372 

ic, Siobohn O 
. Sweet Home Rd 
lerst. NY 14228 

Jamie L 
^nstal St 

;, MA01832 

;a, Sarah E 
I S Winn Rd 
'leasant, MI 48858 

. Jr Carlos Jr 
i'averly St #1 
lingham, MA 01702 

ell, Robert G Jr 
iN'E 126th St 
land. WA 98034 

iroft', Heather N 
ort Meadow Dr 
son, MA 01749 

IS, Scott 
i'ildcat Ln 
■veil, MA 02061 

Sands, Natalie J 
Box 256 

E Templeton, MA 01438 

Sanner, Adam D 
35 Dunmore Ct 
Lenox, MA 01240 

Sawler, Kimberly M 
8 University Ave 
Pembroke, MA 02359 

Sawtelle, Nathan E 

828 Sawyer St 

S Portland, ME 04106 

Sawyer, Julie E 
258 Dudley Rd 
Castle Hill, ME 04757 

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330 Meadowbrook Pkwy 

E Horseheads, NY 14845 

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330 Meadowbrook Pkwy 

E Horseheads, NY 14845 

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Scheffler, John D 
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Salisbury, MD 21801 

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1151 Colcsville Rd 
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81 Bigelow St 
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ll Shaw, Julie A 
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■ White Plains, MD 20695 

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125 KoffeeLane 
Kutztown, PA 19530 

Shepard, Erika L 
1625 Albany Street 
Schenectady, NY 12304 

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Norfolk, MA 02056 

Shober, M Chad 
137 Marion Terrace 
Ephrata, PA 17522 

Shober, Melissa F 
137 Marion Terr 
Ephrata, PA 17522 

Shomo, Paul D 
201 N Rt94 
Warwick, NY 10990 

Siano, Craig J 
1042 Plumtree Rd 
Springfield, MA 01 119 

Siefken, Stephanie A 
537 Surry Rd 
Ellsworth, ME 04605 

mons, j! 

1 MartmSf - — JS^ 
■lottesville,VA 22901^ \ 

Sika, Carrie E 
1 34 Woodlot Rd 
Ridge. NY 11961 

Silva, Jeffrey D 
368 Lincoln St 
Abington, MA 02351 

Silverio, Susan J 
6 Autumn Circle 

IIin<;h.iin, MA 02(W3 

Simon c. Hi, Vanessa M 
16Paj tndgeHill R.I 
Charlton, MA 015(r 

Simonidii. Jamie M 
10 Whir r St #204 
( )uincy. MA 02169 

Sinkie\\ ic/, (Christine M 
9 Belmont St 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Sip|, Scephanie L 
5135 Laurel Lane 
New Holland, PA 17557 

Sivewright, C;had M 
15104 Monroe Mills Rd 
Howard, OH 43028 

Skehan, Kerry C 
18 Webster St 
NQuincy.MA 02171 

Skidmore, Eric R 
2270 Pinebrook Rd 
Columbus, OH 43220 

Smallwood, Jeremy A 
10 Speakman St #505 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Smisko, Bobbi 
1837 W Main St 
Jefferson, PA 1 9403 

Smith, Chrystal J 

10 Speakman St #505 

Quincy, MA 02170 

Smith, Elijah A 

132 Robinson Ave 

S Attleboro, MA 02703 

Smith, Heather L 
168 Country St 
New Bedford, MA 02740 

Smith, John G 
2095 Telsin Rd 
York, PA 17404 

Smith, Lucas P 
8 Prospect St 
Rochester, NH 03867 

Smith, Stephanie N 
122 E King St 
Littlestown, PA 17340 

Spalding, Jessica C 
14456 Rockv Branch Ct 
Cenrreville, VA 22020 

Keepers of the Flame 191 

Spangenberg, Steven R 
36 E. Knowles Ave 
Glcnolden, PA 19036 

Spencer, Jason C 
92 Emmans Rd 
Ledgcwood, NJ 07852 

Starr, Elizabeth D 
20 John Mar Ct 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Stenlake, Tammy J 
35 Linley Rd 
Trumbull. CT 06611 

Stevens, Andrea M 
RR 1 Box 3165 
Smithfield, ME 04978 

Stevens, Jenninc M 
2 Oak Grove Ct 
Maiden, MA 02148 

Stoll, Barbara E 
23 East Elm Ave 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Stonehouse, Cheryl L 
85 Dora Ave 
Waldwick, NJ 07463 

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20 Clapp St 
Abington, MA 02351 

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1 1 Lambert Ave 

E Weymouth, MA 02189 

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14 Surrey Ln 
Hampden, ME 04444 

Suckau, Willi 
1 1 5 Elm Ave #3 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Sullivan, JefFrev J 
6 Wildwood Rd 
Portland, CT 06480 

Suri, Matthew E 
996 Stanton Ave 
Baldwin, NY 11510 

Swank, Heidi J 
PO Box 542 
Oxford, ME 04270 

Sweenv. David 

850 Carrs Pond Rd 

E Greenwich, Rl 02818 

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7 Nye St 

Manchester, CT 06040 

Swigart, Ericka M 

3 -AJice Ct 
Newark, DE 19702 

Szymanski, Marissa A 
1415 Paseo Castanos 
San Dimas.CA 91773 

Talbot, Kelly 
766 Birnie Avi 
W Springfield,"? 

Tan, Lcng C 

152 Atlantic St 

N Quincy. MA 02171 

Tang, Kit Lin 
66 Bicknell St 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Tanner, Julie K 
39 Lunar Ave 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Tavares-Mehciz, Mayleen 
1 1 5 Elm Ave #5 
Quincy ,MA 02170 

Taylor, Amy N 
467 Summer St 
Rockland, MA 02370 

Taylor, Rebecca R 
123 W Chestnut St 
Brockton, MA 02301 

Taylor, Ronald R Jr 

Tong, Kennis 

35 Camden-Wyoming Ave#8 

1 Dunbarton Road 

Wyommg, DE 19934 

Quincy, MA 02170 

Taylor, Timothy D 

Toussain^fAlexand ra 

3136 Ridge Rd 

4 Fogo m 

Library, PA 15129 

Randolph, MA 02368 

Tharp, Kimberly A 

Towers, Jo-Anne B 

381 Heritage Dr 

50 Elm Street 

Rochester, IN Y 14oO 

rt raiiTiela.Mb 04/42 

Thibault, Amy L 

Towle, Katie J 

23 E Elm Ave . 

91 Barrett St 

Quincy, MA 0/1/0 

Lisbon, NH 03585 

Thibault, Gil F -.4^ 

Toye, Randolph B 

516 S. Colony St 

190 Glenrose Ave 

Meriden, CI 00^51 

Braintree, MA 02 1 84 


1 nompson, April J 

1 rimble, iNatnan 1 

35 Roslin St 

26 Alice Ave 

Dorchester, MA 02124 

Oakland. R] 02858 

Thompson, Faith D 

Tsepas, Christina L 

705 Concord St 

109 Central St 

Frtmingham, NLA 01702 

E. Hampstead. NH 03826 

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35 Roslin St 

102 Hamden Circle 

Dorchester, MA 02124 

Quincy, MA 02170 

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43 Dennison St 

Providence, RI 02908 

Auburn, ME 04210 

Tilias Cassie 

Turmenne, Sara A 

1 9 Birchwood Park Dr 

43 Dennison St 

Barre,VT 05641 

Auburn, ME 04210 

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49 St Germain St #3 

1277 New Land Dr 

Quincy, NIA 02169 

Virginia Beach, VA 23456 

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42 Park View Dr 

73 Endicott St 

Hingham, MA 02043 

Weymouth, MA 02189 

Tompkins, Fred W 

Twitchell, Melody A 

4 Chester St 

81-3 Winter St 

Schenectady, NY 12304 

Topsham, ME 04086 

1 92, Keepers of the Flame 

I ' it rick T 
Jy, MA 02169 

Jmsford, MA0I863\ 

, Kary E 
unstable Rd 
Jmsfoid, MA 01863 

:ia, H 
ing Ja|pcs^\ 

on, MA 02780 \ \ 

, Jessica A 
ake Hill Rd 
uate, Rl 02857 

ildcr, Brian D 
Fernshire Rd 
:rsburg, MD 20878 

»ca, Kate L 
'aterston Ave LR 
y, MA 02170 

eki, W Adam 
iirt St 

J, NH 03246 

I alt, Jeremic J Jr 

I V. MA 01952 

oina, Juan A 
uts Ave # 1 
f( >ter, MA 01610 

ichelle L 

Mir, NJ 07042 

r. Jav R 
r Run 

Tiack, NH 03054 

Wagner, m/ii«gr \ \ 
131 S Pu|K;(ffi^K4 

NewPaltz, NY 12561 

Wall, Maureen E 
475 Brockton Ave 
Abington, MA 02351 

Walters, Christopher D 
64 Hayes Way 
Marshfield, MA 02050 

Washburn, Jahnna R 

36 Sylvan Lane 

Feeding Hills, MA 01030 

Watkins, Tara B 
9915 S 108th E. Ave 
Tulsa, OK 74133 

Webbe, Joel H 
94 Taunton Ave 
Hyde Park, MA 02126 

Webber, Scott A 

20 Captain Vinal Way 

Norwell, MA 02061 

Wells, Dawn M 
35 Russell Park 
Quincy, MA 02169 

Wells, Jared M 
53 Heritage Cir 
Hudson, NH 030511 

Wells, Lindi R 
1 104 Nutmeg Ct 
Brentwood, TN 37027 

Werner, Annie C 

2707 GiUis Rd 

Mount Airy, MD 21771 

Wharton, Lakia R 
53 Woodview Dr 
Taunton, MA 02780 

Whetstone, Renee L 
RR 4 Box 208 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

White, Kara D 

1 1 Longview Circle 

Pelham, NH 03076 

White, Krista M 
1 1 Longview Circle 
Pelham, NH 03076 

White, Rachel A 
39 High St 
Millbury, MA 01527 

White, William R 
916 Middle Rd 
Acushnet, MA 02743 

Whitney, Amber D 
736 Red Schoolhouse Rd 
Fulton, NY 13069 

Wilder, Samuel D 
168 Bushy Hill Rd 
Deep River, CT 06417 

Williams, Rachel S 

2230 Nursery Rd Apt G85 

Clearwater, FL 33764 

Wilson, Christopher M 
47 Covington Dr 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Wilson, Nicole A 
143 N Edgewood Dr 
Hagerstown, MD 21740 

Wismar, Julia M 
8 Ellington Rd 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Witherow, Jennifer R 
745 Good Intent Rd 
Gettysburg, PA 17325 

Wood, April 
19 Upland Rd 
Lisbon, ME 04250 

Wright, Monica C 
912 Danforth St 
Syracuse, NY 13208 

Wu, Shirley L 

Quincy, MA 02069 

Wyborney, Daniel H 
105 E South St 
Oreana, IL 62554 

Xarras, CorirJc M 
279 Hale ^<e^^ONi 
Winchendon, MA 01475^ . \ 

Xia, Jin 

1284 Beacon St #420 
Brookline, MA 02446 

Yeaman, Ta 
51 Locust 

Uxbridge, MA 01569 

Yee, Christine J 

84 Mulford St 

N. Patchogue, NY 11772 

^ erxa, Kristen N 

9140 Kline Ln 

Mt Vernon, OH 43050 

Youell, Melissa K 
21 Blood Rd 
Andover, MA 01810 

Young, Jennifer L 
42867 Apples Way Dr 
Leetonia, OH 44431 

Young, Meng-Chi 
48-33 192nd St 

Flesh Meadows, NY 1 1365 

Young, Rebecca J 
10 Speakman St #503 
Quincy, MA 02170 

Young, Samuel W 

48-33 192nd St 

Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 

Young, Wendy L 
329 Whiting St 
Hingham, MA 02043 

^ ' 

Zephir, Jean . 
85 Pond y-^-^^-i^] 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Keepers of the Flame 

Zephir, Ramses 
85 Pond Ln 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Zcrillo. Holly A 
24 Meadow View Rd 
Windham. ME 04062 

Ziegicr, Adam J 
2650 Beech St 
Hatfield, PA 19440 

Zimmerman, Catherine E 
95 Arvine Hts 
Rochester. NY 14611 

Zimmerman, Kristian S 
1410 N 8th St 
Lebanon, PA 17046 

Zimmerman, Michele L 
170 Woodcrest Ln 
Stevens, PA 17578 

Zwart. Rebecca A 
323 Goodwill Rd 
Montgomen,', NY 12549 

1 94 Keepers of the Flame 

Keepers of the FU»iie 195 

Keeper > ot the Flame W9 

Finally, the last page/ I guess this is where I am supposed to import some last 
editorial words of wisdom which I am sure each student will peruse with the 
utmost of interest. I have no great words of wisdom, so no need to feel badly for 
not reading this page. What I do have is a back full of tense muscles from sitting at 
this desk, and typing and clicking and typing and clicking for hours on end. 
Really, I have enjoyed this ye2Lr as your Nautilus editor. In some respects, I wish I 
could do it again next year learning from mistakes made this year and minus a 
"few" of the other responsibilities I had this year. 

The theme of this years book, Keepers of the Flame, is not a typical theme. I feel it 
is sort of hard hitting, but I also feel it represents (or should represent) what we are 
trying to accomplish in being students here at ENC. At this point in our lives, it 
becomes quite easy to be distracted by the material idols of this world. In our 
search for our "selves" our thoughts tend to focus on just that, ourselves. We can 
forget that it is indeed a higher purpose for which our lives are to be dedicated. 
I hope that as you look through this book, you may redect upon this past year, your 
steps forward, your missteps, and even the times you fell flat on your face. 
Learning from these experiences and leaning on the support from a faith and focus 
on Christ, you can only improve your coordination. Steady your walk. Realize and 
keep that flame inside of you burning. 

And thmkyou to all that took part in creating this yearbook. Thanks to the 
students who responded to my mailings and lent us some great pictures. I hope 
that you enjoy the book, and if you don't . . . then feel free to join the staff next year 
and make some concrete contributions/ 

In Christ, 
Melissa L. Ladd 

200 Keepers the Flame